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You guys are suck..such a scam company. I received a call from a guy Victor, he was such pain on my ###. continuously saying I'm having hacker on my computer and was saying that he is calling from California. huh such a waste of time. When I called them back one Indian ###ing guy Josh Mathews( the name that ### told me) was saying we never call customers like that.

I have to tell only one thing about this company that they are excellent in scamming people and they are nothing but " ### HOLES".

Guys do not ever take there services they are fake.
I have to tell you one thing that You guy are not Sach Solutions.
You guys are Suck Solutions.

These guys are awesome in making fool out of the customers.

Aug 28, 2014
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  • Ge
      Jan 14, 2015

    Same complaint as Martha Taylor. My wife noticed a problem with her Verizon security certificate so I thought I called Verizon for assistance. I was told by the technician that I have the Zeus Trojan and that ONLY qualified Microsoft or Cisco technicians could assist me.

    Amazingly, Verizon was able to directly transfer me over to them for help. They want $500 by check to repair my problem.

    After 3 hours of working on the system, they have repaired nothing and are supposed to resume their assistance tonight. Although I’m supposed to have communicated with multiple individuals (certainly not in this country) throughout, they all sound like I’m speaking with the same person (Mike and Russ).

    I’m glad that I found this site.

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  • Jc
      Aug 11, 2015

    On Feb 15, 2013, my laptop crashed so I called what I thought was HP customer service. The technician was able to resolve my problems and I paid $199.99 for a 1 year software support for one computer. I didn't inquire why it was with Sach Solutions and not HP because at that time all I cared about was that my problem was resolved. Then on 11/20/14, they called and remote to my computer and showed me all the problems happening so in the end I paid $349.99 for a lifetime premium application for 2 computers. The technician told me this was all that was needed. On 1/5/15, they called again saying I have viruses and malware etc and showed me that foreigners was using my computer. After going back and forth I gave in and paid $99.99 for spyware and malware and antivirus protection which is an "upgraded for lifetime security and support for multiple devices" and not just he 2 computers. Then on 5/22/15, They called me again, saying that I needed network security protection, remote and showed that my computer was compromised. This time I was livid because every time they called, they promised it would be the last thing I needed to buy. In the end I paid $99.99 for network security. This time I got the technician to create a memo with the customer service support numbers, his direct extension and he even typed out a statement that I would never again have to pay for any service, support, security of any kind in the future no matter if new technologies or new threats come about. The memo was saved right on my desktop. Guess what! Long and behold, 8/10/15, I received another call. The technician proceeded to remote to my computer and then I started asking him questions and he just ignored them and kept insisting to log on. Finally, he transferred me to his supervisor and she informed me that they were receiving information that my computer was compromised and she was going to help resolve it. Then she listed 12 things and the first 6 she will do for free and the next 3 or so I would have to pay $299.99. That is when I went off and unleashed on her. Basically she said I didn't have hacking protection and showed me I was already 78% hacked and that hackers now have my passwords and information. You mean to tell me the $749.96 I paid thus far did nothing? Then what was I paying for? I also told her that I was promised that I would never have to pay another dime and showed her the statement on my desktop of that promise. She started giving lots of excuses and in the end she told me that person has left the company. I said whether or not he's left the company, he represented the company and it wasn't just him, every time, it was always someone else that called and then it would end up going to him like if he was a supervisor. In the end I told her to clean my computer according to the current agreements and that I was not about to purchase another $299.99 for anti-hacking. She continued to try to convince me otherwise for quite a while stating my vulnerabilities if I didn't get it etc. Finally I just told her I would call her back. I watched as she finished cleaning my computer but didn't take notice of anything because she did it so fast. She even cleared the stuff in my recycle bin. I decided to do research on the company and found that there were similar complaints so now I’m posting mine. I'm not saying I didn't get any service, but that I'm not sure if I really got the protection I needed for what I have paid for and am I being scammed because they seem to come back every now and then for something else and why is my computer being compromised more and more now since I have them protecting it. My two sons have laptops of their own for over 4 or 5 years now and not once did their computers have problems. As I went to pull the memo statement on my laptop desktop to reference the quote here, to my surprise the memo is gone. I just realized that she had deleted it and emptied the trash bin when I thought she was just cleaning my computer. Some of the technicians, the ones I can remember are Sam, Nick, Steve and Victor. Victor was the one who I always ended up talking to and the one that says I can personally call and ask for him and the one who typed the promise statement. The supervisor I dealt with last night who deleted the memo was Marlene. But here's what's even more confusing. She first introduced herself as the supervisor for Sach Solutions but when she was offering me the protection, and I was asking the hard questions she started promising me the same thing that I would not have to pay for another single thing and gave a MS ID and said if I get future calls and if the caller can’t identify the MS ID then to not take the call. She started saying Microsoft license etc…so I asked if she was with Sach or MS and she said she was with both. She said she is the acting supervisor to go between Sach and MS and if Sach couldn’t troubleshoot something then she would be the one to contact MS. She also said that Sach has taken a lot of money from people and has been reported so she is the agent to make sure they weren’t doing that. Ummmm...isn't that what she's trying to do with me? My concern is I have already paid over $700 and my service is supposed to be lifetime. They have all my personal information but seems I am still not fully protected without purchasing more stuff. I don’t know what they are capable of doing after this. Are they going to shut me down or would I be forced to pay more to get the proper protection? I do not trust them anymore, but if I terminate, I would lose all protection and my money. Would someone please advise what I need to do next.

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  • Ad
      Jun 09, 2016

    I know that's completely frustrating.but companies are doing that kind of scams.A genuine company will charge you only once and will give you services as said and won't charge you again and again like will not loose any kind of protection if you terminate, if you are looking for a genuine company then you can always find for ayogi support inc, they are really genuine and give one year security and support for just $199.99 or $299 for like 3 years and do not charge you in between and they do provide you unlimited support for the said time.

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  • Su
      Sep 08, 2018

    BEWARE of this company!!! They are the worst! Don't have anything to do with them. They're a rip-off! If you've dealt with them, then you'd know this. If you signed a contract with them every time you have a problem they'll fix it, but not before insisting on MORE money! If you' have signed up with them, make sure you contact a person you know there and feel you can trust. They're few and far between. Whatever you do, DO NOT let MAC WILLIAMS work on your computer. He's extremely impatient, rude, obnoxious and if he feels you're giving him a hard time, he'll hang up on you. So I'm warning you, if you haven't yet signed up with this company and are considering DO NOT do it. Each time you call for help, it's going to cost you LOTS OF MONEY.

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  • Li
      Feb 03, 2019

    I've also been victimized by them, and they're a complete and total scam! They'll say that they'll fix something but will charge you more and more each time, despite the fact that they say that this is IT, that you'll NO longer have to pay another dime. While they say that they're "working" on your company, they're making it worse DELIBERATELY! Not only THAT, but if you're notified by your bank that you've been charged for something(s) that you know that you haven't ordered, or made a donation to a non profit (which you hadn't done), you can be sure that it was done by Sach Solutions or another company name they go by. They use about ten different company names, and have been stealing your money, either through their scams, or via your credit card information. The only thing you can do, other than go to the police (which really doesn't help) is to hang up on them each and every time they call and NOT give them another dime! You might also contact the FCC and report them if you're up to it, but certainly cut up your old credit cards and have new ones issued to you.

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