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three have over charged me on my mobile phone contract by $50 pounds its a joke i don't understand how i can go over my package deal i have 2000 Min's 5000 to any 3 network calls and all you can eat data on the Internet also unlimited texts so i am completely baffled this is not the first time this has happened it has been going on since i signed up for the contract with them i think its diabolical they clearly are mugging people off in this time in our economy where meant to be helping each other out not trying to make money off it! i am absolutely livid with the company i think they are a complete joke!!!

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  • Gr
      19th of Oct, 2009
    3G Phones - Issues
    3G Phones
    United States

    To get a contract with 3G in June of 2008 I was asked by 3G's credit department to leave a deposit of £150 which would be returned in 6 months. In December of last year I went to Carphone Wharehouse in Bradford as I was initially informed that they would sort it out for me. When I approached them about this they informed me to request 3G directly as the deposit lay with them. When I contacted 3G (Indian call centre) they then told me that I could have my deposit back in 6 months as the term for holding deposits was 12 months and not 6. I have called them on numerous occasions only to be told that that was the agreement. I went back to Carphone Wharehouse and they spoke to 3G (Indian call centre) at length but could not resolve the issue. CW then told me that they would put forward a complaint and send me as a cc on all email isues regarding this. In the two weeks since that time I've heard nothing from CW and I've called 3G twice but they just run me round in circles. I went on to SAY NO TO 0870 and found a UK number but even then the operator put me through to India. I tried the 0800 Sales Team but they could not give me a number within the UK. CW inform me that I was the 4th person to enter their branch with this complaint and that confirms I heard the term 6 months correctly. I do not want my £150 to sit with them for a term I didn't agree. Please beware of 3G as they don't care about their customers as not one person yet has actually listened to what I had to say. To not be able to contact 3G in the UK is scandalous and a clever way to give customers the runaround. Anyway, I just want my money! This is a company lacking in scruples and having no respect for customers rights.

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  • Km
      10th of Aug, 2011
    THREE G - Not recieved a cheque for money owed to me
    United States

    I cancelled my contract with this company back last year and had recently finished paying the outstanding balance to them. I noticed in the new year that I had over payed them and called the company on the 4th January to ask for a cheque to be sent to me for the outstanding balance. I was told that a cheque would be out to me within 7-10 working days.

    Called again on the 25th january as was told that a cheque had been sent out on the 5th of January and I should of received them, I was on the phone for 45mins with Three whilst they tried to find out what had happened. They could not tell me why I hadnt recieved anything. I was told to wait again.

    I called them again today 9th February and was told the exact same thing again. I have to wait again and it should be with me by the 15th February. £7.47 is not alot but after all the phone calls and length of time spent on these phone calls I want my money back.There quick enough to chase for the money but to get anything back its virtually impossible.

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  • Ma
      11th of Jun, 2012

    I have the same problem I get overcharged by at least £50 a month ! I have two lines. With three so it amounts to minimum of £100 overcharge every month! !! This has to stop.

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  • Jo
      23rd of Apr, 2013

    I had a contract with 3 for 2 years on renewal I agreed with 3 to lower my contract price from £30.00 pm to £24.00 pm. The first month on the new contract they charged me the old contract price. When I complained they admitted error and agreed to reimburse me the following month as the current bill had been raised I had to pay it.

    The following month they charged me £36.00. When I complained again I got the same reply as the bill had been raised I would have to pay it but I would be reimbursed the following month. On the 3rd month they sent me a bill for £36.00 again. When I complained this time I was told the same thing. I need to pay the bill as it had already been raised but they would credit me back the following month. It was at this point I advised the 3 representative that I would not be prepared to pay a further overcharge and that as far as I was concerned they were now in breach of contract. I advised them that I would no longer use the handset or contract minutes or data and that I would be seeking a new contract with a different company.

    They continued to bill me for a mobile I did not use and on further conversing with 3 they were under the impression I could not just cancel the contract. Im pretty sure in the UK laws eyes they have broken the terms of the contract by overcharging me 3 months in a row. I have proof of this via payments through my bank (Direct Debit) and bank statements. Since all this has occurred they have now forwarded the now £455.00 bill to a debt collecting agency. I am currently conversing with the finance company and am hoping that in light of the evidence I give them they will return the debt to 3.

    Just thought I would add this to the other complaints of overcharging that 3 seem to think they can just get away with willy nilly. Surely something can be done to stop there blatant disregard of UK law by setting there own prices after an agreement has been made.

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  • Th
      18th of Jul, 2013

    We are

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  • Th
      18th of Jul, 2013

    This does seem possibly to be a systematic organised overcharging rather then simple negligent errors. Three also seem very slow to rectify the issues.
    We have set up a Facebook group to discuss the issue. Please share your experiences, or at the very least LIKE the page which should be found by searching for three overcharged me and i can prove it or via

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  • Ml
      25th of Apr, 2016

    I'm a student and for the 4th month in a row my £51 capped phone bill is being charged at over £100 which not only defeats the pint of capping it ( even though i still have plenty of my allowances left) but also puts me in a rally difficult situation because I just can't afford it, seems lke im paying over the odds anyway as many people have much better phones for a far cheaper price! can't wait for my contract to be up!!

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