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I hired to remove a negative link made by an ex wife that showed up in Google a month ago. ReputationFriendly charged me over $2, 000 and never done anything they promised and after one month, they called again and said that they need more time and another $2, 000 and I paid again hoping they will do what they promised. They are no longer returning my phone calls and will not return my money. I have been scammed. Do not use any of online ReputationFriendly, they will just try to rip you off and steal your money.


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      May 06, 2011 - Scam & Fraud
    United States have repeatedly advertised ( on ) the same or very similar roles for more than a year to my knowledge. This company has the biggest liar's and scam artists on the planet. Their domain name is protected from disclosure of their identities with Moniker Privacy services. Their full names are never fully revealed. Read all of their prior complaints from others on this complaints and others.. I paid them $2100 dollars. They said they had a Guarantee. They did not honor it. They promised me the world and stole my money. I have asked them for my money back for the work they did not even attempt to perform.

    Spread the news Reputation Friendly IS A SCAM!!

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  • On
      Jun 09, 2011

    Three days ago, we hired this "company", to delete a negative link us posted online by a former employee recently fired.
    A couple of days later we found on the Internet several complaints about this company and website.
    We call to [protected] in several time, but never answered.
    They always wrote us a mail GMAIL.COM [protected]
    We wrote via email letting you know our displeasure and the answers were very evasive.
    Immediately proceeded to cancel the payment ... their answer was a surprise for us ...
    They threatened us to fill the web, blogs, search engines, bad reviews.
    Unfortunately we fell into the hands of these fraudsters.
    Here we let the response they sent us ...


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  • Po
      Jun 13, 2011

    they also did the same to us. but what they didnt bank on is that we just received 40 million in funding from a venture capitalist for our new business. they require we hire a 5 man seo department. so we decided that the first thing we are going to do is the same thing the reputaionfriendly did to us. plus we have the owners name, as well! this is going to be fun!
    furthernmore, they also didnt bank on the fact that one of my part time real estate agents is also a full time detective...we are on top of things as we speak. we are going to bury them!
    their attempted extortion is going to come with a big price!

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  • On
      Jun 13, 2011

    good news..!!! and hopefully you can put them in jail ..

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      Jul 16, 2011 - Exposing the scams
    United States

    It has come to my immediate attention upon some internet investigation that and are owned and ran by the exact same individual(s). These people are even going so far as to make claims about other websites that are completely false, such as, stating that similar sites are fraudulent, when in fact, they are the wrong-doers.

    These folks are even trying to pull themselves out of the quagmire by making false accusations about similar type websites by claiming to be able to remove complaints from complaint websites, when, in fact, they are simply setting the complaint(s) back by a few pages and/or telling people that they can completely remove the complaint. THIS IS A TOTAL LIE!! Some of these consumer complaint websites are encrypted to the point where it is impossible for removal from a third party. For someone to be making these claims, is a total joke, especially for those who know these things about how the internet and websites are set and how they work.

    I happened to have seen an entry on where a consumer paid these folks $2100 to remove a complaint on them. The complaint was never moved and/or removed!! They are claiming that sites like COP or [redacted] are operating fraudulently and extorting money from consumers, when, it is them who are committing these very crimes.

    These DOUCHEBAGS at AKA set around on a computer all day long and think of ways to attack reputable outfits that are trying to be of valuable service to consumers.They look for innocent companies to file complaints on and then turn around and try to get them to pay to have it removed. Naturally, they can remove a complaint that is on a website that they own.This makes it look good for them, because they actually remove the complaint. This in itself, is the definition of EXTORTION!! These internet cyber-criminals hide their identity by keeping both of their domain names under privacy. This makes these cyber-criminals untouchable. These are the real criminals here. They are simply trying to make it appear as though others are operating in a criminal manner, when if you look a little closer, you find that these people are creating their own money machine by creating problems for others and then trying to offer a solution, at a very high price!!!

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  • Jc
      Sep 22, 2011 - Fraud and Extortion
    United States is a complete fraud. Their company owner tried to extort money from me in order to post positive information about me on website domain names that he purchased with my name. since i respectfully denied hiring him and, he decided to sabotage me and attempt to extort money from me or he threaten to post negative information about me. The mistake he made, however, is that he emailed me these threats and i, in turn, turned the emails over to the authorities and to a detective that works for me. So we concluded that we have enough information by way of his emails to file a criminal complaint.

    He made a mistake by attempting to extort money from rich people who have unlimited capital to make sure he falls. He made a mistake of creating fictitious articles about me which is slanderous, as well. it is going to be a great joy to see him fall. the investigator we hired has his full name, his personal address, social security number, and a list of others he has tried to scam. if you are interested in joining our jim contrini at [protected]

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