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Wish someone else was writing this... I contracted in late Oct 2012 for Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante TDV Passports 2nd Passport Cambodia Program(Economic Citizenship Passport in 2-3 months). It turned out to be not a valid program. TDV Passports Managing Director Chris Martin requested and received wire instructions to process the refund but no refund yet. Have emailed and phoned Jeff Berwick and Chris Martin repeatedly without any response, and wonder if my payment will be refunded. Due to no fault of mine the passport was not delivered and the program discontinued.

Apr 18, 2014

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  • Mi
      23rd of Feb, 2015

    Would you please elaborate more because I want to join one of TDV programs

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  • Te
      24th of Jul, 2015

    Me, my wife, brother & his fiancee, and mother paid Jeff Berwicks - TDV Passports in full to go through what we thought was the legal process of becoming residents of Paraguay. We went to Paraguay and went through what we thought were the steps to do just that. After about six months two out of the five of us received resident status, or so we thought. The remaining three of us cannot get Jeff or his agent, employee, partner or whatever he is (Chris Martin) to respond to us with a status report a year later.

    Then after some research it appears from the two news articles from local news sources in Paraguay that the people Jeff had us meet there were total frauds. They were apparently arrested for producing fraudulent documents related to resident cards and passports. To top it off, now their associates in Paraguay can not be contacted because their phone numbers have been disconnected.

    I thought I knew Jeff well enough and could trust him. I even wrote a guest blog for his site and he stayed at my house one night because it was close to a conference he was to speak at the next day. I believe now that I was wrong about him. In fact, now I firmly believe he is a scam artist. Still perhaps he's a decent writer of some of the unpleasant truths of the world, that doesn't change the fact that he and his company will not even respond after we paid them.

    I would strongly advise against using his service or you will very likely end up like we did - defrauded out of our money with no positive result.

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  • Te
      28th of Jul, 2015

    In continuance of the above statement, Chris and Jeff have responded via email after what I believed to be an unnecessary wait and excuse. Although to give them some credit they did respond, even if I found their excuse somewhat bogus. Yet they both assured us all is well.

    However in Paraguay, the government gives a person going through the residency process a case number. That number allows the applicant the ability to know where he/she is in the process of residency and what agency and agent has the file. I have repeatedly asked for each of our case numbers which should be instantly available to TDV Passports (Chris and Jeff). Both Chris and Jeff have completely ignored that request and have continued the failure to provide our case numbers.

    Hopefully I am wrong about them. At this point it is unlikely since no case number or specific agent working on our file has been given to us in order to verify our progress.

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  • Te
      7th of Aug, 2015

    It's obvious to me now, Jeff is either a totally incompetent businessman or a con-artist. Jeff sent me an email where he stated "I have nothing to do with the Paraguay thing". What does that mean? He promotes TDV Passports on his site and implies it is his company. Now he has nothing to do with TDV Passports after he convinced me that his service was the best.

    Wow. I am not going to post anymore details. So if they happen to respond to this string, just remember they have not given us our case numbers from the Paraguayan government. Nor have they given a refund after Chris Martin stating to me in an email last week, "If you wanted a refund, I would totally understand. I would. To be honest." Yet they provide nothing.

    Anyone thinking of doing business with Jeff Berwick, Chris Martin, or TDV Passports and want more information you are welcome to call or email me directly. I will be happy to forward you all of our correspondence with TDV Passports and you can see for yourself.

    If by some miracle TDV Passports, Jeff Berwick, or Chris Martin correct this situation, then I will let anyone interested know.

    Kevin Schmidt

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  • Bi
      18th of Aug, 2015

    I can see complaints about TDV Passports are increasing. I have applied for one of their programs. They were very polite at the beginning and they replied instantly to my emails.
    Now, almost 2 years later they ignore all my emails.
    I suspect it was just a Ponzi Scheme. 500 customers X $30.000 = $15.000.000. A lot of money for nothing.
    The worst is not the money I lost, it's the dashed hopes for an exit or a better life.

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