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Southern Home Builders / unfinished home/default on contract deadline

1 Bossier City Shreveport, LA, United States

My whole experience started about a month ago when my wife and I started looking in Bossier City for a home to purchase. We fell in love with a home that was unfortunately already spoken for. My wife was so in love with the floor plan that we decided to go right to the builder to have our own home built. Luckily, the floor plan we were looking for was already under construction, and had a completion date of 14Jul09. Which, was a little longer then we wanted to wait, but we felt at the time it was worth the wait. Three weeks go by and I hear absolutely nothing from the builder, and I start to get nervous. I had also been visiting the site around once a week to monitor their progress. Bells should have gone off when I noticed very minimal progress. (Minimal being one week where the only thing completed was installing the dishwasher). Though, at the time I told myself that I did not build homes, and there could be progress such as electrical or plumbing that I could not see. A week before I'm suppose to close I stop by the office and talk to Adrienne Steinsholt who seems surprised that my completion date was less than a week away, and I had still not completed my initial walk through or that I had not been contacted at all about any of the construction. She assured me that the builder will be contacting me that day to schedule a walk through. Two days later Scott Boone calls and asks if we can meet on the 13th for the initial walk through. At the time I'm still a little optimistic, and thinking maybe we can still meet the deadline of the 14th. Monday morning cured me of that. When I arrived 6 builders were still in full swing. I get the feeling someone must have said something because when I pulled in the driveway they started packing everything up. Scott shows up and we start the walk through. There are around 20-30 discrepancies, but Scott assures me their all minor, and should only take around 2-3 days to complete. After not hearing anything until Friday I take a trip out there. Which I find about 8-10 of the discrepancies are still unfinished. Monday rolls around, and I have my realtor call and relay the message that I'm running out of time, and they need to complete the house that is already almost a week late. They assure her all of the remaining problems will be solved that day and we will be able to close on the 21st. The morning of closing my realtor and I arrive at the house to complete the final walk through. As soon as I walk in the door (which the glass is still covered in stain) I realize that they have still not completed the repairs. My realtor calls into the office, and is assured by Adrienne that all the repairs will be completed that day, and the cleaning crew is already on their way. I return to the home after closing and surprise surprise no one has even entered the house since we left. So here I am with a brand new home that isn't clean or even completed, and a company that could care less to complete the repairs since we've closed on the house.

The homes Southern Home Builders offer are beautiful. And if you can manage to get into one without needing ANY assistance from a sales associate GO FOR IT. But be warned they snagged me with an agreement to buy, and drug their feet on repairs till I could no longer wait for the home to be completed.

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