Susana Tolchard / Lawyer has not completed work after being paid

1 Encino, CA, United States

I retained Ms Tolchard to complete bankruptcy chapter 7 and paid her in full in August 2012. In December we paid additional $500 for change in circumstances which she claimed required additional paperwork. It's mid April 2014 and the case has not been filed although she claims it's been completed and all we need to do is to schedule "signing". We last provided updated paperwork a couple of months ago and we are aware she needs to request new information as the figures change. This is not a complicated case and should have been filed within a month! She does not return calls and hardly returns any emails. Now we are learning she has relocated to North California and we were supposed to be contacted with her "associate" from another law firm. None of that has happened. We are now realizing we have been victims of this attorney and empty promises.

Apr 16, 2014

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