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[Resolved] Raglan Westies / Extremely rude and judgemental breeder

1 St Catherines, Canada Review updated:

When I contacted the breeder to get an estimate for her Westies that I've wabted to buy for years, she blatantly disrespected me. She said she would not sell me a westie because she had the reputation of picking good homes for her Westies. Apparently the fact that I want to know approximately how much her Westies cost, I am a bad dog owner. Little does she know that i have had a beautiful shorkie who is spoiled and treated so well for almost 10 years. I would not buy from her and highly suggest that you choose another breeder as she is rude and judges too quickly.

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    However, should you not be interested in knowing her prices, I would definitely buy from her. Even though I don't understand what the issue was in wanting to know the prices, she has been a breeder for a long time and she does seem like a good breeder. It is a shame she was like this with me, because her puppies seem to be great quality from what I can tell. Furthermore, even though I am frustrated with the way she treated me, it says a lot about how much she cares about her dogs that she wouldn't sell to me and how passionate she is.

Dec 9, 2014
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      13th of Mar, 2015
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    My husband and I had the pleasure of spending 10 years with a Westie, it was heartbreaking when we lost him last October. I made the long distance call to the same breeder. We spent more than an hour chatting about the breed and why we lost our friend kind of prematurely. She gave me a lot of good advice about feeding and Vets, her conversation with me really opened my eyes to a lot of things about having a pet. When I asked her for the price of her pups, she never hesitated for a moment to tell me what the cost was. Not having any pups available for awhile, she even offered to recommend a good breeder should we decide on a pup sooner. That tells me that this breeder is not out to make money. Personally, I did not find her rood in any way not even when I asked how much she charged for her pups. Having this conversation with this breeder, my mind was mad up that she is the one I would like to get a pup from. Getting a Westie cheaper even though we got him from a legitimate breeder, is not always a good thing considering the experience we had with our little guy who from the beginning had colitis, became diabetic and went blind. One night he just laid down on the floor and me beside him giving comfort, he just passed away peacefully.
    It is unfortunate that the lady asking for a price felt she was treated shabbily, maybe having a conversation with the breeder before may help to establish a report about the breed. For us, although we have to travel a 1000 km to see her pups, she is the one we would like to purchase a Westie from.

  • Jo
      5th of Dec, 2015
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    O my! Talk about attitude! I called Mrs Penny-Belle Scorer over an hour ago and I'm still shaken by the experience. I just wanted to know if she has puppies available, but I wasn't even given a chance to ask any questions. After introducing myself and letting her know that I am from the area, she seemed very offended by it. Right away she made it clear, that she has people coming from Vancouver to get her pups, and if I am choosing the breeder based on a distance, then her puppies are not for me. It got worse when I told her that I was calling for a friend and I was merely calling for some information.. She gave me some more of her mind and...hung up on me.
    It literally left me stunned, , , what just happened?

  • Sh
      25th of Oct, 2016
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    I had a HORRIBLE experience speaking with this WITCH of a woman. I was simply inquiring about available puppies and I am stunned at the rude nature of her tone. She spoke as though she was the end-all be-all of breeders, said that I wouldn't be able to afford her dog anyway and that I would be shocked at the price of her 3000$ dogs (I am a dentist, and have more than enough money, not that she even cared to ask what kind of loving home her dog would be placed in and that I have raised westies for years). This woman is deplorable and I highly recommend staying far away from her and if you have any mindfulness, you would be cautious before even picking up the phone to speak with this psychopath.

  • We
      14th of Dec, 2017
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    I had a terrible experience with this woman, Penny-Belle Scorer. After pre-arranging a time and date to visit her in looking at a few of her new puppies, we travelled from Mississauga all the way to Niagara on the Lake as a family to see the dogs. I knew something was amiss immediately, as she was extremely cold towards us - as if we had come with no appointment, or as if we had done something to make her mad. She didn't even look at us. It was very disconcerting. We had a history of only having West Highland Terriers and it had been 3 years since our dog had died, and wanted to look at a new dog. We couldn't have been more polite to her. She seems to have some deep seated anger towards everyone. She spoke poorly of other breeders, Westie Organizations etc. She just seemed angry period. Mad at life and the world. I made one comment about one of the puppy's having larger ears than the others. Well...that was it. This innocent comment took her from rude, to seething anger. She commented harshly "Those who don't like dogs, shouldn't own them". I knew it was over. We left shortly thereafter, just astounded at this woman's deep seated anger and rudeness. On our way back home, we received an email indicating that we were not suitable and that my comment took her aback. Let's face it - we didn't have a hope. I highly advise anyone to steer clear of her until whatever in life or whomever in life has made her the way she is - has changed. Until then, she will be nothing but trouble for those who deal with her. DO NOT DEAL WITH PENNY-BELLE SCORER. So unprofessional and rude. And what's worse - this woman does a disservice to her puppies by denying nice loving families like ours the opportunity to raise a Westie in a good home like we have done for the last 20 years.

  • Fo
      18th of Nov, 2018
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    @Westie Lover The couple and the wife’s sister came to my home to so I could meet them and they could see my westies. It was quite clear the husband was all set not to like my westies. I will admit that I do not react well when it comes to criticism of my family, friends or westies. The husband was cirticizing the two pups and my adult westies, there wasn’t anything he liked about them. This is the email I sent him after they left .I was so shaken I a friend came over to stay with me for the rest of the day.

    I really don't think that one of my Westies would be a good fit for your family..I was really taken back by some of the comments that Norm made about my westies.”

    And his answer to me it’s obvious he new why I was up set.
    “Hi Penny,

    I’m really disappointed to hear that. I definitely didn’t mean anything by the ear comment. In fact, on the ride home, we all couldn’t get over how professional, clean, and charming your operation and your dogs were. I honestly felt better educated after you gave me the answers to some of my questions. I’m certainly no expert. If you still feel the same way after my explanation, please let me know before I bring this up with the family. I know we were all pretty excited after our visit, and I hope that my questions didn’t lead you to believe that I wasn’t as well.

    Please let me know.



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