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Purchased a yorkie for $1100. The sales contract said puppy had no illness, congenital or hereditary diseases. My yorkie has liver disease and The Puppy Boutique aka Puppy Petite refused to pay my medical bills. Surgery is now required at a cost of $4000 and my yorkie might not survive it. I am devastated. I am not the only one. There are hundreds of people in my sitution who purchased puppies from this store. In my research all puppies come from puppy mills. What cam I do?

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  • He
      Jul 25, 2011

    Pictures look very familiar - on the; do not feel like trying to find the connection today - But when I do; will post the results of which puppy mills they are connected with.

    The Yorkies looked healthy - too young to be selling. The eyes on the pups were clean. The Maltese pup's eyes were Excellent. So, my question is this - What type of Liver Problems?

    Some Breeders use Tylan as an antibiotic to rid dogs/pups of staining. Also, some use Angel Eyes. Either products will make elevated Liver enzymes. Also, the pup could have Coccidia (spelling??) which is a natural bacteria in the intestine. This bacteria will increase because of the stress of the transition. If your pup is eating, drinking - would suggest not being too aggressive at this point. Vet could be (or may be Not) jumping to the wrong conclusions.

    There is nothing wrong with Angel Eyes if used appropriately - Does NOT need to be used near the amount stated on the directions. Probably 1/8 the amount mentioned would work for a small dog. It is concentrated Liver which is a macrobiotic and has the active ingredient Tylan in it. People are getting confused about this product.

    It is sort like Garlic - One garlic clove supposedly equals one antibiotic.

    But if the pup is on Nasty food, nasty environment, mentally unstable and then fed Angel Eyes every day in large doses - yeah that could be a problem. But it MIGHT eventually clear on it's own.

    Do NOT put the dog on Science Diet.

    Use a food like Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Premium Edge - Get if from Pet Smart. If there is a vet at the Pet Smart - they will explain things to you if needed.

    Hey Zach - Some one called me a Kook on another one of my posts.

    Offended me. I am comfortably Crazy. Not a kook. Did go over board on that other post though - just people piss me off so much some times.

    Best to your pup.

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  • He
      Jul 26, 2011

    I bet you a nickle that my statement is right on.

    Went and looked at all of their pups. All pups have clear eyes with out staining. This is almost next to impossible to do this with out some type of help like - antibiotic Tylan or Angel Eyes. Bet they used Tylan. Which is "ok" if used correctly; fed properly; correct environment, etc.

    When dogs/pups get true liver disease they start to retain fluid (ascitites), yellowing of the eyes, difficult breathing because of pressure from enlarged liver.

    So - How is the pup today?

    Some Vets are just out for money too. So...

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  • An
      Oct 21, 2011

    There are NO full grown dogs at 1 and 1/2 pounds

    except for the world's smallest dog.

    Those types of breeders are LIARS

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