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Saving Grace Charities / broken prmoise get gifts for kids

1 El Monte, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1800 397-2323


BELLFLOWER California United States of America December 11, 2010 --

– “A bunch of Scrooges and Grinches ripped us off, ” Said their Dad. “Sadly when you are living in over 15 hotels in 9 months you are open to such crime.” It's the husband's belief that everything was stolen from the backseat of his wife's 1997 Nissan Altima. The presents she had already bought and the remaining $73.00 she had to finish off Christmas shopping and for a small tree—were now all gone. The Scrooges had said “Bah Humbug” and made Christmas disappear.

“For us it's like we lost, this familys been thru so much, everything all over again.” Stated their father.

“I can't believe I was so careless.” Marsha Says distraught over another troubling turn for her family. “I was just going to work from having my broken water pump fixed.” Mrs. Lope works with developmentally delayed and autistic children. A job she's proudly held for the last 5 years. 'I don't have the heart to tell them—I got a computer for my son it was nothing great-none of the presents were--” She continued. “ -but we got Christmas —now who can face those kids?”

The father had thought he had found a God send when he got an email from an organization calling themselves “Saving Grace Charities” out of El Monte Calif. “I spoke to a Man John Balderdaz” who told the father that he had heard what happened and their charity could help. they could put took a Christmas list for the kids and the family and they would be authorized to pick up the toys and gifts for them.

The family provided them with a list to the organization happily thinking Christmas had been saved. “I don't know if they collected any gifts on our behalf or not I just know that at some point I was no longer able to reach them. I mean they didn’t take any money from me just my pride and my hopes. Mostly I just don’t even mention it when people I talk to me—its a source of embarrassment. “let's just say I didn't even tell my kids. Right now I'm talking about it out of desperation.”

This family has known desperation.

“For a while we made it despite everything. It is just far more expensive living in a hotel-yet we are having a hard time getting back into an apartment.” Stemming from a never ending identity theft case that started when when the mother was just 14.

“Someone keeps selling my financial information and I just can't get the Identity theft to end. Why was there a mortgage on my credit report when I was in Jr High? Please. As if I got the house---just the bad credit out of it.” Marsha turns 30 today trying to find a reason to celebrate her birthday.

It worse when both you kids and husband are sick.

“One of our children has been preliminary diagnoses doctors from the Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic, ” Inc. 4321 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660, “--as having limb griddle muscular dystrophy. A genetic disease which runs in the family as one uncle died and 2 aunts also have it.” Their 5 year old daughter Emily has also been displaying less severe symptoms of the progressive degenerative disease which many times can leave the sufferer wheelchair bound and often having a life expectancy of around 16 years old.”

“We do not know if that’s what's in store for our children or not—but the fear is present—and you want to make sure all the good memories are there for them.” Says the father.

My Sn loves my comics and dauhter loves dancing

Their 8 yr old son Elias, sometimes stumbles and falls and infrequently has to use a wheelchair to get around. He loves comic books and has been working everyday on his graphic novel. He has 43 pages complete of this mini series. “It's an epic-” He gleams. He is a lad that always has trouble containing his excitement. “Good VS evil-” He goes on “--these characters are far more powerful than the ones in Marvel or DC—come on (his hero) DARKNESS would win.”

His contagious smile only dimmed by the fact that he now lives in a down scale hotel with one window and little sun light. A child in need of friends as he is 'hyper-ly' social and makes playmates even at the local McDonald's. Sadly he and his shy ballerina, guitar slinging, deep lyric writing, songstress, sister (who created the character 'She-fire' for her brother) were betrayed by those closest to them.

Our kids have suffered enough.

When the parents confronted the abusers they were evicted in less then 24 hours.

This was all despite CPS and the local police department having been contacted. Her small family was forced to collect their belongings, under the cover of darkness, tucked under the front seat of the rental truck. Adding to the mounting damage they were unable to retrieve all of their possessions because of threats of violence from their landlords and several of their goons.

The family was forced to leave behind an old analog TV, a war torn (but working) PlayStation and an expensive attachment that created a desk on their now broken 6 month old power wheelchair. A $27, 000 work of art donated by an incredibly generous business man from San Diego.

The family lost anything of value.

Adding to their nightmare Amtrak smashed the wheelchair into a wall and now refuses to fix it or the power scooter Marsha's mother-in-law had purchased for her disabled son.

Still the children are good students and consistently do their homework well in advance of what is required. This is all despite of them being born learning disabled. Yet they are especially kind children that take care of their brain damaged Dad who was left for dead after a car turned thru his bike lane to make a bank deposit back in May of 2000. Since the hit and run driver evaded justice the father received zero compensation for his life long injuries. Hence he is currently generating no income. Their dad, once a superior athlete, can only sometimes manage to tie his own shoes and spends half his time in a wheelchair.

We are still in danger.

They are withholding their full names as threats against their safety are eminent, they have already had their tire slashed and have lived in as many as 15 places in less than a year in order that they might avoid those they have filed criminal complaints against.

They request that any and all donations and any help, including assistance with housing and food, can be directed towards the The Salvation Army Corps Community Center 7926 Pickering Avenue Whittier, CA 90602 PH [protected] C/O M. Lopez or they can be contacted at [protected] Prayers are also accepted.

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  • Ru
      12th of Dec, 2010

    This is a sad story indeed. I encourage everybody to give help to these folks. HOWEVER. Please send donations through a TRUSTED THIRD PARTY, such as the SALVATION ARMY. Do Not send money directly to unknown persons. I hate to bring the awful truth, but whoever wrote this is probably a scam artist sitting fat on a pile of dirty money. My sympathy goes out to anybody in this family's position, and if they are real, I hope that they can receive help, the boy can get art classes, and girl ballerina lessons. But the level of competency of the writing, plus the conspicuous absense of any guarentee of who will recieve money, doesn't add up. Send money, lots of it, to the Salvation Army, with EXPLICIT ORDERS to Sal. Army to give all money to THIS SPECIFIC FAMILY. It would be a tragedy if a terrible person behind an anonymous email address were exploiting you, me, and worst of all, families in need. God Bless.

    +1 Votes
  • Di
      12th of Dec, 2010

    Hello, Im am so sorry Im Sebastian I am their Dad do u mean maybe u might not be able to trust me?

    If so I GET it--yes everything is to go tru Salavation Army not to me~! The Salvation Army Corps Community Center 7926 Pickering Avenue Whittier, CA 90602 PH 562-698-8348 C/O M. Lopez (my wife)

    Im sorry if my writing sucks I am brain damaged and it is so poor BUT I wanted to try to do something though. It takes me hours sometimes to put down the simpliest things-its a struggle.

    My email addy was for possible apartments that might be able to help NOT for anything else-sorry the clarity was inferior.

    Sorry if my process is inferior I am certainly open to a better one.

    Ty for putting your 2 cents in and saying such kind things.

    Sebastian--yes everything =goes to the Salavation Army not to us.

    0 Votes
  • Ru
      12th of Dec, 2010

    There are millions of people pretending to be in need to get money when they are infact filthy rich ###. I sincerely hope the Salvation Army recieves a lot of cash to be given to that specific family.

    If you are real, don't be offended, the money will reach you through the Salvation Army, if people hopefully send.
    If you are fake, you won't get anything because the Sal. Army should know it's fake. Pretty simple.

    I meant the writing level was very high, not low. Good enough to be published, even. That's why an idiot would fall for it without noticing that an author that intelligent should atleast aknowlege that there is no way to proove it's real, and insist that money not be sent directly, but through a trusted third party.

    So, to all the comfortable people out there, give some money to families in need.

    God Bless.

    0 Votes
  • Di
      14th of Dec, 2010

    Im not offended how can i be I have trusted and been ripped off and my family now pays the price-yes send it to the Salvation army and not to me thats exactly why their address is there and not mine.

    To be clear we lost about a 100 bucks--no one is asking for much money wise it was all used stuff and 2nd had clothes--I do not pretend it was otherwise. Just we have been homeless since April and Amtrak smashed both of my wheelchairs that were donated to me. One was 27K and now AMtrak wont fix either--in that case I am asking for nothing other the people call or write Amtrak and tell them to do the right thing.

    Anderson, Mark" <[protected]>
    "Corcoran, Jay" <[protected]>

    +1 Votes
  • Re
      27th of Dec, 2010

    If, as you frequently complain on various Facebook sites, Amtrak smashed expensive equipment you need to carry on a normal life, why, oh WHY, don't you have an attorney? As a disabled individual/family, you have MANY opportunities to engage legal assistance at little or no charge to yourself! Why are you so busy writing these faux and/or ignored Press Releases if you have a legitimate gripe?

    0 Votes

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