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About 9 months ago in the summer of 2012 I bought furniture and a mattress and box springs from a place called sleep cheap. They are located on Winchester Road in Memphis Tennessee, even though they have many locations around Memphis. I should have checked the Better Business Bureau Web Site before I did business there. One location has a C- rating and another location has a F rating. Let me get to my point. The first king size mattress I bought starting leaning and sagging down on the left side. It was like sleeping on one side and having to go up hill to get to the other side of the bed. I called sleep cheap. They sent someone out with a new mattress, and even said the mattress I complained about was bad. They replaced it with the same kind of mattress made by Posture Craft. This mattress did the same thing, so I went to Sleep Cheap on Winchester Road in Memphis Tennessee and talked to John. He said they had a bad batch from the factory and was very sorry for my problems. I asked if he could upgrade me to a different mattress and he said yes. First he was going to charge me the difference then decided he would not. I found that to be very kind. He told me to try two king pillow top mattresses and tell me which one I liked. One was a firm pillow top and one was a soft pillow top mattress. I picked the soft pillow top mattress.

They were suppose to deliver it one day and I took off work, and they never showed so I called. One of the owners Matt said he ate the cost of the last mattress because nothing was wrong with it and the factory would not take it back. That seems strange since the person who switched out the mattress said it was bad, and so did John the manager of the store not to mention a friend of mine in from California who has been in the business 35 years said it was bad. When they finally brought the new pillow top mattress to my house, they had a problem getting it up my stairs so they bent the mattress to the right and shoved it up my stairs. They not only ripped up the side of the brand new mattress, but also tore up my ceiling trying to get it up the stairs. I called the store, and they said they made a note of it. How does that help the torn mattress ? It doesn’t ! The first night I laid on the mattress it was hard as a rock. This mattress was suppose to be soft, not hard. I called the store and he said it would loosen up and to walk on the bed and give it a few days. It has been days and days now, and it is still hard as a rock. It is a Posture Phase 4 P/T made by Posture Craft. I called once again. John had another owner named Mark call me from a restricted phone number. That’s right, an owner that knows he did wrong blocking his number so I could never call him back. He was a very rude man. I told him I did research on Google and did a search engine and found three places that sell this mattress and called them. I told him they all said it was some what of a firm mattress and he said the three stores that sell the same product as his were liars. He didn’t care the mattress was ripped, and he didn’t care the people who delivered it screwed up my ceiling taking it up the stairs. He also said if he had to come get it he was going to charge me. Now, I get two defective mattresses and the third is the wrong one, and now I am stuck with it. Do not do business with Sleep Cheap in the Memphis Tennessee area and do not buy any product from Posture Craft, especially the Posture Phase 4 P/T, and I will be sending them a bill for the repair of the ceiling. UPDATE...I filed with the BBB and can prove the owner of Sleep Cheap lied to the BBB...I have recordings to prove it...They said they would pay to fix my ceiling and refund the mattress if i signed a notarized letter which I am not doing...I will just keep telling the truth about them all over the Internet until it financially hurts their business...I can prove they lied...I recorded many conversations which is legal to do in Tennessee

Feb 25, 2013
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      Oct 26, 2012
    Sleep Cheap - Never got my furniture
    Sleep Cheap
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    I have ordered furniture from the company called Sleep Cheap. It seemed very reliable company with many offices all around the country. I spent $1200 and never got my furniture. It is needless to say that this company is ignoring my emails and calls. Avoid buying from them!

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