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Senior Final Expense Information / Fraudulent Unsolicited Mailing

1 325 Pennsylvania Avenue, SEWashington, DC, United States Review updated:

I received this carbon copy mailer with a reference of SENIOR FINAL EXPENSE INFORMATION. This mailer suggests that there is a senior plan that may cover up to $15, 000 of my final expenses but provides no real information. No company name, no contact name, no phone number and only an address for National Processing Center where the card is to be mailed to after providing them with a signature, age, spouse and phone number. The mailer cover also contains "Not affiliated with Social Security or any governmental agency" which makes it look official in additional to the Washington, DC return address but its vagueness concerened me. After much internet research I have found this is part of a large scam across the US to exploit seniors by using refernces to Medicare, Final Expenses and other financial lures. I found documentation of a law suit for this in Texas. Something really needs to be done to stop this fraudulent use of the mail system to exploit seniors like me. I hope others will be diligent in looking into the legitamacy of mailings like this before providing personal information.

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  • Ih
      10th of May, 2011
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    I too received this in the mail today. After some research I was able to find out that these type of forms can be purchased, with the names & addresses, from
    National Headquarters
    American Insurance Strategies, LLC
    61 Marco Lane
    Centerville, Ohio 45458
    Telephone: 937-886-6454
    Facsimile: 888-355-9974
    [PDF] Internal Office Use Only - Delivery Information Lead Order Form ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Final Expense Popout (FE1.7G99V). Medicare Changes Popout (MD28G99V). Annuity Popout (AN4G99F). Medicare Turning 65 (MD24G11F) ...

  • In
      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    These are advertisement from insurance marketing companies. There goal is to inform you that contrary to popular belief, the government does not pay for most of your burial and final expenses. The burden can be left up to your loved ones. There are insurance companies that specialize in proving affordable coverage to seniors for that very purpose. They get your information from the same sources that credit card, landscape, florist and other companies that send you things in the mail. If you do not need their services, don't mail the card back. they do not have any sensitive information and do not require and sensitive information. If you do send in the card, you will be contacted by an agent who will help you to determine what you may qualify for. If you want to assess the credibility of the agent and/or the insurance company he/she represents, you can contact your state's department of insurance. You can also look up the company's rating. Hope this is helpful.

  • Be
      5th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Just received the same mailing. Perhaps if we all cut our name off and send it back to them ( it is "No postage necessary") at lease they will have to pay the postage and we will be doing our part to help keep the USPS in business!! :)

  • Sm
      22nd of Jan, 2012
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I blacked out my name and mailed it back. To hell with them.

  • Kz
      23rd of May, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Really...Why in the world would I ever want to send my signature, along with my age, whether I am married or single and my home phone number to some unknown organization with all the credit fraud going on!? No thanks "insuranceguy". Seniors beware. If this is a legitimate company with the intention of "providing seniors with affordable coverage", why masquerade as a government agency. I trust the florist company mailers, however uninvited. Wake up and smell the flowers folks. This is an s-c-a-m.

  • Ke
      21st of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    A sales pitch for insurance and annuities.

    Just block out your name, write NO THANKS across the back and send it back.

    That way the receiver has to pay for each one returned. The money goes to the USPS. just trying to help!

  • Dk
      5th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I received the same form in the mail. It looks official, but I knew that most likely it was a scam of some sort. I am glad that I decided to look it up on the internet. I think that returning the form to the sender with the information they asked for removed or blank is a great idea.
    That is exactly what I am going to do. Everyone should. Let their scam come back to bite them in the behind.

  • Xl
      4th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Googled this after I received a carbon copy mailing addressed to my wife. After searching for, and figuring out, what "final expenses" actually are, I'm pretty sure they don't apply to my 35 year old wife. The mailer is one of those tax-document looking ones with the tear off borders and the carbon copy. It also has a Washington, DC, Pennsylvania Ave address so it definitely looks to be official and reputable. However, look carefully at the bottom of the external envelope and you will see a message stating "NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY". This leads me to the conclusion that this is a complete and utter fraud, Sad to think that companies like this are preying on the elderly.

  • Vi
      28th of Feb, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I too just received the same carbon copy "Final expense" in the mail today! I too am going to send them the info back BLANK! Good idea, I also do that to credit card applications, minus my name, using their return envelopes. Let them pay for the postage and open their own "Junk" mail. My letter told me" there is a program in my county designed to pay what the government does not pay toward your final expenses." It goes on to mention" social security only pays $225 of benefit toward these expenses". FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!

  • Ju
      18th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I also received the final expense information card, I think it's a great idea to send those cards back blank and the credit card applications .this is just too funny the perfect response!

  • Ag
      5th of Mar, 2014
    -3 Votes

    Some of you folks obviously have too much time and too little to do with it to sit on an post board and ### about a mailer. If you dont like, don't read it. Problem solved. And for your info the reason it doesn't have "Insurance" plastered all over it, is if it did, most of your type would certainly never send it in or procrastinate, eventually leaving your family or loved ones with onerous burden of paying for even in your death.

  • Ic
      13th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @agentinsure And obviously you have nothing better to do than sit around griping about those of us who care that these scams are targeting our elderly relatives and want to spread the word so others don't get scammed.

  • We
      26th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @agentinsure Or, since most final expense policies have a waiting period, I could avoid paying you a massive commission on a bad product and instead just put the money in my bank account each month and leave that to my heirs to pay the cost. Quit exploiting seniors. Commissions are near 100% for the first year on these products which tells you all you need to know: they are designed to line agents’ and insurers’ pockets, not actually pay out benefits.

  • Er
      23rd of Jan, 2017
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    Just received the exact same mailer as described here, inside in big letters: FOR SOUTH CAROLINA CITIZENS ONLY
    An obvious scam.

  • Ic
      13th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I received 2 of these in the mail. I've reached the point where I research EVERY piece of official-looking mail, because 99% is scam.

  • Cm
      7th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @iCare85 They are still at it. I just got one 12/5/2018. Creaps.

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