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Do not get the General, it is a total and complete rip off. They may be able to give you a great state minimum with next to no coverage, but as soon as you need full coverage your rate is jacked up big time. Mine went from $100 per month (state min coverage), then bought a new car (full coverage by Geico is $147) the General full coverage was $255! What a rip off! Then after having them for 6 months I canceled the policy. After cancelling they send me a 10% fee (cancellation fee is %10 of all your premiums you paid to them thus far) and since I cancelled the policy a few days early so I could be refunded for 4 days of insurance, they told me they will notify me of what refund they owe me within 60 days, meanwhile they will send me my bill I owe them in 48 hours.

Honestly, if you are driving a crap car and own it (not financed or leased) and you want bare minimum coverage they are reasonable. In every other situation, the policy is near theft and to get out of it they will steal more of your money. If I had the time I would copy&paste my story to 1000's of websites. Sincerely, pissed off consumer, P.S. [censored] THE GENERAL

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  • Te
      19th of Oct, 2015

    I completely agree honestmike! I have had the General since May 2015. I bought a 2007 Chevrolet Uplander, and the full coverage was $120.00 a month, which I was ok with. My 16 1/2 year old son just got his driving permit 2 months ago, and it jacked my insurance up to $530.00 a month!
    I just got a quote from Progressive insurance, and they quoted me $79.00 a month, for the both of us, with full coverage. I think i'm still going to be cheaper to cancel my policy with the General, and switch to Progressive. That's ridiculous!!!

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  • Ya
      1st of Jun, 2016

    Cance mine last week and supposedly they said they owed me 240 some and then i see this lol wtf

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  • Nj
      2nd of May, 2018

    I'm cancelling General due to $250 monthly coverage cost after purchase of brand new sedan which requires comprehensive coverage(finance banking requirement). I used to own a 1994 Honda which had only liability coverage. I believe General charged $50 or $60 a month. Anyway, Triple A is offering just over $100 per month for the brand new sedan. I'll go with them. I should have switched 9 months ago but have been either so ill or so busy making up for work when I was ill. I literally had no time or energy to switch. That's over $1000 of unnecessary $$$ spent. I am switching mid term, so I am aware there are fees. Oh well, I rather pay fees than continue to get ripped off. So yes, General is great if you have a busted old vehicle and want only liability. But anything else is a rip off.

    Here's the kicker tho: My statement still has the Honda on it in addition to the new car. I asked them to take off the Honda since I don't own the vehicle. They told me if I remove the Honda, my premium will rise higher. Smh.


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  • Mc
      5th of May, 2018

    I went to the General after State Farm went up so high because I had an accident. The General gave me less than basic insurance and I paid a premium price. Additionally I would pay my monthly note two weeks early and get constantly harassed by phone, email and text saying I was going to be cancelled for none payment. I would have to call every month to get this straight Last month I paid early again and up to two days before the cancellation would go into effect they were saying I hadn't paid. I called 4 different agents - sent proof of payment (a copy of my bank statement) to 2 agents and no one could figure it out. They finally realized they had posted it to someone else's account. No apologies were given.
    This month I decided to change insurances. I found much better coverage for more than a hundred a month less than I was paying them. I called two weeks early to tell them my new policy would go into effect on 05/14. A day before they would cancel me. They told me it would reflect that I was cancelled for none payment. After much arguing they finally said I could call 7 days before and cancel my policy. However, if I waited longer it would again be for none payment.
    I assured them I would call 7 days before. I was then told they would tell me what I still owed them. I asked why I would owe anything since I was up to date and cancelling before another payment was due. They couldn't say why, couldn't tell me how much I would owe or anything until AFTER THE POLICY CANCELS.
    Worse mistake I ever made.
    Don't get involved with this company.

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  • La
      17th of Dec, 2018

    The people at the General cannot do simple math. Besides charging an outrageous cancellation fee of 10% of the unused premium. The total prepayment is greater that the cancellation fee and the used premium and they will not send a refund. Disconnect you if you try to speak or chat to customer service.

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