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What is the point of the new first "protection" paper?
Protection from what??
Water? 😂 Coz once water hits the packet, half - if not, all - are ruined. Protection paper or no protection paper.
Heat? The gummed edge still curls.
Dirt? Are you serious? If so, see "Water?" you germaphobe.

It is a waste of time adding this paper.
Just another piece of rubbish to put in the bin, or if you're a terrible person, litter.
I imagine it costs you money to print & include another useless paper?
Wait, that's not entirely true. The "10 to go" paper does come in handy, although it could just be a small tab that is attached to the packaging.

Minimise the excess rubbish!!! Stop wasting!!

Sep 17, 2016
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  • Sa
      26th of Mar, 2019

    Tally ho papers are rubbish! They don’t stick when you lick and they rip as soon as you lick them which then you need to add extra paper on top to keep tobacco intact! Way more expensive than other brands and dosnt do half the other brands! Waste of paper and money! Will definitely not buy again!

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