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This company sells products other than smoking related items, but my experience is with a roll your own electric injector machine. The website states that they offer the "best warranty in the market", in that they either repair or replace the machine rather than having to return it to the manufacturer, which may be located in another country, likely in the middle east. What they do not tell you in the "up-front" warranty statement, is that you will have to pay to ship the product to them for repair/replacement, PLUS, include $12.50 for them to ship the replacement back. The complete warranty statement is available on the website, but its obscured, & is very tiny print. Unfortunately, I did not find the info until after the machine I'd ordered arrived, the SuperPackerLE, stopped working the very day it arrived after rolling about 20 ciggs. Another issue with this so called superior warranty, is that it allows only 3 days to activate the warranty, also, customer service options are as obscure as the warranty info is.
I've ordered many products on line, this is my first unsatisfactory experience, & the first time I've been required to pay all return shipping fees. I would suggest CAUTION when dealing with this company.


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      18th of Apr, 2012

    Update, as of 4-18-2012 I have not received any communication from this company. According to USPS tracking, the defective machine was delivered to Omegastores (SmokersDepot) April 2nd. I fear that I have been cheated out of over $100.00. I do believe this company is a sham!!!

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  • De
      6th of Jan, 2016

    This company is crooked as hell, oh they tell what they will not do - but only if you hunt for it. They are one the most awful website (companies if you can call this place a company). I had a great PowerMatic II rolling machine that I purchased from a reputable online company - not this POS company. I used it for 2 years and it gave out, well worth the money though. My wife purchased a replacement through - and it took longer than usual to arrive - drop shipments no doubt! When it arrived I tried to roll a few cigarettes, I got four that were smokeable and ruined about 15 tubes in getting the 4. This Powerautomatic is crap - China Crap! It isn't worth a dime. I then noticed on paperwork included - No refunds!
    I went to their website and you guessed it, upon looking at their policy - they do not issue refunds - PERIOD! and if you want to send the piece of crap that doesn't work back for a replacement - you pay more for shipping. The ### are covered all the way around. Hell they could sell a ship container full of crappy machines that do not work and never lose a dime. So if you're really stupid and want to buy some really nice junk - do business with these crooks, if not, stay away from their website!

    May rot in hell you sorry ###!

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