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Principal Reduction / Another Scam Like Guardian Group

1 Scottsdale and East Valley, AZ, United States Review updated:

Well once again the AG's office has shut down and is ready to prosecute another alledged Principal Reduction company that thought they could run the Guardian Group Scam on unsuspecting victims trying to get some help and relief from underwater mortgages. I would hope that people finally realize that this Principal Reduction idea does not fly and once again good people are getting scammed.These village idiots were professing to have a 92% success rate when infact the success rate was ZERO.Just like GGF they were charging people to reduce their principal down 25-50% of what they owed when infact they could'nt do it because the lenders and investors will not play the game.I thought the Guardian Group was bad in what they scammed people out of $1595.00 but to my amazement these ###s were charging $6000.00 upfront with no results.My guess is the principal owners of this company[Brian Cutright and Ronald Cardon] saw the success that Brian Prehoda and Luis Belevan had running this scam at Guardian Group for somewhere between 9-10 months and figured they could charge more and really screw people over much quicker with greater reward.Once again the the innocent and trusting were scammed by these lowlifes and now have been hurt financially by guys that do not give a crap about anyone but themselves. I say like Prehoda;Belevan; Martin;Asbury;Ausel etc formerly of the Guardian Group these newest scammers should be hung by there balls[if they have any] and put on public display for all to throw rocks at and spit on etc.These guys are some of the lowest life forms on the planet and should be treated as such.PLEASE---PLEASE---- do not get caught up in this trap and for those that have all we can do is hope that refunds of some sort are forthcoming and the parties responsible are bent over in prison and get whats coming to them.

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  • Co
      8th of Dec, 2010

    After viewing this site recently i have read the stories about Atlantic Mutual LLC along with Queen Creek Mortgage etc.It amazes me that this companies seem to proliferate like maggots and there seems to be more of them popping up all the time. A word to the wise from someone that got screwed bythe Guardian Group LLC who was one of the front runners in these scam operations------THERE IS NO PRINCIPAL REDUCTION COMPANIES THAT GET THESE PORTFOLIO"S DONE. All you have to do is scan the the various websites[ie] Complaints Board;The [redacted] etc and it will be very evident to all that these are nothing more than a program designed to scam money from unsuspecting innocent people looking for help. The Guardian Group LLc---Atlantic Mutual----Rescomm LLC----Queen Creek Mortgage---Principal Reduction Group----etc etc the list goes on do you get the picture. Scammers like Ray Teerlink;Brooke Everet;Bryan Prehoda;Luis Belevan;Kathem Martin;Don Asbury;Jim Ausel; BrianCutright that list is to long to list them all but they all are freakin lowlife ###s that somehow sleep at night knowing they have taken advantage of so many people.
    Thankfully we have an Attorney General in our state that cares about us and has taken steps to shut these ###s down and will hopefully find away to send them to prison for along time were they can deal with Bubba and the boys and get whats coming to them and maybe just maybe they will finally realize that what they did was immoral and illegal to say the very least.If you run into any of this dogshit on the street please be careful not to step in any of it because they may still find away to suck money out of your pockets

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  • Th
      25th of Apr, 2011

    "Concerned In Arizona" is a former Guardian Employee whi=o was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior... Take it for what it's worth! Maybe "Concerned" should suffer the same fate?

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