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Roark Vacation Travel Club / 3 day right to rescind

1 403 N Business 65Branson, MO, United States Review updated:

My husband (retired Army) and I purchased a $99 package from Branson Hotline for 3 nights in Branson, a couple of show tickets and a $30 gift card to Olive Garden. We knew that we'd have to listen to a 90 minute sales pitch about their vacation club. We went this weekend. We attended the presentation given by Jane Roden on Sunday morning. There was a lot of hype, but it sounded really good. After the presentation, Jane came to our table to sell us the $9000 program. When she saw that my husband was a vet, she dropped the price to $3900 and added unlimited red weeks at timeshares @ $450/week. Still sounded good, even though as a vet, we can use Armed Forces Vacation Club anytime we want on the exact same timeshares and only pay $329/week without any enrollment fee. The difference was that Jane promised that it'd be practically a piece of cake to get the large units in the locations we'd want. My husband and I thought that with the HUGE discounts on cruises and complete vacations offered, it'd still be a great savings for our whole family. We were ready to sign, but didn't have the needed funds right then to do so. Not a problem...use a credit card and they drop the price to $2500. Wow. We put $1000 down on one card with a promise to pay the balance in full when we got home via a card we had with a 0% interest rate. Before signing the papers, I asked about the cancellation policy. By law, it's three business days. Not much time, but I was sure that I could do the research when I got back to the hotel room since we'd brought our laptop with us. We signed. When I got back to the room and got online, I found that I could not access their website without my member number which would be sent snail mail in a couple of weeks...well after the 3-day window. We checked the BBB and discovered an "unsatifactory" rating. I read a lot of posts from people that were very dissatisfied with the service and lost their money. My husband and I decided to go ahead and cancel, in person, the next day rather than risk losing so much money on what was appearing to be a worthless membership. First thing Monday morning we took back the binder and gift basket they'd sent to our room along with a letter stating our desire to invoke our "right to rescission." We met with Lingell, who was initially very cordial and refunded the $1000 back to my credit card. His attitude changed when I asked for a signature or a company stamp on our copy of the rescisison letter for proof that they had accepted the letter. That's when he got a bit nasty and actually implied that I might unscrupulously use his signature on other documents. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I ended up going to the post office and making another copy of the letter and sent it certified mail, return receipt. I guess I'll have my proof after but I had to pay $5 for it!!!

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  • Ar
      12th of Jul, 2018
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    DO NOT RENEW, I admit they took advantage of us also. No trips, No availability, forget it if you want to go to beach in Oregon, or Phoenix.

    Take your $4, 000 and book a trip elsewhere and save the hassle.

    Yes, they scammed us also and ruined wedding plans,

    Timeshare sales force reinvented, same scumbags.

  • Bg
      12th of Sep, 2016
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    Total scam! My wife and I attended the Presentation and as soon as they found out I was Clergy, they dropped it down to $3000. Later, back home, when we tried to book through the Travel Club we couldn't because the number we were calling was in Canada and it only applied to Canada. Then we were given another number and the hotel prices were higher that what we normally get by booking online. So then I call Roark and come to find out they changed their name and that we can do a "rollover". If there is a lawsuit in the works, I want to be a part of it.
    Dissatisfied consumer

  • Ho
      23rd of Jul, 2016
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    Has anyone ever got back their payment to Roark after the 3-day cancellation period? Thanks.

  • Ri
      21st of Sep, 2015
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    DITTO To all of the above, Check out all of the complaints. There are plenty of them

  • Ri
      23rd of Mar, 2015
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    Last year in April we were at one of the presentations and sadly to say, we did not use our best judgement. It sounded good and the examples they gave on the savings to be had were enticing. We charged $4000 to our credit card and signed a ton of paper work. Got our free show tickets and present of a jar of peaches and some coffee. Stupidly, we did not get on our computer to check this out until we were back home a week later. The 3day cancellation period had since lapsed.
    We have tried to use the club to book hotel stays, one time we actually saved a hundred dollars, but had to pay at time of reservation with no cancellation time allowed. The company is somewhere out of the country, (received a credit card fraud alert). Another time we tried to book a week stay at a resort condo in Florida, there were no savings to be had there. Actually booked it on my own on the internet with a better deal and available cancellation period. So far the discounts that were promised are just not there, they claim the same discounts that you get on the regular hotel memberships.
    Now it is time to send in the annual $99 membership fee and I am not sure that I want to throw good money after bad.
    I want the world to know NOT to sign up for stuff like that. I should take out a billboard advertisement in Branson and warn others.
    The gentleman "Robert Hall", our representative and customer service guy has returned our calls and so forth, but it does not change the fact that we are out $4000 for nothing.l

  • Do
      2nd of Nov, 2014
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    My main complaint against ROARK TRAVEL COMPANY:
    This is a company that sells a product but then they do not provide any help or support. They would not call me back over many days and numerous calls. I had some serious questions I needed answers to and could not get any help.

    I am adding this letter to the Dispute form since as you see my handwriting is not very good. I shake a lot and can’t hardly read it myself. This was a 1 ½ Hour Presentation to sell a Vacation Plan to customers in return for show tickets at Branson, MO

    My wife, grand daughter, and her fiance all went on a two day vacation trip to Branson, MO to see some shows and spend some time together afterwards. We patiently listened to all the people. The 1st gentleman gave a Presentation about the Vacation Program offering discounts to the program since I am retired Navy . After wards, we talked to the 2nd gentleman who was the Sales Representative & Closer who summarized and answered our questions. It sounded good so we talked with the 3rd man who worked in the finance department. I spent about another hour in the office trying to read & understand all the 12 pages or so and filling them out . I left my glasses at home so unfortunately for me, I could not read the fine print. My wife listened also but she left the decision to me. I had trouble really understanding the program but filled out the paperwork anyway since I figured they would give you 3 days to change your mind. This was not the best thing to do because after many days after I got home I finally had the time to read all the paper work ; however I still didn’t understand all the fine print. You would have to be a lawyer to understand it .

    I called the company many, many times over the next several days because I wanted to speak to the gentleman that sold me the program. I was always told by the receptionist that I could only speak with 1 person who was the manager of the Customer Services Department. Each time I called she said she said he was with a customer, at a meeting, etc. but that she would place a note on his desk and have him call me back. After many, many phone calls to the company over the next week, I was always told the same thing so I patiently waited for the return calls because I really needed to understand what I had just purchased. I have worked in customer services for over 50 years in the Navy and then as a teacher so I know that nobody can be so busy that they cannot return a phone call. When something is sold, particularly for this large amount of money, there should be something called customer services. Frustrated, I finally gave up & figured I just lost over $3, 000 since the 3 days had expired and I figured I would have to bite the bullet -even though the days lost were because I couldn’t get return calls. After really thinking this over, I finally decided to contact my credit card company to issue a complaint against ROARK.

  • Ja
      5th of Sep, 2014
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    “Sales Center for Roark Vacation Travel Club - Club Resort Intervals -”

    Property is straight out of the 1970's. Roark uses this as it's Branson base for high pressure sales pitches for their low value - high priced, Travel & Timeshare Club!

    Do not stay here! We did not have bugs in the room, but encountered them crawling out of the rooms on the lower level.

    We know this is not a scam for Travel services, just low & slow service levels and no real discounts.

    So slow... that booking a vacation takes 3 weeks and 8 calls to their rep. The contract fine print has no commitments regarding service or service levels, so the club members are at their mercy.

    Travel services is a nightmare!

    - They promise wholesale pricing, but they define anything on the web as "wholesale", so there's really no savings, so there's no benefit to being a member.

    - Timeshare rentals are impossible to coordinate. Nothing is on-line. Everything requires phone contact with their rep in New Hampshire with the rep responding after 2-3 days with email contact with timeshare property managers. Slow! Very Slow!!

  • Sa
      24th of Jul, 2012
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    My husband and I attended one of these presentations over the past weekend. Of course this really sounded good to us. Before going in we decided that no matter how much they pressured us that we would not purchase anything that day. When it was time for our children to go to "kids corner" so that we could sit through the presentation, they informed us that time was running short and that neither of us would have time to accompany our children over to "kids corner", I looked at my husband and told him that at least one of us was going to walk with our children over there or they weren't going and we'd just leave. That's when they decided that one of us could walk with our children over there. We arrived 45 minutes before the presentation so that we could take them to ""kids corner" ourselves, then to be told that they were running short on time when they were still checking people in made me upset. After the 90 minute presentation, we were told it was 90 minutes per person. I told the salesman like heck it was I signed up for 90 minutes and that's all of my family's time he was going to take. I don't like leaving my children with strangers that they don't know, so when I tell them that I'll be back in an hour and a half, and yes my older boys can tell time, I'm going to be back at that time. The salesman was really pushy and then asked if either of us was a veteran or had a veteran in our family, well my dad was a veteran, so then he dropped the price to $3350.00. I kept telling him no that I was not interested at this time and I wanted to go get our children. Well long story short, I finally agreed to send a check back for $350 down and pay $99.64 a month for 36 months. Well that's not going to happen and I've contacted my back and paid $31 so that they will stop any kind of transactions that try to come through on my debit card from this company. They're not getting any of my hard earned money because I never signed any paperwork, not even anything stating that I will send the down pymt and make payments. Let them try to hold me to a contract that neither of us signed and I'll slap a law suit on them quicker than they can snap their fingers. I've taken college classes for paralegal so I know what my rights are. This company seems to me like they make their living by scamming people.

  • Ma
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    So let me get this straight you both are complaining about a product you never used, based your decision to cancel based on the opinions of someone you have never met before (could be upset employees) who also never used the product. This "Scam" company obviously gave you your money back because your not on her complaining about that! I am so tired of people who base decisions on the rants and raves on an un regulated complaint board. Me and my wife traded in our 15, 000 dollar timeshare (it sells on Ebay for a dollar!) and fell for the "Scam". We have used it over the last two years quite successfully (alaska land and sea 3, 200 FOR THE COUPLE!!!) plus two 7 day cruises to the eastern and western Carribbean for under a grand each for balcony staterooms. We are very thankful for the day we met Tara Kuhn and Prissy. I am out of a $800.00 a year maint. fee and own a product that works. The common denominator in all these complaints is that they all canceled in 3 days. How can you complain about a product you never used? The multitude of fools is a protection for the wise. Evaluate and make your own decisions.

  • Sa
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I attended the Roark Vacation Club presentation over the weekend and decided to purchase with them. After returning to my resort I noticed a gift basket sitting on the kitchen was from Roark Vacation Club welcoming me as a new member. At the same moment something told me to get on the web and do some research and I'm so glad I did! I have read so many negative reviews and reviews about missing paper work. I looked over my paper work and noticed that the papers I had made notes on that they promised and I had them initial to cover all bases was missing! I decided to rescind my contract with them. Needless to say I went this morning and boy was I treated very rude, unprofessional, and cold! Lindell is the same person I dealt with and he smuggly told me I was lying and that all the paperwork was included in my documents and that he knew nothing of the paper I was speaking of. So he pretty much sat there and lied straight to my face. He was so rude and then another man came in since we were rather loud and immediately sided with Lindell...go figure. They did not want to sign my letter to rescind the contract or give me any type of statement saying I was rescinding my contract. I left very upset and boiling hot and on my way out Lindell gave me the finger. I politely told everyone in the lobby that Roark Vacations was a scam and very unprofessional! Oh and I'm a timeshare owner, they also tried to get me to give them the deed to my timeshare to bring the cost down even more it started at 15, 900 and they were going to give me 13, 000 for my timeshare and since I was a single parent they knocked off another 400 which would have brought my total to $2, 500. I'm just so thankful I realized the stupid mistake I was about to make before it was too late. Hope this helps someone not make a terrible mistake and get scammed by Roark Vacation Club in Branson Missouri.

  • L
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband and I went to this presentation today and almost fell for it. Funny, when Gary, our presenter and salesperson, found out my husband owned his own business the price went down by $3000 and when he asked what I did professionally, a nurse, it went down $2000. We asked if we could sleep on it just one night and were told we could not. The deal was only good for that day. Our red flags went up immediately. Gary continued to drop the price until he got to $2664 with a $99 yearly fee. We still declined. When Gary, Mr. Nice guy, figured out we were not going to purchase, he became RUDE. Told me to sign on a line and initial declined and said I was signing that I would not be allowed to return! I say, wouldn't want too anyway! He pouted like a child and walked out of the room without a word. During the presentation with the group, Gary wrote a 6 on the board where he was presenting. Just stated he was making himself a note. We did not think much of this at the time. After everything went down, my husband realized 6 was our table number. He picked us out of the group as the 'client' he wanted to scam. The first salesperson that talked to us before the presentation had to sit back while Gary tried to sale to us. The entire thing is a huge scam and after reading all the blogs and bad opinions of the company I am soooo thankful we did not sign. The old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" really applies here. Hope this helps someone to not get scammed by this joke of a company!

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