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We contracted advertising services with “The Best of Magazine.” SCOTT OSHATZ sold us a beautiful ½ page ad for $1, 800.00 and said if we paid in full “The Best of Magazine” would include an additional two months of advertising.

We were ripped off by SCOTT OSHATZ and “The Best of Magazine.” When we contacted some of the locations where the magazine was to be provided, the stores had never even heard of them or even seen the magazine. We tried to find a copy of “The Best of Magazine” in any of the locations Mr. Oshatz said they would be in, but no one has ever seen one. The only Magazines they print are for the advertisers which are in the magazine to distribute. To date, and I am now four months into the program I have not received one call from my advertising. I have called other advertisers and they tell me a similar story! The only Magazine they’ve seen are the ones “The Best of Magazine” has sent to them!

I have called SCOTT OSHATZ and “The Best of Magazine” many times for an explanation, but just give me excuses and now they no longer return my calls.

THESE GUYS ARE SCAM ARTISTS, CROOKS AND CON MEN. BEWARE: These are some very dishonest people! RUN; don’t walk away from these con men. “The Best of Magazine” and SCOTT OSHATZ are just a bunch of rip-offs. They are not interested in promoting your business, they are just interested in taking your money! Stay away from these thieves, far, far away!

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  • Sc
      Nov 19, 2012

    My name is Scott Oshatz and I am the Vice President of Sales for Dyson Media.

    It greatly disturbs me that this person has posted a completely false and slanderous comment about me and the company I work for. Until now, Dyson Media has no record of any such compliant or negative comment waged against them. Had there been any type of customer service issue called in directly to the company, we would have addressed it promptly. Our company prides itself on honesty, integrity and GREAT customer service.

    In response to this completely false and acrimonious review, my company has alerted the proper authorities who will go after this unlawful person, identify them and punish them to the extent of the law.

    Respectfully yours,
    Scott Oshatz
    Vice President of Sales, Dyson Media

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  • Ra
      Nov 20, 2012

    No need to take my word for the type of company Scott Oshatz is Vice President Of Sales for, go look it up yourself! Google Scott Oshatz and see the number of complaints he has received over the years. Google the phone number [protected] and [protected] for even more complaints about this company. These people are a bunch of rip-offs and its much more than my opinion, check them out on the BBB .org site or Complaint after complaint have been posted about Dyson Media and the magazines they produce and the many different names they have gone by over the years! I have contacted the District Attorney and the Attorney General about their business practices and ethics. False and acrimonious, Scott you should be ashamed of yourself. How do you sleep at night.

    R. Abbott

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  • Df
      Apr 03, 2013

    I contracted with this group. Never received the the commercial advertising much less the publication to display. Finally filed a complaint with the better business bureau. They promised to repay the 100 dollars that the tv commercial ads where worth... REALLY 20 tv spots worth only 100 dollars, thats only 5 bucks each. Well thats what it says in the finest print of your contract. Well they didnt refund the 100 either... A total shame/scam. Rick the president at the time was useless. The over promise under deliver story of the century.

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  • Sh
      Sep 11, 2017

    Just received a similar sales call from "Steve" rattling off a very lucrative and impressive sales pitch. It sounded too good to be true and when I said I couldn't put half of $1064 down for the "amazing " ad opportunity (for 7 months) along with 40 "free" commercials just for my "very special" business, his tone changed and "they don't do that" (smaller payments). I knew it was not a legitimate deal. It's a shame how people take advantage of others for their own greed.

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  • Th
      Jan 24, 2018

    @Shnats Can't believe what I'm reading. I also dealt with someone named Steve in New Jersey. Got everything I contracted for. Yes, the magazine came out a little late, but other than that, I'm happy as heck. Got the TV, 100, 000 email blasts and more.

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  • Th
      Jan 24, 2018

    Wow, I guess I was lucky. I already got my 7 months worth and am ready to sign up again.

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  • Br
      Jul 11, 2018

    Wow! These stores sound so familiar! “Brad” scammed me here in San Diego. Here’s his number. He just tried to call me this morning to scam me again. Hung up when he realized that I remembered him. ‭+[protected]‬
    My bank helped me to get my money back, but I still get “bills” in the mail from “marketing services”

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  • Kr
      Nov 16, 2018

    @Brushedbysabrina How were you able to get your money back. We originally wrote a check for deposit and now they are pulling money straight out of the bank.

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