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AVOID THIS SITE LIKE A PLAGUE!!! I received an email from a friend (it was not actually sent by my friend) asking me to join a networking site called So I did the register (free account) form, including my name, address and age. Immediately it hyjacked every email I'd sent from my AOL account and sent our a solicitation to everyone.

I can't imagine what immoral or illegal things they'd do if I actually paid money to get the full account.

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  • Ja
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    This is a horrible, horrible company. Block the domain BEFORE you receive your first email! An employee at my company received an invitation from a friend. She thought she'd check it out, overlooked the tiny, tiny box that allows you to opt out of having them send an invite to everyone in your address book and - voila - everyone at our company and all of our email lists for different teams and client groups are now being pelted relentlessly with email from Since it came unwittingly from someone they knew, more people made the same mistake, overlooked the opt out box, etc, etc. We spent hours trying to untangle this mess. When you go back and hit the "delete this account" option you don't notice the tiny print saying you have to call them to complete the process.

    I called and told them to stop all email to our domain-based email addresses. They told me it couldn't be done - even though I can prove I own the domain. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor and made it very clear that I would invite everyone annoyed by this, by extension more than a 1, 000 people, to complain to all the relevant authorities. They said they'd stop emailing our domain. We'll see.

  • Pr
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    This is an open letter to the owner/CEO of REUNION.COM, Jeffrey P. Tinsley, who is very hard to locate (he thinks) even while he is ripping off all the private data of as many Americans as he can, and selling it for Big Bucks on his unsavory and sites. Turnabout seems fair play for one who thinks nothing of violating other people's privacy and violating their boundaries, jeopardizing their safety and peace of mind...

    Well, Jeffrey, you are a little hard to locate, but we found you, at 310-571-3144, x105. We really do not like the fact that you are publishing private people's private information on your and sites, without their knowledge or permission. We suggest that you STOP DOING SO immediately. Surely you can convert your sites into OPT IN instead of OPT OUT.

    Oh, we also found your home address in google and Peoplefinders and other sites. We learned you gave $4600 to the B.O. for Prez campaign; and that you attended Granada Hills Senior High. We also learned your house on ASHLAND PL in L.A. is a mere 6165 square feet! Nice digs, at OUR expense, as you clearly are making Big Bucks by selling our private info. Some people consider this lowlife BLOOD SUCKING...

    Oh, by the way, we noticed several MINORS are listed in your database at --don't think the Feds or State officials will be very happy to hear about that.

    Well, thanks Jeffrey for listening. Hope you REVAMP your sleazy snoop-site to make it OPT IN instead of making private people jump thru hoops in order to get out of your sleazy snoop system.

  • Re
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    This company is a total scam. They are buying huge amounts of data from 3rd parties, and offering on their sight to entice other members to join. They assign a user "profile" to all the data that they buy, even though that person has never registered for their service. They also list family members and places lived on the search results as if they had been really supplied by the user. Attempts to remove your name from this list is not possible. I you follow their opt out policy, you must either submit MORE personal information about yourself to their website, which does not make sense if the purpose is to DELETE unauthorized personal information in the first place, or th only other choice is to send a notarized form via snail mail to the address provided. After doing this they do not respond. I then filed a complaint with TrustE, which is a seal that they proudly display on their sight. After much contact back and forth, did NOT delete my name, but now the search results states "USER PROFILE not available" I am not and have never been a user. Also, on the initial search screen my name is still listed with places lived, family members, etc. Nothing here has changed. I am still complaining through TrustE but so far their response has been just to rubber stamp any thing says. This is an evil company. Stay away... oh that's right you can't, everyone is already there.

  • Cr
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Unfortunately, I am just beginning to realize the nightmare that I have gotten myself into. I did not realize that they were going to charge my credit card for the whole year at one time. They make you think it is only $5 a month. The only reason I went to this website is because they sent me an email stating that someone was searching for me and I was curious to see who it was. Turns out it was someone that I didn't even know. So I emailed them asking them to please refund my money as I mistakenly thought I was only signing up for 1 month and was told no, they do not give refunds. So I have a feeling this is going to be a long drawn out sad ordeal.

  • In
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    i also have been scammed by this site the people who had supposedly tried to contact me didn't even graduate from a high school in the state i did and the ages of the people didn't match my age.if any one knows a government agency to report this to i would be glad to know

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