The State of FloridaHOA

Whoever said crime or breaking the law in florida doesn’t pay. This person never lived in florida in a homeowners association.

Are you ready to be shocked and awed about what i am going to tell you? Our governor rick scott, our local state congressmen and state senators have left the flood gates open for all types of corruption and theft regarding home owners associations. If you live in a hoa, watch out, the state is a toothless paper tiger. When your community has or is being subjected to thefts and complaints about corruption from kickbacks to directors, (Cab) management companies, and condo / hoa lawyers, you are not alone. The state of florida will say hear me roar but all you will get is a squeak. You can read about these horrors on the internet and your local news. You can find plenty of these on the sun sentential.
When i found out this was going on in my home owners association and everything that i read in the news articles in the sun sentential were accurate, i contacted the state of florida division of florida condominiums, timeshares, and mobile homes. The state told me they had little or no powers over hoa, and the areas they do have power, they have almost no one to enforce it. I decided to make an appointment to meet with my local rep. Jim waldman in broward county. Useless cannot truly describe my account with rep. Jim waldman and his staff. In turn i was then referred to the office of senator jeremy ring.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tallahassee, FL You want to know what it’s like to be a ping pong ball, try to ask for assistance from either one.

I compare my experience with representative james waldman and senator jeremy ring, to a snail. They both go slow and they both leave a trail of slime. I have to tell you, i loved it when they told me our office doors are always open. Yeah, but what good is it if the lights are off.

I heard others compare politicians to cockroaches. Since a lot of them are lawyers, i can agree on this as well. They brag about all the work they do for their community and tell you they are working on these problems but when the light comes on they scamper away.

At least waldman’s staff was friendly. As for him, he has a great smile on his picture, but that is where it ends. Good luck when trying to bring a real issue to theses people, you can see the blank look or the lack of intelligence on their faces. If you are very lucky, you may get a call from someone that appears to have a sign of life. But, sadly to say, all you will hear is double talk. Their method to resolve an issue is to pacify you by telling you we are aware of these issues and are working on it. However, if you follow up on it a couple of months later, you find out from their staff they are unaware of any issues.

This was my first experience with dealing with politicians and a got a dose of reality. The word morality is only letters of the alphabet to these people.

Feb 01, 2015

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