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Revco Inc. - Windows and Doors / Fraudulent misrepresentation of Product

1 8306 Laurel Fair Circle, Suite 120Tampa, FL, United States

Revco Inc., was a home improvement company based in Tampa and Jacksonville. Andy Williamson their key salsesman came into our home and sold us hurricane strength windows and doors. He looked us right in the eyes, he told us he was one of the engineers who actually designed the windows, he told us we would not have to worry about hurricanes any more. Andy told us that Revco was going to make our home safe and secure so we could lay in our beds during the canes and know that we were safe, and he lied.

Us/We being my elderly, ailing mother, and I, a 40 something y.o. woman with a traumatic spine injury that crippled me and I am no longer able to care for myself, my mother or my home. The miracle is I can walk and Andy Williamson looked me in the eye and said I would be able to protect my family with Revco Hurricane Windows and Storm Doors. Andy looked my mother in the eye and told her her arthritic hands, arms, body could protect her home against hurricanes by buying Revco Windows and Doors.

Gosh we felt great giving that man/Revco., 20k. Our home like most is our only asset. We were grateful for Andy and Revco., for helping us protect ourselves, our home and our future. That was 2007. Last week I attempted to call Revco., needed a little repair on our life time warrantied, hurricane proof, sliding glass door.

Imagine the shock that turned to panic as I slowly began to realize, my God these people are GONE! Gorell the actual manufacturer of my doors and windows, an upstanding honest company who was also ripped off by Revco is standing behind the products they built. Gorell was the company who told me I paid for hurricane glass and was not delivered hurricane glass. Gorell is helping to build a criminal case against the key employees of Revco. Join me!

Revco sold me hurricane windows and collected my money for hurricane windows. Revco windows - built by Revco employees in their Revco window and door factory. Factory - Non existant.

Andy Williamson told my mother and I stories about standing on the floor of the Revco factory saving our front door, the last of our model to be made and Andy saved it for my mother and I. Why, he even lived with it in his office for a few days before it was delivered to our home. What a guy!

Like the ex – employee of Revco says on Rip, we wrote a letter of recommendation for Revco and their employees and we got a “Better Deal. Revco was going to post our home on their brochures along with the letter. There is ONE born everyday! Now I must rest.

ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA.COM. File a complaint. Strength in numbers.

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