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M Bradbury, CA Review updated:

This organization should be approached with greatest care. Up-front "buy-in" costs is astronomical and included in a very opaque contract. Monthly costs in addition are very high, especially given the building which dates from the 50's and the one meal per day on offer. In my (late) mother's case, the contract terms were changed once she had moved in: she was told that the original signed contract was "no longer available" and that she needed to either "sign on the NEW dotted line immediately" or "move out within 24 days." Being overwhelmed with the choice and terrified of another move (with no where to go and little time to find anything), she ruefully signed and regretted it until the day she died. Needless to say the new contract was much more expensive and favourable to Royal Oaks, and caused tremendous stress to my mother, surely contributing to her demise within a few short months of the incident. = be.careful.


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      Sep 14, 2012

    Absolutely true! A common complaint among residents at Royal Oaks is the high pressure tactics to sign and then the "switcheroo" as one old guy called it. Food offerings (once a day) are skimpy and nearly brought the residents to a strike action at one point. For the money, you can do MUCH better ANYWHERE else. Not a wise choice.

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