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I've been dealing with Rapp Optical for years without any complaints. I purchased two pairs of glasses from them in the past and was always happy with the service and product. But these days they are much less consistent, and because of my recent experience I'll never shop there again.

If you are considering buying from Rapp Optical take caution: they are very inflexible when it comes to returns or refunds. They state this in writing, which is honest and fair. But they will sure make you feel small if you ask for a special consideration. I bought frames that never left the store, never sat on my face other than during the sale, and never had lenses inserted. They would not return my money.

Complaint # 1: Rapp might not outline their no return policy to you during the sale. If you don't spot it on the bill of sale that's your fault.

Complaint # 2: Rapp Optical will not consider any option for refund whatsoever. In my case it was a pair of frames that I never even picked up or had lenses inserted. They could have just put them back on the rack and sold. The frames NEVER LEFT THE STORE, and I could still not get a refund.

Complaint #3: If you are forced to beg for your money back as I did, don't expect any true sympathy from the owner Mel Rapp. I offered to pay commissions, sell them back at cost, pay for the time of the sales people, and any other win-win compromise I could think of. This is a pair of frames that I never wore, that never left the store.

That's my Rapp Optical complaint. Return policy aside, it's really just they way they made me feel which was just awful. They sure cared more about keeping their money than keeping me as a customer.

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  • Do
      Mar 27, 2012

    I totally agree with this complaint. The service is arrogant pushy condescending unhelpful.
    I have never been treated in such a indifferent uncaring way.
    Stay away from Rapp. There are so other wonderful places to buy glasses in Toronto.
    Rapp does not deserve your business.

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