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What is Kaya Redford really selling? When I went to the Kaya Redford seminar originally, it was billed as ‘The Laws of Attraction’. He said he was basing his course on the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was all about how we could bring the kind of financial wealth we wanted in our lives by just visualizing it and applying the concepts from Hill’s book. Imagine becoming a multi-millionaire just by willing it so.

I thought if the book is so great and easy to understand, I could read it on my own. Why do I need Kaya to dissect it and explain it to me, for the mountain of money he was charging? After too much time listening to his commercial-like teasers, but nothing substantial, he stood before the crowd and told us he was going to do us a favor. He said he used to charge $15, 000.00 for all of the courses he listed, but he would bring that figure down to $10, 000.00. Then in a pure “…but wait, if you order today we’ll slash the price and throw in this special gift” moment, he dramatically cut the price to $5, 000.00. Amazing how the silence in the room spoke louder than the pitch from his mouth.

I am only bringing this complaint to light because I felt like I was being scammed - AND FOR AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT! First of all, I could read the book Think And Grow Rich on my own. I attended the ‘seminar’ because I was looking for a kernel of wisdom and enlightenment, not a knock off recounting of someone else’s work.

While I do think there is truth in positive thinking – most people work very hard for their successes and leave very little to chance. I decided to take a wait and see approach, and told myself I would keep an eye out for the ‘star’ that Mr. Redford was being touted as. People said he was the next Tony Robbins, and that Kaya was one of the creators of ‘The Secret’. (By the way, I also read the book SHAM, and it exposes some of the guys that worked on ‘The Secret’ and their dirty scams). I wanted to see if the teacher himself would be able to practice what he was preaching – after all, he was the one teaching the course. Well I waited, and 2 years later I see his fee is now around $300.00. I still haven’t seen him as the bright star he was touting himself to become. Maybe Mr. Redford didn’t think it and grown it enough?

I did a little internet surfing and found some items that made me curiously concerned.

1. Kaya Redford was once, and possibly is still a small time actor. Some of the movies are soft core pornography like: Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs. Dracula, and Jacqueline Hyde. (It is unfortunate that Mr. Redford didn’t think before he decided to flash his flesh in these skin flicks). This made me ask myself, why would someone so enlightened and fabulously wealthy appear in porn? Was this his attempt at pulling off a sex tape like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton?

Allegedly he formed LEGACY OF LIGHT to help young Hollywood. It sounded so positive and I truly hoped my suspicion about Kaya was wrong. Well…let’s just say that the URL www.LEGACYLIGHT.com for this production company is now up for sale for the asking price of $1, 795.00 at HUGEDOMAINS.COM

2. I found that he used to run a similar class to the one I attended, but this one didn’t involve thinking and growing rich. It was a real estate foreclosure boot camp for the same crazy fee of $5, 000.00
Here are his words from the website:
Hello I am Kaya Redford and I am a Forecloure and Wealth Building Expert working in California. I have helped countless people become Millionaires in the Real estate and Foreclosure business. By popular demand I am launching a series of training Boot Camps in Las Vegas…

3. I guess after the real estate thing didn’t work out, so he turned his eye on the New Age movement. This was the seminar I attended and it was a total waste of my time. ‘The Kaya Show’, did little to enlighten me, and half way through the thing, half of the audience dropped off.

4. Youtube.com has a video that made me disgusted. It is labeled Kaya Redford + Mark Victor Hansen. Their words: “how to get paid, laid and go to Heaven”.

5. Now I see the pitch may have changed again and be geared toward Salespeople and HOW TO GET A YES! It also appears that the once exorbitant $5, 000.00 fee has dropped down to around $300.00 – still too much for my opinion.

Here are his words from the website:
Neuro Linguistic Programming - Is especially designed for YOU Sales People, YOU Leaders and YOU Entrepreneurs. Want to see your communication skills increase therefore your results and income increase by 30%...50%...100%...200% or more within just 30 days!!
Then this N.L.P. Sales & Leadership Mastery workshop is a MUST attend for you. KAYA by using one of the latest technologies which is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) teaches & shows you how to do it!...

I posted these comments because I feel it is important to speak out against scams and those trying to make money off of the needy folks who are desperate – no matter if the economy is good or bad. I have waited until now to put these words out. I hoped I was wrong and Kaya was a man of his word and that shining star, but my suspicions seem to me to be correct. I hope my comments help people to think before giving up their hard earned money, just to get very little – or nothing in return. You don’t have to take my word on this subject, but do check Kaya Redford out for yourself. You will see lengthy testimonials try to distract the reader from the kernals of truth. These testimonials are endless and I suspect it is the same group as Team Up For Life – which is Kaya’s group. But you also will see many people have complained about him, and they seem to say similar things about him. Those complaints may not be as long as the testimonials, but they are worth reading.

So in the end I ask what is Kaya Redford really selling? Real estate? Soft-core porn? A Hollywood production company to help whom? How to grow wealth? How to get a 'Yes'? Or will the pitch just keep changing to fit a new scam? I don't know, but it is something to consider when handing this fellow your hard earned money.

Peace, love, wealth and abundance to all.
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