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Found this company via their website and my first instincts told me not to go with them, the website is poorly designed and something seems dodgy. But they quoted me cheap and i was desperate. Took my nissan navara for a dpf removal and was told it could be done on one day. After spending the day in durham i was informed i would have to come back because truth was they hadn't done one before!! - even though they advertise it saying they're the professionals. At this point i was very worried but they were halfway through it was in no state to drive so i had no choice but to leave it with them. They're not a big organisation like real professionals - its two guys sharing a workshop abit like a small lock up garage! I rang the next day and no answer so i went down there on the third day. I was told the ecu would not respond and needed replacing!!

They accepted no liability, it was my work motor so i had no choice but to pay out for a new ecu, they quoted me £1150 including labour and programming so i went ahead.. After fitting the new ecu they tried again to program the dpf off and failed but this time they had the car stuck in constant regeneration mode, it was smoking extremely and when i asked them to put it back they couldn't - their software wasn't capable of backing up original files or they simply didnt trust themselves doing so!!!

I was forced to drive home 80miles in constant regeneration smoking all the way along the motorway.. I took my vehicle to another tuning company who then spent the best part of a whole day working on my vehicle.. They managed to fix all the problems but put it down to poor workmanship and bad programming skills - in fact they said no real skills were used and that response chips had attempted to mask the dpf errors with automated software and cheat me out of £650!!

I gave them my original ecu to look at to confirm what response chips had said in regards to it being damaged - we found they damaged two chips when attempting to open the ecu casing using more than likely improper tools.

I began a dispute and they immediately started to ignore my calls, they must have call screening because they dont answer if i call from my mobile - i sent formal letters no response.. After doing more research i found Response Chips or even Response Performance Chips are not even a registered company with company house. They told me they have been in business for more than 10yrs at their workshop.. I asked for their registered trading name and they said it is Turbo Pacs Ltd.. I searched that company and that is registered but they only began trading on 24/05/2010 so not the 10yrs in business they were boasting!!

It all became clear, two guys from a small lockup making fake websites with unregistered trading names trying to do business off the backs of REAL professional companies.

My car is now running better then ever but with no thanks to them!!

I doubt they will respond, i have contacted trading standards and small claims court but PLEASE stay clear and if you have had a ba experience with their company.. Please state it here so that others can also see what they're really about!!

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  • St
      9th of Nov, 2012

    I too have had massive problems with this so called company, I trusted them to undertake modification work on my Toyota Celica GT4, before booking the car in for the work they came across as being most helpful and polite. When the work was "completed" I had to pay in full the invoice but was not given the opportunity to fully inspect their work. On getting the car home I was appalled to see the standards of work they had done, I asked x3 other motoring workshop companies to give an assessment on the work, all of them stated the workmanship was to a very poor standard and shoddy something I was not expecting from having paid £60 per hour. The other point that was raised was the quality of the parts this company has installed, on inital discussions I requested a high performance intercooler kit which retails between £500-£800, it turns out that they had fitted a Cheap intercooler kit which was available on ebay valued at £180 this company invoiced me £580. When I raised these issues with the company owner he stated to become very abrupt and arrogant, I insisted that the work be done again to higher standards and a refund off the intercooler, he turned round to me and said "I knew I was going to have trouble with you!" "Your just a nit picking customer!" I was infuriated with their attitude. I trusted this company and paid them over £2000 once they got the money they wanted nothing else to do with me or rectifiying the shoddy workmanship and overcharging of the intercooler, I am truely amazed this company is still trading. Stay well away from "Turbo Pacs" - "Responce Chips" and dont fall for the talk and patter they are Cowboys, my advice ask reputable local garages about them they will tell you the real facts about them.

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  • Mo
      28th of Aug, 2014

    Marc Dellapina, the owner of Turbo PACS Ltd is a complete liar and conman. He has a silver tongue and sucks you right on how what is does is awesome and professional and that everyone else is a shonk.

    The reality is, he is the shonk, his workmanship is dodgy and he is an outright thief.

    I had the ECU of my diesel Nissan XTrail reprogrammed by Turbo PACS to have the DPF deleted.

    In addition to this, UK customs incorrectly applied duty of £202.17 to the ECU on entry and would not release it till the duty was paid. I advised them that the ECU was sent there for reprogramming and return. They advised that the duty had to be paid up front and that Turbo PACS could then lodge a VAT claim and get a 100% refund of the duty paid.

    Marc said he would pay the duty for me if I reimbursed him and then would give me the money back when he got the refund. I agreed and paid him the extra money for the duty.

    When I received the ECU back, it was not operational - the engine would not start, security coding with the key would not work, the thermo fans ran at 100% and there were many error light up on the dash.

    Marc said that the ECU must have been zapped by the scanners at the airport and asked me to send it back to him for reprogramming. He then would not send it back to me till I paid another £85 for return freight, even though he was fixing the issue allegedly caused by airport scanners under warranty.

    When I received the ECU pack the second time, the engine started, but started coming up with DPF faults. Despite numerous attempts by mechanic to clear the faults, they keep returning. The irony being that the whole purpose of the service performed by Turbo PACS was to DELETE the DPF in entirety from the ECU!

    Marc has now wiped his hands of the matter and I am out of pocket to the tune of around £900!

    Now I have to take my ECU to another company, at my expense; and see if they can fix the issues caused by Turbo PACS.

    No doubt Marc has also pocketed the refund from UK Customs on top of me reimbursing him for what he paid to them.

    If you are thinking about dealing with Marc Dellapina or Turbo PACS - DON'T DO IT! You will regret it!

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  • St
      27th of Sep, 2014

    Hello. Well I thought I'd try and share with you all my experience of TurboPACS. About a month or so ago I asked Mark and his team to fit my Audi TT with a new clutch. After a huge struggle, 16.5hrs or 3 full working days later my car was ready to be collected. Well since that moment I've had nothing but bother with so many of the parts the team had to work with with. First was the exhaust, they used the wrong clamp and fitted it badly also. Unfortunately when I called to discuss my concern I was told it was unfounded and that was a perfectly suitable clamp for the car, well it wasn't as I found out the following week when my car made contact with the ground. This clamp was then quickly replaced by TurboPACS with the correct part. They also failed to refit the exhaust properly and after a few hours driving a horrible loud rattle started. After an investigation of my own I found the front exhaust rubber hanging loose and the exhaust was now rubbing on the subframe. Further investigation revealed the under tray of the car was missing several of its fixings allowing it to rattle around under the car. Good job I noticed or that part could have flown out from under the car at speed and caused an accident! And now I have discovered the driveshaft assembly has come loose with all bolts almost free from their fixed positions. God only knows what damage that has caused to other parts on the car!!
    Jobs done the way the should be!!
    Really!!?? I beg to differ!!

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  • Ti
      14th of Oct, 2014

    I had a similar experience with TurboPacs, the owner Marc is a complete con artist, my car has got more problems now than before i let him loose on it.
    They left numerous parts off, which he, Marc denied they'd touched, but were definitely on before his work on my vehicle, some very dangerous parts were not bolted back, and some left off altogether.
    I strongly advise, DO NOT go near this so called company, they, ( HE ) is a total con man with a silver tongue.

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  • Th
      25th of Mar, 2015

    This all sounds too familiar. Ive also had a bad experience with TurboPacs, Marc sounds as if he knows what he is talking about but in reality he is really unprofessional and a rip off merchant.
    I took my car in for DPF removal, was quoted half a day and £600, got the car back 2 days later, he said if I paid cash he wouldn't charge VAT, so paid cash ( funny enough he still charged £600 so dunno how that works) drove the car away, 30 minutes later it broke down. I took the car back, they said it needed a new turbo, quoted me £850 and 1 day, got the car back 5 days later. On driving it home it broke down again. The car was in and out of TurboPacs for a total of two months, during that time i found out that they had put the wrong size turbo on, the NEW turbo the had quoted me for was in fact second hand, parts were fastened on with cable ties that kept on coming loose and falling off, electrical wiring wasn't connected properly, the engine cover mysteriously disappeared and to top it all off all four injectors broke while in their care, Marc blamed me for using poor quality fuel, I only use good quality fuel. Overall the car cost me over £3000 to repair the damage TurboPacs had created.
    DO NOT use TurboPacs !!!

    • I posted the previous malicious content out of spite and would like to put things right…

      TurboPacs took me to court for non payment of my last invoice after they had previously given me time to settle the invoice in question and had previously helped me with previous invoices as I couldn't settle the invoice once the work that I authorized had been completed. They didn't have to.

      I had my day in court and the judge did not find in my favor. I lost the case and had to pay in full along with all costs.

      I would like to apologize unreservedly to TurboPacs and Mr Dellapina for any inconvenience caused for the slanderous comments that I have published and will make every attempt to have them removed.

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