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I took a job aboard a cruise ship. Once onboard you are at the mercy of the comapany. They do not adhere to working hours. There are constant threats of being fired if you dare complain.The spa managers are power hungry bitter women who use that power to control and manipulate staff.One manager (Erica McEvitt) treated the spa as her own brother-hooking up girls with the officers.She obviously got something in return ?Money
If girls refused life onboard would become hell for them.This woman had power because of her connections with people onbaord.
Steiner does not care about anyhing as long as they get money. They throw people off at the gangway with no money or travel arrangements.There is no notice period.YOu can be told one mornin that you are firs and you need to get of fthe ship that day. They dont give you your pay and theres nothing you can do.


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      Jul 26, 2010

    I have worked for Erica and she did no such thing !! She was a GREAT MANAGER if u did your job !!

    Life on board is hard and they tell u that befor u join the ship that is why you have training first and if you do not meet ur targets u are going to get fired that is in ur contract that you sign befor u get on a ship.. Your working hours are also in that contract and they tell you that if you do not meet ur targets you will have to do training and it also tells you you have to do inventory..

    You will only do work or things that is in ur contract ur manager can ask u to do nothing else than what u have signed and agreed to do..

    If u buy something from the shops and u are not happy with it you have the right to give it back, Steiner works like that, that is why you go do training befor you get on a ship they tell u everything that is expected from you and when u get on board and dont do what they expect they give you a chance they train you again but if you dont do your job you gonna get returned back home..

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      Aug 11, 2010

    I worked with Erica McEvitt and she is a manager form hell. If she doesnt like you you suffer terribley. And for the girls she likes, I am shocked they sit and watch fellow colleuges being abused. She is a miserable little person and she will reap what she shows.
    As for Steiner, my contract was all about manipulating passangers from the moment they step into the spa. I found it degrading and humiliating to press people to buy products that will not do much for them. I am a beauty therapist and not a saleswoman. There are constant threats of being fired and endless wasted hours of training to sell sell sell. I lived for my days off and did not leve early as I was insistent that Steiner would pay for my flight home and I wouldnt give them a cent of my hard earned money.Halfway throught my contract I gave up on retail [protected]@$% and decided to continue giving a great service and received tips ranging from 30 dollars to 100 dollars per treatment. I did not see the point of selling products to get a measly 7 percent commission. I remember 13 hour working days, doing 10 massages a day and 20 hour long stocktake. I will never go back to Steiner and I have been put off beauty therapy since that contract. I am now preparing at college to study a Physiotherapy degree.
    To all the girls who go back contract after contract, you have no respect for yourself to be abused by a Steiner, I hope they go bust.

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      Sep 03, 2010

    hello. i totally agree with STEINER BEING A [censor] COMPANY- i worked for them in 2007- first ship and at only 19 exciting but scary. I went onboard as a massage therapist- dont get me wrong the ship i was on was amazing so were some of the people. Steiner as a whole though really do think about just the money and peoples looks!!! that academy was awful i felt like i was at an army camp, "put more lipstick on! make sure your hair is neater!!" (considering i am qualified in hairdressing and makeup i didnt [censor] that one up!)
    They said i would be working 12 hours per day max, i was prepared to do so mentally and onboard and worked 17hours per day with NO fullday off (5hours off per week) this really took its toll and i left after doing 4months onboard with CARNIVAL CRUISELINES (nothing against them, fantastic ships infact) it was Steiner who made it hell for me.
    Its been 3 years since i got back feels like yesterday, I am planning to work on ships again but for other companys, OnboardSpa is ment to be really good.
    So a big no no for Steiner although i do have one thing to thank them for- I have come out such a better therapist for it I learned so much in Holistic therapies so thats a good thing but as for looking after new staff and being professional-they dont have any idea!

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      Sep 25, 2010

    I lost almost everything I have, I sold my car and furniture in order to get to london and pay all of the expenses. I took the job because I was sold on a presentation at the interview that was completely bogus. My plan was to better myself financially and come home to a nice nest egg! This is what I was told and what really goes on! 10-12 hour work days with a hour lunch and a hour dinner, try 13-14 hours with a 45 min. break! 1 1/2 days off a week, try 1/2 a day off which amounted to one day that you ONLY had to work 6 1/2 hours! EVERYONE hated their job and were completely misreable. Making everyday a nightmere. Not having proper supplies and inventory. Refilling Advertised products with generic products to use on clients! Lying to customers to get them to buy and highly exaggerating the kind of money you will make!!! I can not express enough what [censor] this company is!

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      Oct 10, 2010

    If you worked for Steiner, then you sold your soul to the Devil. All the bad things that everyone has been saying about this company are true. The only things that make up for the bad are the good people that you meet and the money you make. Spa managers are for a lack of a better word, CRAZY. My spa manager (Douglas Gill) made everyone's life a burning inferno of hell. Manipulation, fear and emotional abuse were his tools for running the spa. If you had the balls to stand up to him, he would put on a smile and pretend that everything is cool, but really try to make your life hell. He is one of the very few people in my life whom I've ever met that can be describe as an evil, vicious and selfish human being...he shouldn't even be called human, he was a monster!

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      Nov 28, 2010

    TO: seious2
    we must have been on the same ship. steiner can kiss my [censor] if they think they will ever hear me promote ANYTHING to do with them again. their ethics and way of doing business is crap. someone with enough money needs to sue them for not adhereing to tghe maritime work laws. i, too, worked the hours that you mentioned. the entire staff - including myself- was grossly overworked (we definately worked 14/15 hr days) and had a 45 min break. some of us massage girls even had our lunch breaks taken away when it was busy = NO LUNCH/ BREAK for a 14 hours work day. [censor] steiner and everything they stand for. nothing would please me more than a huge class-action lawsuit.

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      Feb 03, 2011

    I've been off my ship just over a year now & still suffering from the financial loss. Im never one to blame others for my failure, I've seen many people go on to live fantastic lives on ships, some even working for Steiner... I however was not one of those people.
    I too sold everything to go live the dream, I was so pumped to get on a ship & make huge amounts doing what I love. On my second cruise onboard the NCL Norwegian Jewel I was at the top of the whole fleet. That means I out performed all other Personal Trainers across all NCL ships. I started getting emails from head office in Miami saying what a good job i'm doing & my manager loved me.
    Somewhere along the way that all started to change. Don't ask me what happened. I analyzed my performance, changed strategies, asked for help but in the end, when the money stopped rolling in so did the support. My life was made hell. My manager (Audry Johnson) went from being the kindest most supportive manager, to being my worst nightmare. It got to the stage I felt sick to my stomach whenever she was around, (literally). I lived in constant fear.
    I certainly do not blame Audry or Steiner for my drop in performance. I don't blame the long hours, minimal down time & very little pay. I knew it would be a challenge from day one. My advice for anyone interested working with Steiner would be, do your research. Don't just [censor] & moan when times get tough, know what your getting yourself in for. This website shows Steiner in a pretty bad light. I could put you in touch with people still on board who love it.
    In my personal opinion Steiner has been the best & the worst company i've ever worked for. I've learned very valuable lessons i'd never have learned elsewhere, but would I work for them again?... HELL NO!!! Im sure if your a money hungry Nazi that doesn't REALLY care about peoples well-being, you'd probably fit right in. But remember this (Steiner)... Running a business solely for profit is like playing a game of tennis with one eye always on the score board... How far do you think you'd get?

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      Mar 16, 2011

    Steiner is pure evil!!! i was sucked in by the idea of travelling the world on a cruise ship, when reality is all you get to do is look out the window from the boat. I worked for steiner for 4 months before quitting. Finacially, i spent EVERYTHING getting myself to london on the promise i would be making a decent salary. First of all the accomodation in london provided by steiner IS A HOMELESS SHELTER/HALFWAY HOUSE that is disgusting, there is mould all through the rooms, no hot water after 10pm etc.. During training our hours were 8am - 10.30 pm (with 1 hour lunch, 1 hour dinner) 7days a week, you will get NO spare time when in london...most of the time we were awake until 2 or 3am trying to prepare for the next day. Steiner will also put you in host families after a week or so...mine was 2hours away on public transport, wasnt allowed to wash clothes, had no heating (i was there in the middle of londons winter!!!) and was sleeping in a room of much for 5 star staff...
    Once you get on board it just goes even more downhill...everyone is the spa is scared [censored]less of the manager, they have the power to make your life onboard a living hell. The job pushes you physically and mentally, physically i was teaching up to 7 classes per day, every day. your body gets warn out and you do get sick...steiner doesnt care!! i injured my knee, but my manager said i would be fired if i didnt teach classes that day, so i pushed through it and the next day i could barely walk, when she told me to ice it and go a teach and i told her to go and #@&% herself. On another occasion right before i quit i tore a muscle ( didnt know it was torn at the time) but it was the worst pain ever!!! so so so painful, any the company - did not care!!! It hurt to do anything. we were lucky if we got 5 hours sleep straight, when you do its like a luxury.
    My working hours were 7am - 10pm 7days a week, with a 1 hour break, one day per week we started work at 2pm allowing us the have the morning off. Once i was made to work 19 hours straight then had 6 hours off, then another 15 hour shift. When the team target for each cruise was not hit we were made to literally wash down THE WHOLE spa, with little "wet ones" towels. wash the walls, wash the windows, wash the beds - everything!!
    people that stay working for steiner and especially the managers are all people who in the real world are very insecure type people who can only survive by intimidating, abusing and publically humiliating others. ship life is different to the real world there is no escape and people in higher positions than you on board have the ability to make your life hell. our manager also tried to pimp us out to the male officers, so that she'd stay in their good books, they organised "parties" for us that we were made to go to.
    i pretty much got NOTHING working for steiner... no matter how many hours you work how many classes you teach (most are free classes) you dont get paid anything, usually I made around $20 per week. the week i quit i made a total of $5 .. its very dishearting when you busting a gut trying to make a living while the company you are working for are taking every last cent. In true steiner style i was kicked off in the next port (which was a dangerous port in the [censored]ing middle east!!!) with no money, no flight, didnt speak the language.. to top it off... once i got home i went straight to the doctors about the injuries from working for steiner which needed surgery totaling in thousands of dollars in medical bills...
    everybody hates it...the spa is the most miserable place on the ship, on the other hand ship life is a lot of fun!!! im planning to go back to work on ships, just never ever steiner...i truely hope they get the [censor] sued out of them until they have nothing left

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      Mar 17, 2011

    I spent lo t and lot of money to go on board...
    Well. the [censor]ing liers. told me that life working for Steiner is like ... onc ein the life ...
    But was completely fake, and they are just liars.
    For Fitness is the worst...
    We must pay an agency ( in Argentina) 900 usd, then pay the tickets, the visa, once in London .. pay the FEE . 500 Pounds.
    Then pay the Yoga BOOKS !!! [censor]ing crap books... that books cost 200 pounds.
    Then, the CDS !!, and it is mandatory ... 200 pounds.
    and when you go on board... hmhmhmh terrible.
    teaching Pilates and Yoga, for 1 dollar !!! and people dont come easily to the Fitness Center.
    and they turned my life into nightmare, when I discovered that people was resilient . resistan to the idea of buying pills !!!
    Other point . I runned a research, and discovered ARSENIC, LEAD and MARCURY in the Detoxification pills.
    The pills are fake !!! I asked thru email to the American Dietary Association, and also to the Journal of American Medicine association, and many Universities.
    All of them told me that those pills are fake and arisk for your health, iodine can be toxic in 90% of the cases. !!!
    and the SPEECH that we learn in Londond, is just a complety lie...
    no doctor in this world will resist those "seminars" ...
    They discovered my research, and they FIRED me, with no hesitation !!!
    they are traitors, they accused me of some pills that disappeared.. hmhmh and then cancelled my visa, and aked for a NATION WIDE CRIMINAL ACT for me !!! was unveliable, a Nation Wide Criminal Record for me !!! wow, those Steiners are really afraid of being suited. They dumped me in Puerto Rico, and Police escorted me to the Airport. with HANDCUFFS . !!! and they took me the handcuffs only in the seat of the Plane, coming back to my country . !!
    Really bad experience. !!
    Steiner never anymore.
    next time I will send the files of the RESEARCH. so maybe one of you can suit them !!! my email [protected]

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      Mar 19, 2011

    Steiner's is the [censor]ing lowlife of all lowlifes in the world. I was a hairstylist for this [censor] company from hell for a four month tryout contract, doing 22 updos a day at $35.00 a do, and selling about a $1, 000 of there [censor] products as well, making them about $21, 000 a month, and all I [censor]ing got in pay was $50, 00 a week, and with tips and commission was about $900.00 a month. And Steiner's will always be 2 to 3 months late with pay. The number one [censor]ing lowlife dog in the Miami office is Amandsa Francis, the queen pig [censor] of all management, she will [censor] you over for what little pay they give you one and all. After you quit it will take you up to a year or longer to get your back pay if you ever get it at all. I have been employed on ships for 14 years in the past, and I love ship life doing any other kind of job, bartender/barwaiter/roomsteward/purser and a lot more, as long as you work the ships company and not Steiner.

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      May 24, 2011

    My parents and I are talking about a classaction lawsuit against Steiner. Did you ever have to "fake" your work hours so that they "equaled to" what they NEEDED them to be? Example- you worked 16, but they NEEDED them to equal to 12-13. This ### all company NEVER stuck to the Maritime work laws. If someone beats me to a lawsuit, then I hope they pull all the files on the employees. I will be the FIRST to join in. This company can kiss my ### an I will NEVER PROMOTE OR SELL ANYTHING RELATED TO STEINER AGAIN!

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      May 24, 2011


    What is should read: Did you ever have to FAKE/ WRITE DOWN THE WRONG HOURS WORKED regarding your work hours so that they EQUALED what the company needed them to be.

    Should you or anyone else that you know have documentation or a bad experience with Steiner, please post them to this site. Also, IF YOU ARE A AMERICAN please document what Steiner misrepresented and if TEHY broke THEIR contract in any way.

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      Jun 25, 2011

    i really do feel sorry for all of you, i have read the above all in depth and feel for each one of you, but Steiner is not God something should be done.these malicious bullies on board who have no morals or work ethics as well as their false superiors should be shown a lesson, i hope karma prevails really i do.i thank god i never got on board when i had the chance years ago i always wondered what if what if?..not anymore.what goes around comes around guys and you may never hear or see it but just have faith it will happen.put it down to a bad experience and bad people, they dont deserve your anger or emotion anymore;

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      Jul 05, 2011

    Been there !Done that! I am one of you guys We are victimize By that company!I hope karma will get them soon not too soon there will be an end to this company!

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      Jul 08, 2011

    hi guys
    i have just got a job working with Steiner and i go to London for my training then board the ship after reading the above i am worried about what ship life is going to be like for a therapist is there any good points or is it all negative??? please get back to me i need some guidance

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      Jul 22, 2011

    my steiner experience

    When i arrived on the ship i loved it, new experience, new people, making money and thought it was the perfect job! However like all new things they do wear and become old. Once the peak season past the money was not coming in, the spa manager gets on your back about it as they are not making money (in comission and bonuses) and neither is Steiner. I went from being their shining star for the future to being a thorn in the side who was a probelm to them. Really i am no different to the vast amount of employees that pass through the company, you are as good as your revenue and as much as the spa manager likes you. I know some people who still love it and done numurous of contracts, and some people who loath the fact they ever went there.

    Really it comes down to the ship you are on and your manager, and if your are unfortunate to get put on a ship where reveunue is low then it will be a long 9 month sentance for a new comer .There is stromg possibility that you will get one of these ships as the more expeirenced workers (2nd 3rd contracts etc) get to choose there ships and go on the high revenue ships, obviosly to make more money for themselves and Steiner. When revenue is low this is where Steiner get you, they pressure the spa manager to pressure you to squeze money out as it all adds up for them, a little here and a little there adds quick as they have the monopaly of the ships over a hundred or more. As a possible example if every spa can gain extra 50 dollars a day in treatment and products sales which is not very much in terms of prices of products and treatments on a ship. Over a hundred ships thats 5000 dollar extra revenue a day and then 1, 825, 000 dollars a calander year (as cruise ships operate all year round).

    Really they are no different than any other corperate company all they do is get people to pay for their own training and pick up the fees like medical and visa's etc.This makes the companys profit margin bigger as it decreases expenses for Steiner. As maritime working laws are not as strict as Westerm working laws, they can make you work for less and more hours. Every company directors dream (one with out morals) working more for less money, in Steiner case its literally if know one is buying, you are not making money as their are no minimal wage limits.

    Things to watch out for

    Basically Steiner will say that the pay system is fine (% of what you sell) as you will be fully booked all the time, this is next to impossible as the ship makes stops in exotic destinations, which means the ships is almost empty of guests when you are in port but the spa and gym will still be open for business. Think of ot this way if you had one chance to see your dream destination, are you going to go for a treatment or are you going to get off the ship and make the most of it.! (it would have to be one hell of a treatment ot compete with that!). You are effectively competing against someones dream that has now become a reality and no spa treament will get in the way of that. This is where they get you for not paying you a hourly rate because they can keep the spa and gym open for business with out the cost of an hourly wage rate. When in dock, in theory they could give you the time off but wont as they dont want you to be on there having fun, they want you to work all the time! So you are tied into just basically working for free and higly unlikely to be doing any treatments (and if you do, the every little adds up come into play, if they only make fifty dollars on a port day its better than closing and making nothing at all because they over hundred ship worl wide doing this). You can earn extra time off from incentive hours from good work performances, subject to your spa manager, this is when your spa manager liking you is a great help!

    The length of the contract (9 month) is a bit of a drag up to six months is enough because its a very repetive and regimental life style. You are living your life to a cruise ship itenary as you have to be back on the ship to set sail etc, travelling the world on a ship sounds like freedom but its far from it as you have no say in where you want to go and see.
    You have to attend 2 boat drills every cruise, drills can last up to an hour or more (depending on the scenario they are drilling).

    Cruise ships employe staff world wide this is both good and bad. The good being you get to learn about the way of life from different countrys and make permanent friends contacts from around the world. The bad being some people are narrow minded and dont like certain countrys, there way of thinking is, i dont like that particular country so i dont like you because you are from there (they dont actually say this but you get the impression). This is no dis respect to any particular nation but rather to individuals who are bitter and facist. Just like on land you get nice people and horrible people the bad thing is that you cant escape them so you have to do your best not to let the bad people get you down! if you dont like some keep your distance as best as you can dont even give them the satisfaction of speaking to them unless its work related.

    Spa managers are trained to make money, they will manipulate to do this and lack people management skills. A classic to watch out for which happen to me was one cruise i broke the the highest money made ever on that ship for Steiner, 2 months later that same cruise came up and made one of the lowest ever and got a big lecture on how it was me doing it wrong and not putting in is as much effort and the old spill off you will get fired blalh blah blah. My advice would be to follow it as best as you can but dont be to pushy with selling further treatments and products as guests will complain about you to guest relations. Focus on a good service as they will tell other people and are more likely to tip, focus on your strengths, take steiners advice on promoting and selling because some of their ideas do actually work!!!

    Guests will either sing your praise or they will be out to gun you down. One guest will right you a letter telling you how amazing you are and leave 50 dollars in there. Some will right a letter on a feedback form saying how worthless you are, because they are cheap and trying to gain compensation . Just rember everyones opinion is different and you cant please everyone, even though steiner will tell you that it is your fault and if it continues youe guest it, the old losing you job talk gets delivered to you!

    How to survive

    You will go onto the ship alone and you will leave alone and are unlikely to see those people again unless you return to do another contract, in a nutshell look after your self as best as you can and dont let anyone use or abuse, either male or females can be exploited by other memebers of staff (some members of staff are genuine and some are snakes and are out for what they can get). Always aim to have something to look forward to, either a trip or a new port. Set goals at work look to find new ways to make your job more efficient and fun. To an extent it is what you make it that said it is easier said than done due to the pressurre and high demands of the job. As you know spa and gyms can be bithcy places to work, avoid there politics and stay as disciplined as you can and stick to your own treatments as this can upset other therapists and make life more uncomfortable.

    Make friends in high places, this is impossible to do with stiener as the most senior memebers of staff is your spa manager and this is the downfall with trying to succeed in a company managed from a head office. How ever on the ship there are some powerful people eg the captain, staff captain, human resource manager, hotel director etc. Basically become the peoples champ, if the guests love you then those people love you. Guests come back because of their experience and the above people know that brings success on a crew ship. If guests know you (for the right reason obviuosly)they will talk about you this can be a simple as a conversation in the cafe a good service etc and build on it, they talk to one of the senior memebers of staff then word spreads about you. This opens new benefits guests invite you for a meal take you out on trips etc etc. Simply if the captain and hotel director see that the guests enjoy your experiences then they will want to keep you, and this is regardless off your revenue as this does not effect the cruise line directly (only steiner) because the important thing for the cruise line is that guests enjoy their time on the ship and this is what makes money for them. And this is your insurance policy because they cant sack you for low revenue as its not solely down to you as there are other factors that can affect revenue. But steiner get you at the end of your contract by not offering you a second one, and they have not really lost out as you were on a low revenue ship anyway. But if you do manage to impress then you can possibly get to go onto higher earning ships.

    My tips would be only do it if you are finacially stable, dont sell all you belongings or take out loans etc. As you will never probably make it back, maybe with a few exceptions people to not get mega rich out off working on cruise ships. If you are doing it for the fun then dont bother with Steiner work in the shops (eg Harding brothers) or the casino as you get all the port time off as they cant trade when in a coutrys waters only in international waters (at sea).To be honest the ports is the best bit by far as when you are on the ship its really not that exciting and after a while it becomes a floating tin can to you.

    Hope the above helps, and has prob left a few of you thinking what happend to me (did i quit, or get fired). I am not going to go into to much detail as i dont know who reads this, however think about it you work for 70 plus hours a week and rarely get a full day off for a long period of time. I developed an over use injury from working to much and was medically disembarked and Steiner were not kegally obligated to offer me a new contract and as you can prob guess they didnt!

    Steiner is a conver belt, it was the easiest job to get and the easiest job to lose! The saying you are just another number is a very true saying where Steiner is concerned. When your time is up there will be some one trained up at one of their academys to take over with in a matter of hours!!!

    good luck all xoxo

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      Jul 26, 2011

    To any Prospective STEINER employees do NOT believe all their ###!!! I personally know someone who recently finished Steiner training and is working on a highly recognised ship and let me tell you...No matter how good a salesman you are you cannot sell products when you are at Sea 7 days and 5 of them are in port! No one is going to go to a seminar when they could be touring a new city are they.

    Your working day will be at LEAST 12 (moe like 16) hours with 1/2 lunch break if you are lucky. Your days off wont be "days" off but mostly mornings off and because you cannot afford the internet on the ship you will all rush to a free wi-fi spot to keep in touch with your family - you will pay exhorbitant prices for the coffee or food because you are in the middle of tourist town -

    An example of the pay will smack anyone reading this... for 10 weeks working 12-16 hours a day 6 days a week ... $230!!! Yes thats what I said $230... do the maths... $23 per week... slave labor!

    This company takes young eager kids and bleeds them of every cent to get to the UK to train, YOU pay your air fares, YOU pay their fees for training, YOU pay for their uniforms, YOU pay for a medical, YOU pay for your music... and after that IF you pass you get put onto a ship where you would have to work 5 years to earn back what they have charged you to get there.

    Something needs to be done about this company! It feeds lies and promises of non existant possibilities with absolutley NO duty of care to the staff. If the comany was land based they would be closed down and I for one also hold the Shipping lines responsible for not ensuring there are minimum wages and conditions they must adhere to!!

    SHAME STEINER TRANSOCEAN SHAME! I will spend the rest of my breathing days warning people to never work for this company and I dare a representative of Steiner to disprove any of the above statements.

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      Jul 28, 2011

    Im 21 years old and im starting a 9 month contract for steiner on the carnival elation in august this year. I was at first very excited to go and then my doubts settled in. after reading all the above comments, i am completely shaken and scared to go through with it. is there anyone who has been on the carnival elation, working in the spa, that could give me any advice on what to do. it would be much appreciated, coz right now my father has already paid for everything and he would never allow me to back out and waste his money.

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      Aug 03, 2011

    @in deep water, I just happened to be looking into working on a cruise ship, b/c I'll be going on a cruise at the end of this month. It's actually with AMTA, and we'll be taking some continuing ed on the ship... and it's on the Elation! So hopefully you will be able to meet some massage therapists, as there should be quite a few of us on this cruise! Our cruise is Aug. 27th, and it's 5 days. So hopefully that will give you something to look forward to... I know most of the LMTs going on the cruise would be more than happy to give you some encouragement! I was actually planning on trying to get a massage b/c I wanted to talk to the therapists working on the ship about how they like it! Maybe I'll meet you! Don't be scared... if you end up hating it, you never have to do it again! I'm sure if you go with a positive outlook, it will be fine! Good luck! -STINA

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      Sep 07, 2011

    Hi everbody!

    I´m from Spain, so english is my second language, wait for mistakes! I worked for Steiner for 6 months (I broke the contract). I would like to be short, but is hard when it comes to this experience!

    My first complaint starts with the Elemis training in Watford, London. Wow, I couldn´t believe how dirty was in the YMCA! But I was still having some hopeness in the classes... until I felt in the training as an endless brainwashing and as if I were in some Wherever Next Top Model show... Every teacher, and the director were completely sick about the hair, outfit, behavour. So massages stopped being important. Now it comes the retail, retail, retail. And more brainwashing. I could keep going, but if you already have lived that then you know what I´m talking about.

    At the ship: My journey was from 8 am to 8 pm with 45 minutes for lunch. Plus cleaning plus endless meeting out of duty hours. In a 7 days cruise there were 3 days with 4-6 hours off. (Don´t dream about a full day off)
    I had bad luck with my colleagues, they constantlly were accusing each others from stealing clients or products from their treatment rooms, and there were extremely competetive. The manager didn´t help, so it was possitive to have people fighting to make more money. Talking about motney, another joke was the "ocean pay card"... we were being paid in cash, in an envelope with no any any kind of detail, so if you really wanted to know if you were being fairly paid, then you had to make your own accounts. Anyway, fair or unfair I made 6.000 euros in 6 months, which is really low, cause my retail was being practicaly cero, and I wasn´t in this war of the client hunting. So if you are a good retailer you can make double or triple easily.

    So, to the people who is ready to embark now, don´t get down: even with this ambience, dissapointed, exhausted and with absolutely crazy manager I managed to have fun. I went there to travel, not to sell. I gave every massage with my heart, because is what I like, and I didn´t lie to make retail. I was there for travelling and have the experience of my life. And it was, just being deaf and blind to the manager and the rest of unpleasant things.

    Life on board is great (some people are not ready, but you will see it) Is Steiner what doesn´t work. I felt that we were the people working the most in the whole ship, even housekeeping had more time off than us. But the itinerary was great, and crew parties, if you have the energy. I made lots of friends and I improved in languages, you really can learn a lot if you like.

    So, I would come back, but not as a massage therapist with Steiner!!!

    Good luck and wish you a great experience (is possible)

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  • D
      Sep 24, 2011

    Erica McEvitt treats people like animals.. If she doesn't like you she will make sure your life is hell! She cut you day off in peaces.. So a few hours there and a few here.. And it is true that she want the girls in the spa to date officers..

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  • E
      Nov 07, 2011

    I am 19 years old and after attending an interview with Steiner I was thrilled to be given the chance to "see the world' whilst working as a hairdresser. I gave up 2 jobs, sold my car, and after a lot of preparation I went to London to begin my training . I arrived at Watford YMCA and was horrified at what living conditions Steiner expect you to stay in, 4 girls to share shoebox room, 18 girls to share 3 showers and toilet and 3 washing machines to share amongst everyone at the YMCA, they also had to be booked at 7am to use that evening, I didn't expect 5 star luxury but didn't expect to be staying in a dirty, cramped, homeless hostel. 'It will be worth it” I kept telling myself.
    Monday morning- up at 4.45 am bus 6.20am academy 7.00am, handed over 250 pound for a medical which consisted of a blood test a urine test and a chest x-ray. After that we returned to the academy were we had a induction which is where we met the tutors who were to train us on perfecting our hairdressing skills with Steiner, there were six of us in our class and Alison was our trainer, she must have had military training as I have never met such a heartless hard faced ###! I came prepared for life in a 'prison camp' as I was warned it would be tough at the academy but worthwhile when on the ships. Back to the disgusting YMCA for dinner (or if that's what you can call it) again, didn't expect restaurant cuisine but this was just ###!! Lots of revision to be done that evening to prepare for entrance test on Tuesday climbed into bed after a shower for roughly 5hrs sleep.
    5.30am Tuesday- must get up to "pile" the make-up on as we got told MORE MORE MORE!!! Look like I’m going on a night out at 7am!!
    Back to the academy for more confidence crushing comments from the tutors!
    We were introduced to the PHYTO range which consisted of natural treatments that would do “amazing things” for the customer as a matter of fact after having one of these treatments I can happily admit it does NOTHING! If anything, it made my hair feel dry and swollen! We then did the entrance test which consisted of questions regarding the body products the skincare products and the men skin care products, nothing to do with the hair products….GREAT!! After we had completed the test we all marked each other’s tests and Alison had great joy in reading out in front of all the girls the scores we had got and for the ones of us that failed questioned us by saying “what happened here? Couldn’t you be bothered to revise?”
    In the afternoon we were asked to perform a blow-dry followed by an evening style, I was happy to do something I felt more familiar with yet somehow felt terrified to attempt a blow-dry. Why? I don’t know I have been doing all day every day for years! I had done the blow-dry to the timing requested and was midway through my evening style when Alison walked over grabbed some hair that I was working on and said “what is all this? Take it down and start again!” and she pulled all of my work out. This was just disheartening. Another girl in my class obviously felt the same as that night at the YMCA she packed her bags and left for home! After talking to one of the beauty therapists, she told me that a girl in her class had left last week due to her trainer making her iron her tunic in front of the whole class in her bra because it was not to their standards and too creased, the girl had been sobbing at the front of the class with embarrassment and the trainer had just stood there stone cold and watched her sob! I was mortified, what a sick horrible ###!!! I sat and studied everything I could possibly take in, but feeling tired by 1am I went to bed.
    The following day, we spent the whole day looking through barbering booklets and watching other students perform wet shaves on clients. Why were we been taught how to shave and massage men’s faces when I’m a LADIES HAIRSTYLIST? When I returned to the YMCA my bed had been stripped thank goodness! But wait a min I had been left with no sheet to put back on my mattress I went down to the reception and requested another sheet and they said they would bring one up for me.
    Thursday arrived still hadn’t received a sheet so after sleeping on a dirty mattress all night I asked again for another sheet at reception and they apologized and said one would be put on today. So off I went to the academy, on arrival we were register and told that we would all be completing a shave on a male client today, one of the girls asked why and Alison’s reply was that some of us were to be sent out as barbers!
    This had never been brought to my attention in the all the paperwork I was sent, and the interview that I had attended so was beginning to get confused, yes I had a certificate for barbering but I had never performed a shave on a male in my life, after been given some notes on how to do the 55 min shave! I had to begin I didn’t have a clue what to do and Alison had no intention of helping me! I did the best I could and after performing the “second close precook shave” she came over and asked if I had done the second and if so “what was all this, and to do another one” she apologized to the client like I was in the wrong for missing some stubble when It was the first shave I had ever performed! Even after all this she told me that I was one of the 3 to be sent out as a barber, I was gutted! This was the last thing I wanted to do I understood from the beginning that I may have to but males hair as well as females but I didn’t know that I wud be shaving men for a living for 9 months! She continued to tell us that our weekly target as a barber was $5500 and if we weren’t to achieve this then we wouldn’t be reaping the benefits of incentives such as days off! I returned to the YMCA to still no sheet on my bed and couldn’t believe what a horrible day I have had! After a lot of thought I asked to speak to Alison in private I tried to explain that I wasn’t happy been sent out as a barber and I was under the understanding that I would be a female hairstylist, she replied with “this is your first contract you don’t get a say in the matter” she suggested I take it up with Robert schaverien I agreed and went to speak to him he gave me the exact answers I was dreading he told me “they were giving me the chance to travel the world, I didn’t get a say in my first contract, if they need a barber sending out then I go as a barber or make my way home to my old job” & “at the end of the day they had a business to run and we are there to make money.” I made my way back to the class wondering what I was going to do, as soon as I got there Alison smirked at me and told me I was doing a color on a client bearing in mind that I have worked with koleston colours for 4 years. I matched the color up with the chart and went over to the cupboard when looking at the colors the boxes were years old they were koleston perfect yet in the old old box I knew of two different designed boxes since this one! But presumed they got them from America and they still had them boxes there, I applied the color checking three times that I was mixing it right, when it had developed it wasn’t the color that was in the chart, and I couldn’t understand what had happened Alison told me I must have mixed it wrong or with the wrong developer but I knew 1000% I hadn’t so I questioned on how old the colors were this made her angry and she told me not to ask that sort of question in front of the client and not to blame the colors and it was my fault. This had just made my mind up, I told her I would be leaving and not coming back. She replied to me with “yes I think you should go home and perfect your skills” I was so angry and upset, how dare she comment on my hairdressing skills when I have been performing shaves on men! I returned to the YMCA packed my bags and left for home!
    I don’t know how anyone can survive through the training, and from what I have read it doesn’t get any better on the ships. I’m glad I have got away from a lying horrible company that recruit young girls STEAL their money and leave them to return home confidence less and with no jobs and possessions! I just hope people read these before they go and attend training because I sure wish I did!!!

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  • 1
      Mar 21, 2012

    [censored] that company and all the pieces of crap that work for them

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  • W
      Apr 12, 2012

    my daughter is currently going thru pure hell. She was screwed around at the training. Moved from the YMCA to a "Host home" where they treated her like a lowlife, she was locked out one night for not being in by 10 pm when she was told curfew was 11 pm. She called me in Canada crying and i had to pay for a hotel for her so she wasn't on the street risking her life. She was given excuse after excuse for not getting her ship. Newer girls got their ships and she was told they were waiting for a "special ship" for her. It appeared that the SKINNIER girls got their placements first. All this waiting at a huge expense to her. When she finally got her ship she found out later she was replacing a girl who left after a few weeks. QUIT because of the spa manager, a plastic surgery junkie who abuses her staff. She now is being treated like a slave and will be flying home at our expense. This company is a bugus scam and I will be seeking legal action against them. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR IT..they promise you the world and give nothing...working for peanuts...embarrassing the staff, degrading them. Don't think you'll see the world because you get 1 day off during a 10 day cruise and you won't see much when you have NO MONEY !!! The cruise lines should be ashamed to be contracting to STEINER. I will be contacting Presidents and CEO's of all the major cruise lines. I WILL TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE THE's ridiculous. Such a disappointment for my daughter. SLAVE LABOR. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR SCAM...i am so disgusted, i am reviewing her so called contract as I type this...STEINER can you say EMPLOYMENT LAW...BILL 168... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED...LOWLIFES

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  • S
      Apr 16, 2012

    I was offered a job by steiner, so 2 day's later they e-mailed me a starter pack stating all the documentation I would need and the fee's I would have to pay before I could start training in Watford.
    So after 2 month's of wasted time, £800 down, quit my job and given up my 1 bed room private rented flat I was refused my c1d visa by the American embassy because of a drink driving conviction I had back in 2009.
    Angela Vickery, the woman who interviewed me assured me that this would not be an issue with the embassy as long as I had ACRO police report stating this conviction.
    On arrival at the American embassy i went through all the nessary procedures where and at the end of it they informed me that I would need a medical examination because of my past drink driving conviction to confirm I have no issue's with alcohol.
    So once I was outside the embassy I rang up knightsbridge Doctor's who are based in London as these are the only doctors the embassy will use, so I made an appointment, once on the phone with them they said the earliest appointment they could give me was the next day.
    So I stay in a overpriced and overated £100 a night hotel where I finally get to the doctors to have my medical costing me £265.
    So after the medical and there being no abnormalities with my blood test the doctor's tell me I'm in extremely good health and I have no issue's with alcohol they would pass the result's on to the embassy.
    So after 3 long stressful week's pass the embassy finally get's in contact with me and refuse my visa still.
    So now Im living om my mum's sofa coach, I have no job, no money and to top it all of at no-one's fault my girlfriend finish's me.

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  • D
      May 20, 2012

    I'am in the same situation like everyone...sorry for my english first, is my second language!!!
    I finished a contract with this company (9month) like fitness instructor, but not because I enjoyed...I was forced to stay to recover my money!!!
    I invested more than 3000 euro for that job and I worked six months for get my money back!!!They still have to send me money home...because they never pay on time!!! I send them e-mail to ask about my money response.
    Everything is a mockery...steal your skin after you if is possible!!!
    When I applied for this job, offered 2000 -2500euro salary plus commissions, when I got on the ship you will smile 450-500 euro salary!!! once you're can'nt do anything .Steiner don'nt care if you are good in your job they take you if you're a good have to sell.You are their slave...Steiner Slave!!!You have to be perfect, and they treat you like as rubbish.
    I think those in prison have better life then those who pass the training at YMCA !!! They destroy you physically and mentally.
    I do not want to remember abot that :( sad experience.

    Never work for this company .

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  • T
      Jun 11, 2012

    I am so glad to have found this website!!
    I worked for Steiner in 1997/1998.
    Landing what I thought was the dream job...did turn out to be a dream, until I went back for a second contract.
    I went over in 1997 as a hairstylist, luckily for me I was only at the filthy hostel YMCA in Watford for a week.I will agree with the other comments that you are brainwashed into selling the Steiner products, all of which are absolutely crap.Most girls there are really young and impressionable...I was older and turned a blind eye to all the BS.
    When I was posted to my ship it all happened very quickly. I had to fly to Italy then get a train to the small port of Civitavecchia...sounded easy but it was 2 trains and a flight, luckily I spoke Italian and got to my ship, I made it within 2 hours of sailing...any other poor soul wouldn't have made it without a second language!!
    The ship was beautiful and I was embarking on a world cruise.It was only myself and another beauty therapist in the salon sharing a cabin.
    For 9 months I loooooooooooooooved it, so much so that I had a short break and decided it was time to go back and do it all again.
    I did have a little bit of hell when my manager left and I got another girl that had been promised the world by Steiner to find out it was all just lies to get her on the ship...she was just filthy about it, and took it out on me...yes and I had to share a cabin with her.
    The pay was only $49.98 a Australia where I live you earn more than that on unemployment benefits..but I thought for the chance to travel to remote countries it would be worth it.I guess being on a small ship we were under the radar and the earnings for Steiner are not that big and Steiner are not on your back as much as on the big ships.
    I had asked to return to the same ship and Steiner said I was going there, and organised for me to return to London and the filthy YMCA.
    So I flew back over from Australia to be sent to another ship.
    The manager Nina [censored]s was an absolute ###, I was forced to do manicures and pedicures, even though I was not trained.I hated it, and the fact that this sour ### Nina was running the show made my blood boil.She was bitter and as I'm a friendly soul she hated that I was well liked.
    I threatened Steiner that unless I was sent to the original ship I had asked for I would leave(even though I was stuck in the Caribbean without any way of getting back home to my return flight was from London and I was on a strictly non tipping ship earning $49.98 a week).
    Steiner agreed to fly me back to London only for the fact that I was sent back to Watford for a total bollocking and some more brainwashing ...I should have run when I had a chance.
    They then sent me to the sister ship of the ship I wanted to return to and to work with the manager who I had worked with on my very first ship.
    I hated that ship too, we worked 14 hour days had half a day off a week, non tipping as was a far cry from my first ship.
    I had already decided I would leave, and I decided it would be in Europe at least close to where I could get back to London.It turned out to be Sweden.I had told my manager that I was leaving and she promised to not tell Steiner until the night before I got off.
    Packing my bags and presenting myself on the gangway I was refused my passport(every ship takes your passport when you join them).They called Steiner who told them I was trying to leave, and they were told to stop me at all costs.Eventually I threatened to get the Port Police involved and that scared them into giving me my passport.Once I got that passport I couldn't leave fast enough...I did see my replacement outside the ship, and I did my best to tell her she was about the make the biggest mistake of her life and to run while she could but the poor girl was new and excited to be joining her first ship.
    After being home for nearly a year I couldn't believe it when Steiner called me in the middle of the night, telling me there was a spot on the ship I originally wanted to go to and that it was in New Zealand if I wanted to fly there and join it...I could not believe it!!! A few months later another phone call(also in the middle of the night) saying they were desperate if I could go back.
    I ended up returning to sea with Greyhound Leisure in the Gift Shops...still not a fantastic pay but enough to see the rest of the world I had missed out on.
    My advise go to sea for won't be sorry.
    Avoid Steiner at all costs, and if anyone decides to launch a class action lawsuit count me in!!!

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  • D
      Jul 12, 2012

    My daughter is due to start her training soon, and has laready recieved notification of her first ship. After reading this page i am really concerned about the company she is going to work for. Can anyone let me now further about her working conditions and lifestyle she is going into. We have discussed with her that she is not going to make her fortune but see and meet new people and sites, which is fine as long as she will be safe and learning a trade while treated in a fair way. She has just spent two years doing all her qualifications and dont like the sound of her wasting those doing stock taking all day. She not afraid of hard work but am a concerned dad after reading these reviews

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  • T
      Jul 12, 2012

    Hi Dave859,
    Whilst it has been many years since I worked for Steiner, I don't think a lot has changed.It is in my opinion slave labour.
    Your daughter will be working like there is no tomorrow.There are very, very, very long days.I'm not sure if your daughter is a hairdresser or beauty therapist but I know with me as a hairdresser I mainly did styling, blow-dries and hardly any colour work or cutting.My colleague who was a beauty therapist did back to back massages all day which can be hard work and physically exhausting..the clients are hard to sell products to as you really need to be doing treatments(facials, slimming treatments) to be able to sell products(which Steiner want you to put the hard sell on everyone!!!).
    I don't know that your daughter will be learning anything as at Watford it is very much a lot of training on Steiner may have changed since I was there, but you'll find from the other comments it sounds as though it is the same as when I was there.
    If your daughter understands that she will be working very long hours and very hard...if she is prepared to do that then bonuses(money wise) will follow.
    I enjoyed World cruising and for that experience alone I would do it all again...just not with Steiner.There are other concessions on ships that are possibly a little easier like in the casinos and the gift shop(which I left Steiner to join), and I loved that.
    I hope this has answered some of your concerns...TooCoolForSteiner.

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  • M
      Sep 22, 2012

    I've been work 10 months on board for Steiner. Actually they never hide anything from me about the work condition before i join at the ship. Working hours, hard work etc. all was ok with me but income was'nt comparable with USA standarts for me as a high class hair dresser. I have many friends who are still working with Steiner. In fact you must be hard worker to be surviver at the ship anyway.
    I don't think i go back to work for Steiner again because money issue.
    Mustafa S Kiyiskan
    Asap: Also my spa manager Vlado Salak was most friendly manager in my business life.

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  • W
      Feb 14, 2013

    I worked with a manager Chantal of South Africa, my girlfriend was working with me Personal Training also. My manager was talking to my girlfriend what reason she was with me, being that the ship had more than 700 officers, it could have a very quiet life or very bad

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  • R
      Mar 13, 2013

    As an American working for Steiner it was hard... They already doubt you from the begining(being a lazy American)... At the interview they totally make it sound like you will make so much money and have so much fun, at training they do no such thing preparing you to go on the ship. Spa was HELL. It didnt help that i had a crazy unproffesional manager that was very rude to customers because they were stupid Americans or another manager that favored some and made the rest of us work harder or my last manager that made us stay 4 hours every other night after our 14 hour days to practice retail! They always are threatening to fire you, and were always looking at me to fail(being american) which is one reason I stayed the whole 9 months to show them not all americans fail. They took away full days off and made them to half days off, which those times were the time of my life. The pay was horrible but i also had a small ship(bigger the ship better the money). I do not regret going to work on ships, I met a lot of forever friends from all over the world and also my now husband! So i may have had some bad times in the spa but all my time in the crew bar, discos and ports made everything so much better!!! I deffinatley had the experience of my life, but also will never be returning to the spa.

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  • T
      Mar 28, 2013

    i would say stop complaining. In the ship if you want you to work there and make money, it takes a tough one to do all of these. Some crew would expect they would have a great life in the ship, without making any money, stay being so slacken and lazy. Those who get in big troubles are those who spent contract in the ship just drinking, partying and forgetting that they have to work the next day. Ship is for money driven, positive, though and responsible person. As a crew member, this is not only just place for vacation. If you misinterpret the industry of spa in the cruise ship why guests would still go back and patronize the spa and rave about it to their relatives and friends? Why is the new cutting-edge treatments and spa cabins has been very popular and in-demand? Guests dreamed about memories and experiences of the spa and can get the same treatment regardless if they are elite or average.
    Get the reality training from Steiner are exceptional. If i would stand in the guest's shoes, I would rather have someone who has a lot of knowledge than with someone who will touch me because she did her/his job. This is if you really a smart person you can actually handle the hard-work shiplife regardless of the position. Or maybe you can ask yourself? are you really a work-driven person who last contracts in the company or are you just a lazy person who always complains and unresolute the situations? Ask yourself? I would suggest, build your own business and establishment, create your vision and work hard to reach your goal and don't be " like a balloon ", will blast-off a big head because it's full of air and empty. You can be so contagious my friend. Good luck!

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  • S
      Apr 07, 2013

    I have an interview with Steiner in 3.5 hours and after reading these comments, I really don't know if i should attend or not :/

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  • W
      May 08, 2013

    do NOT work for this company, It's been a year and this experience still "HAUNTS" our family. We will never recoup the money that was wasted on this experience for my daughter. NOR will she ever get back that time in her life. The INSULTS she received at Steiner and on the boat from her manager were a slam on her self esteem. The girls at school were made to were trampy pink lipstick and look the part of a "STEINER GIRL" if you are remotely overweight, you WILL NOT get your boat immediately, no matter what your talent. My daughter was still in training for 7 weeks, wasting more and more money each week. She was told her "SPECIAL" boat was coming. She was even doing the training to assist staff because they were too lazy at Steiner. PLEASE PARENTS DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS< YOUNG ADULTS TO DO THIS>>>>>>>>THEY ARE FULL OF LIES !!!

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  • S
      Jun 21, 2013

    I start my training on Monday this has completely freaked me out!! is it really that bad I have quit my job of 7 years gave up my flat and moved back in with my dad ... and spent just short of 2 grand on this job, surely they cant pay u that little in my interview it says between £700 an £ 800 a month stef xx

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  • S
      Jun 26, 2013

    steiner now pays you only 2% for services, and 9% for retail.. if they pay you at all.. this is an insult to their employees, the employees are the back bone of the company and without them.. there is no company.. NOW.. the company is run as a sweat shop.. why is it that this corporation thinks that their employees never went to school or college??? why do they think that their emplyees are stupid..why do they humiliate their employees when they cannot sell the elemis products? i believe in change.. but this is not a good change.. the employees that work for steiner are worth more than that and its unacceptable how the employees are treated by their hire ups and most of the managers.. if a steiner employee dies on the ship.. Steiner is going to pay for their trip home and their burial and give the employees family 15, 000.00 to carry on with out them.. is Steiner really serious about this??? is their family really going to be able to move on with that amount of money?? why are they considering the 18% service charge to make up for the 2% in service.. that is the employees sweat and blood.. there doing full body hot stones with facials, foot and ankle and scalp massages for only 139.00 and the employees only get 2% of that.. they should not include the tip.. from what i am told.. guest have been refusing to pay it.. what do the employees get for the 75 min massage? 2%.. it has been said that the only reason Steiner has changed the service charge from 7.23 to 2% was to make the shareholders happy... well if that is the case, Shame On them.. Steiner's vice president, president, managers, supervisors, director of operations should have had the money cuts.. not their employers.. just a PS: there is no promotions, no raises, the benefits are a joke and the only change they made was that they added dental, which you only get fillings and extractions... no discounts.. and don't forget.. it is a nine month contract...

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  • M
      Aug 19, 2013

    I will be attending the Steiner interview in Toronto this month, im a massage therapist. after reading all of this, i question whether or not i want to be apart of this company. i fully expected long hours and anticipated this be very straining physically and mentally. im mainly concerned about how much money i will be making.. its taken me over 2 years to build up my clientele at the spa that i currently work for and im hoping this wont be waste of time and money

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  • M
      Aug 19, 2013

    if anyone has more insight/tips/advice that youd like to share, you can email me at [protected]

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  • K
      Aug 19, 2013

    Hi guys,

    I used to work for Steiner about 8 years :-( Nightmare, but its long story to explain why I worked for such a long period of time. Anyway, I have plenty of documents to suit them, but its not easy to do it by myself so if you are looking to do it together with me or you want me to join you please contact me on my e-mail: [protected] !

    Guys lets beat the EVIL, companies like Steiner and people like them destroying the world!

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