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PSD kennels in Poplarville Mississippi is awful. These people are not reputable breeders, animal advocates or expert trainers. They are a back-yard breeder in a State with some of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the country. Don't be fooled by their website with fancy police dog pictures and smiling faces, anyone can create a convincing website and say what they want you to believe. PSD kennels have done just that, created a convincing illusion. These people are despicable. The focus at PSD is obviously MONEY. Puppies are apparently a disposable commodity. If you do the math, each litter fetches them a hefty $12, 000-$25, 000. Even more if you pay for their "training". Times that by 6 litters a year and you've got a lucrative, unregulated, puppy mill operation flying under the radar in good ole Mississippi. Most Google reviews appear to be done by locals and one is done by the owner herself-However, if you dig deep enough on line, you'll find authentic reviews that expose this operation.
We purchased a Belgian Malinois puppy for $1875 from them as a family pet. I've been a responsible, loving dog owner my entire life. In my family, a dog is an extended member. A sentient being. Reputable breeders and rescue shelters recognize the privilege of raising and placing a puppy, requiring would be owners to complete questionnaires, applications and provide references. PSD kennels asked me ZERO questions about the home environment, my dog owning experience, my yard, members of my house, other pets, lifestyle etc. They didn't ask because they don't care- all Cindi wanted to know was where to send the invoice. She required immediate full payment up front -no deposits allowed. (in hindsight, a major red flag). I made repeated attempts to get the pup's papers, PSD kept stalling, lying and in the end, never produced any AKC or other papers to show pedigree history. (another red flag). PSD was not listed or endorsed on AKC, national or international breed accredited organizations that I could find. ( you got it, Red flag)
Upon arrival, my pup was extremely fearful of everything and everyone- Not typical of a normal puppy at all. Days later, he began showing signs of severe aggression; lunging and biting unprovoked, growling and snapping at strangers. I took him to a vet, who's been practicing for 27 years, she said there was something "very off" about the puppy and recommended we contact a behavioral expert with experience working with aggressive behavior. The vet recommended we contact the breeder and let them know what was going on. When I contacted PSD kennels, Cindi said we weren't "reading" him right. She downplayed the vet's comments and the pup's aggression as though it were normal and we were crazy. She got nasty, defensive and said "you never wanted a puppy to begin with". Right there, her true colors came out and I knew I was dealing with an unprofessional, irresponsible, fraud.
In the end I invested an additional $1800+ with a certified behavioral expert, veterinary medical assessment and K-9 handler. He was a product of uneducated, money hungry exploiters who misrepresented the breed, did not socialize him correctly nor did they use positive early training methods that are critical to healthy development. We were told he could never be a family dog and that he was a "loaded gun". More important than the money we lost, we adored our little guy and the entire ordeal was heartbreaking to go through. If you're seeking a military, police, sport or family dog, don't use PSD kennels- there are good breeders who carefully place their puppies and respect breeding protocol- do your research, take your time, read reviews. Don't be fooled by glossy websites. Visit the facility if you can-Make sure they're accredited & endorsed by a reputable breeding organization. If they're not asking tons of questions, go elsewhere, I wish I had. Please share this review far and wide with all of your pet loving friends and family.

Jan 12, 2018

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