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Good day,

I had an arrangement with RL Daly to pay my Woolworths account with you. I made an agreement to settle the balance of 1300.00. 100.00 as a first payment and then 2 payment of 600.00.
I kept to my side of the agreement and paid the full amount. The latest payment was done of 27 July 2016.

I am concerned – I logged onto your website, where I could check my balance and to my surprise an additional 128.00 was now added again to my balance. Furthermore to this, when I phoned in to
Your call center, after questioning the now outstanding amount again, mysteriously, the ‘Telecomms’ went dead. I phoned in again and this time a lady came up with some story about three
Store cards and in the end mentioned that she could see that someone just queried my account.

Furthermore, when I checked my credit score this morning, I was very surprised to see that the same amount as what I was quoted THREE months ago, was still displayed. How does this work?
Surely, by now they should have updated this with the Credit Buro? What has happened to the money I have been paying for the past three months?

Aug 02, 2016

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