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TBF Financial must read!!! Beware / TBF Financial Vultures has taken advantage of faulty equipment leases in downed economy!!!

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TBF Financial: Vultures taken advantage of downed economy!!!

My company in 2006 leased a large format printer from Lanier. Since the day it was delivered and being set up there were problems. After two years the printer never would hold its color calibration and we pleaded from the beginning with Lanier to replace the machine if they could not fix it. Orders from corporate was to fix the machine they were not going to replace it. The cost of the machine was $88, 000. After two years Lanier sold out to Ricoh. Our machine was never fixed or replaced a lemon by all aspects of the word. Our lease was with Wells Fargo and they too about that time sold our lease to TBF Financial. We had paid over $65, 000 in good faith always assuming the machine would get fixed. We are left with a machine that has been moth balled and cannot use and then this past year received a lawsuit from nowhere from TBF.

TBF never once made an attempt to even call or try and determine why payments had been stopped when the lease was sold out. Not even a thought to ask us if we new our lease payments were to be made to TBF now and not Wells Fargo. They filed suit. Before going to court, they wanted to settle for $20, 000. My company did not have it especially knowing we paid over $65, 000 and have nothing to show for it. We asked them to have the machine fixed they said they had no responsibility to maintain the lease.

Anyone can see like most any other business in this country where we would be standing at this point. You have a faulty piece of equipment, paid over $65, 000 out of the total $88, 000 and nothing for that money spent and cannot get it fixed and now a new collection company is asking for a settlement of $20, 000 when we have nothing to show for the $65, 000 plus already paid. We offered to pay them what a Lanier / Ricoh’s office said it was worth which was $7, 000 and they would not take it.

Beware of TBF and their vulture attitude in collection no matter what the circumstance even at Christmas 2010. They bought the excising balance on the lease for pennies on the dollar and now have been awarded by the court a higher dollar than the balance due to not having to maintain the equipment. Where is Lanier in all this, they are being contacted as well. And to another point, we have had two other leases on Lanier equipment and have hem today and using them and they are paid off. Not just one but two additional leases, paid off. We spoke with Bret Boehm in detail about this. The best words I have heard, I ask him “would they not under these circumstances work out a payment arrangement”, he stated “ if I were to go back to my partners and request a release on the garnishment we have locked in on you now, to take a payment arrangement, I would be fired”.

Well I guess that says it all. By the way, he is one of the Boehm’s that own TBF. Beware and us every measure under the law to stop being taken advantage of!!

Merry Christmas TBF Financial!

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  • Ta
      9th of Sep, 2011
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    My former partner and I are being raked over the coals and are being robbed by TBF Financial. I have had a number of conversations with Brett Boehm and he is a very unforgiving snake of a person. The judgement against us with it's compounding interest is ridiculous! Unless we come up with a lump sum of cash which we do not have, we will be locked in to pay of a lease for many years to come. CIT wrote of the debt 2006, but TBF is asking for quadruple the amount of the lease. I must add that we have already made 24 months of payments to TBF. Please advise me of what course of action to take. What did you do? How are we able to get out from under this pound of flesh judgement. We have offered them the equipment, but they have refused. Given the landscape of the economy and our society, it sickens me to the core that this company generates revenue off the backs of hard working honest Americans. We are not running from our debt obligations, but we certainly do not want to pay an unfair amount of money to a company that is not justly owed to them. We welcome any advice you may have. Two families are at stake and TBF is literally taking food off of our plates!

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