Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe / unlawful eviction, unfair/inhumane treatment of tenants

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Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe owns, and rents a residence, (located at 8916 Elm Ave, Orangevale, CA.), that she claims is her beloved childhood home. However, she uses this faux emotional attachment as a way to scam, cheat, bully and control her tenants.

She does not abide by the rental agreement that both she and her tenants sign upon move-in.

She ILLEGALLY EVICTED her last tenants, who had payed rent on time and in full for the entire duration (9 years) of their tenancy. During the 60 days allotted by her fraudulent and illegal notice of eviction she verbally assaulted and attacked the character of her tenant, she called SMUD and had the electricity shut off in an attempt to force him out, knowing full well that he had not yet found a residence to relocate to. During this time she demanded that he continue to pay rent, knowing full well that she was evicting him against the law as well as forcing her tenant to reside in a home without electricity! This took place during the end of summer, so temperatures were often well over 90°.

During the length of his tenancy he made multiple upgrades to the rental home, which significantly added value to the residence; some of these upgrades included:
• remodeling the bathroom, replacing the shower and floors with tile.
• adding a new cement driveway, and connecting backyard patio with drainage gutters to divert rainwater away from the house and garage. Before these additions the house AND garage would flood every winter.
• he remodeled/upgraded the ceilings, painted the entire interior, and exterior of the home, and the list goes on.

If something needed to be replaced, repaired or maintained, he would amend the issue himself. She NEVER maintained the rental home for the duration of the lease.

The residence is riddled with unpermitted additions/alterations, with numerous and unsafe code violations. The carpets are beyond overdue to be replaced. The ceilings are collapsing, the "master bedroom" is an unpermitted remodel of what was once the garage, done by her son. Needless to say that particular room is not safe and uninhabitable.

The electrical wiring connecting the house to the backyard garage was installed underground in PVC pipe.

Her husband habitually entered the residence without first notifying the tenant, and without a legitimate reason. On one of these unannounced visits he assaulted
a female guest after specifically being told to leave her alone as she had just gotten out of the shower... he opened the door to her bedroom and embraced her while she was only wearing a towel.

Shirley Baker/Ogelthorpe is a self serving slumlord. She is a criminal, a bully, a crook, and she lacks common decency, and conducts herself and her business immorally and unfairly.

Avoid renting her "home".

  • Updated by Raenbow, Dec 13, 2018

    Oh, and there is an old septic tank (leaking) buried in the backyard.

Dec 13, 2018

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