SantamDelay in service

First, I purchased a brand new 2013 Polo Vivo 1, 4 Hatch on the 16th of Jan 2013. I then proceeded to insure the vehicle with Santam along with the other vehicles which I owned via telephone and email correspondence because i travel frequently. On number occasions I inquired as to whether or not all the details were in order to which the broker replied that it was. Two months later on 16th March 2013 my new vehicle was stolen from my house and when i proceeded to submit a claim I was told that the the vehicle had in fact not been insured because the broker forgot to enter a few of the vehicle's details. However, the other vehicles and items were all detailed and fully insured but the stolen one just happened to mysteriously be undocumented. I then laid a complaint and requested that telephone recording be examined to prove that I had provided all the necessary details from my side, to which Santam and the brokers said they were unable to do because they did not have such mechanisms in place. I have since not been helped by anyone at Santam or their affiliated brokers, Farelo and Associates.

I am now left to drive my old 2005 VW Citi Golf which frequently breaks down. I use the Santam roadside assist but for the past three occasions the towing vehicle has had me waiting for 3 hours. An emergency service ought to provide support in an emergency situation except I was told by the associated towing company Gardens Towing to be "patient"as they would be there in the next 30mins, they in fact arrived over an hour later with attitude.

First, brokers needed proper training and need to pay attention to details as they are dealign with lives and other people's money. Second, an emergency service cannot be delayed to such proportions. The service from Santam has always lacked. Not once have I been dealt with effectively and with care. I would not recommend it to anyone who is serious about insurance.

Feb 18, 2015

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