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The scams who own this place and the sales people who work here feeds their children by ripping people off, old, young, any age as long as there is money they can grab. They sold me a junk car and they refuse to repair it. The car is paid in full and I only driven it for one week when it completely crashed. the battery is totally dead and won't come to life when it get jumped.


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  • Ro
      Nov 06, 2010

    I used to work for the used car dealer down the street. I have never seen such big kids in my life. I used to hear them bashing St george on a daily basis. I did too, I mean come on I had to keep my job in these hard times. Other sales people I know for a fact got paid to bash st george on here. I mean come on read on and you can see all of them just talk trash about the owner and things that go on at every dealership - trust me i used to work for one. theres a gal SUSAN who noted when the owner died? How do regular consumers know stuff like that - unless she was a stalker or as usual a competetive dealer sales chump down the street. I left that place and now work for wells fargo - much better. The bank I work at i deal with business accounts. I got to see the faces of the dealership owners now. Even the owner of St george. immediately i didn't like him because all the trash I heard. The more I saw him the more he grew on me. anyways I thought he was a nice guy. with my big mouth I told him most dearler on the street dont like him he said he knew that along time ago. He said I really dont care because they dont hate me they hate my God. I didnt understand what he meant. One friday night came i went out with old buddies from that dealership and i told them what st george owner said and they laughed and told me ya hes a dumb christian. i was like whats wrong with being a christian- I am middle eastern but i have no religion - I basically think if u do good yout go to a nice place. well i come to find out they hated st george because he was not muslim. Whats this world coming to. Personally the dealership I used to work for lost alot of coistumers to st george because of better deals. I actually went there myself one time because i dove by and saw a black matt colored mustang. They were nice to me and didnt candy coat anything. i didnt get the car because i couldnt afford payments. An the price they gave me was reall low. I though even if i bought it and resold it i can easily put 2 grand in my pocket. honestly after i save more money i will go there If the company I worked for lost business to them and st george is still up and running I highly doubt they are deceitful. Deceitful places get shut down or run out. I drive by on my way to work and I see they always have a high turnover rate because they have new cars weekly. so they must b selling good legit [censor]. Dont believe everything u read here trust me i know most are not true.

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