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I signed up for three months. The service is totally useless! You can't access any of the jobs postings (not sure they actually exist). I became frustrated with the website after a month and quit using it. The whole time thinking the subscription would run out after three months. They automatically renewed the subscription and charged my card! is a scam! Do not use it!!!

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  • Ch
      28th of Feb, 2010

    I totally agree. Having gone through an unexpected severance I signed up for a six month subscription. After using I found several other "FREE" job boards just as good if not even more usefull. I let the six months go by and wham my charge card got hit with a fee from for a six month renewal. I called them and they stated that I should have clicked no on the "automatic renewal" Pretty good way to scam hundreds of dollars from people who need the money to survive.

    My vote is that and all of they're offshoot web sites are truly ripping off people left and right and no-one can do anything about it. I am going to have to block them from my bank from charging me anything.

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  • Da
      17th of May, 2010

    Yeah, TheLadders scams both sides: The job seeker and the enterprise clients. The double rip-off looks like this: 1. They tell enterprise clients that they have 'X' million 'members, ' but the actual number is much, much lower. Like, shockingly lower. Ask them to tell you how many are actually paying for the service...and they refuse. They've got excuses, but none of them are really valid. 2. Most of the jobs on their site are 'scraped' from other sites, so it's primarily just a job aggregator.

    What this means is that two sides are getting screwed, and TheLadders laughs all the way to the bank...

    It's a very unethical company.

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  • Ch
      31st of May, 2010

    Last year when I was between jobs, I signed up for TheLadders, specifically SalesLadders, a $180 premium membership. I got a job a couple months later, and kept on getting email notifications. Sometimes I would look at listings, but some had expired, or just weren't as advertised, or with much-exaggerated compensation.
    Anyhow, I just checked my credit card and sure enough, they had charged my account again. I tried to go into my TheLadders account to uncheck auto renew and got an error message saying it had been disabled. I read their Refund policy, so it looks as though they are going to rip me off. I can complain to my credit card company but know they will point to the policy posted online. I went to another rip off complaint board and TheLadders had charged someone over $600 for a resume service but never delivered the dazzling resume promised (subjective, of course).
    This is online. What about the FCC and FBI? Or approaching a writer at the Tribune and other papers to write a Caveat Emptor (job seeker) article to place one the front page of their Employment sections of the Sunday paper?

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  • Ch
      1st of Jun, 2010

    Update! I came home today to an email from TheLadders saying they would refund my money! They didn't mean for the process to be misleading.

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  • As
      30th of Aug, 2010

    I am very upset about the auto billing as well. I signed up for three months, their service was very useless like everyone has stated. I was still employed but was open to external opportunities. Literally not even a month after signing up, I had an internal opportunity come up so I wanted to just let this membership run out (and disabled my search option). Needless to say I was very upset to have come across another $75 charge and when I called them, they said they can only refund in excess of the standard monthly charge of $35. Their membership options on the main site is VERY MISLEADING since it doesn't tell you about auto-billing right by the options. In most cases when you sign up for a certain plan, you assume its a one-time cost. They should have at a minimum sent an email reminder that the membership was about to be renewed so we can cancel if the service was no longer needed. I will NEVER use their services again and will discourage others from doing so as well.

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  • Ka
      17th of Jan, 2012 - Bait and switch, as they do not have many of the jobs they post
    United States

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY...FRAUD!!! Bait and switch as they do not have many of the jobs they post. They post old jobs over and over...that never existed. The real jobs they do have are advertised all over the internet for free!! You can Google Bad reviews all of the net for the Ladders. They have no jobs but they want to write resumes for you for 250.00 and charge 90+ in fees for nothing.

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