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I was contacted by phone by a David N. that told me not to list my timeshare with any other company that it had already been sold. Of course I was thrilled becuase I have had it listed for a long time. Well then he goes on to tell me that he needed $1388.54 to do a title and deed search and that by law they had to do a search so I agreed and he said I would receive a package via Fed-Ex with the contract and that they already had a buyer that had put down 20% and were getting their finances in order. I received the contract and there was no mention of the sale of the timeshare, but I guess (gullably) thought this was to to do the title and deed search so I signed it this was on the 29th of October 2009. He also told me when they received the signed contract back and got the title and deed search done that I would receive a check for the asking price for the timeshare of $16, 895.00 plus the $1, 388.54 in 6 weeks from the date they got back the contract.
Then almost 2 1/2 weeks later he called me back and told me that Wyndham and RCI (which has a class action suit against them) were merging and that the buyer of my timeshare were getting 6 extra weeks because of the merger at a rental price of $1, 800.00 per week and I would receive the money for that at closing but, they needed an additional $2, 874.00 to do the paperwork. I was definately getting a little suspicious now but, I would get that money back plus the first fee, the asking price, the second fee and the rental monies when that got that contract back. I knew I should have listened to my gut but, I was very determined to sell this property so when I got the contract I signed it and sent it back. In total he told me I would be receiving a check sometime around the middle of December for $27, 695.00 plus the total of the fees that I paid up front that would come to a grand total of $31, 957.54. This was done on November 19th 2009.
I have never heard from them again! I tried numerous times to call and would get no answer. I kept calling until the operator came on the phone and told me that number had been disconnected and now I am out $4, 262.54. I have made a complaint with the BBB (which I found out on their website that this company also went under the name of Meridian, so steer clear of them), I have also sent complaints to the State Attorneys Office in Florida, I also contacted ARDA and let them know what is going on too. The BBB website also said that Premier Timeshare Solutions was currently in litigation right now. If that is for the recouping of money for their lying and scaming of the people they robbed then "PLEASE" tell me how I can get in on that because I would love to get my money back and see the "###" who ran this so called business in prison for a long time. It is a disgrace what they are doing to people especially in these economic times. I KNOW THINGS ARE HARD BUT, GUESS WHAT THEY ARE HARD FOR ALL OF US AND THEY SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! If you can help in any wayplease contact me because I could definately use the help.

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  • Da
      20th of Feb, 2010

    Last summer I was contacted by a nice talking young lady who said she has a buyer for my Tahiti timeshare in Las Vegas. The price was 20, 000 however I only paid 15, 900 for the time share phase one. They wanted $1600 for processing upfront. I informed my wife who worked for Title Insurance Co in California for 30 years, she said it sounds like a scam. I only have a debit card I just told her transactions will not go thorough the high on a debit card. I hung up the phone and never heard from them again. My wife said a title search in Nevada would be the only search required. My wife is a smart lady saved us $1600

    Beware of scams the internet is full of the crap, so are unsolicited phone calls.

    Take Care

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  • Ar
      15th of Mar, 2010

    We had a similar problem with PTS. However, we realized the problems rather quickly, and simply let Wells Fargo handle it all for us. Technically, the problem constituted fraud, as we were verbally told things other than what we were given, for the money we originally allowed to be charged to our Wells Fargo check card. As such, we simply told Wells Fargo fraud department about everything, and they handled it all for us. Yes, we did get our money back, around 4 months after the original fraud complaint was filed. If you paid through your bank, speak with their fraud department and see what they can do. Otherwise, I'd recommend setting up an appointment with a law firm that offers free initial assesments on cases. They'll be able to advise you if it's worth getting an attorney, or other alternatives to go through to get your money back. Statute of limitation for most fraud cases is 2 years, but you should get started on getting your money back as soon as possible.

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  • Ti
      1st of Apr, 2010

    National Recovery Taskforce has been incorporated for one month-the real owner Anthony Pasarro, incarcerated for many years mafia related crimes, was part owner of Premier Timeshares. How ironic that he has a link to their fraud case when he worked one on one with Kristina and Jose and other timeshare scams. He has one office that charges clients and another one that offers them refunds. The Att Gen and Feds are onto him though dont worry, but dont hesitate to call for yourself and let them know.
    They have no legal team, that is a lie and only license they hold is one to steal...check with Dept of Agriculture on their license...they dont have one!

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  • Ad
      6th of Apr, 2010

    This sounds to me like Jennifer Kirk, owner of CREATIVE TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS. She (Jennifer) has been arrested for defreauding 1000's of victims for MILLIONS OF DOLLARES $$$$ by the State of Florida, convicted on fraud charges and sentenced to an 18 probationary period. She will now violate her probationary terms for opening NEW TIMESHARE RESALE ROOMS. The stipulation of her probation is that she is prohibited to enter into any business dealing with TELEMARKETTING SALES. Soon to follow, Jennifer Kirk's PROBATION OFFICER'S NAME AND TELEPHONE CONTACT INFORMATION. STAY POSTED.

    For more information please goto the link below about Jennifer Kirk's latest business dealings

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  • Jo
      6th of Apr, 2010

    No one has had time to complain against your co Administrator uve been incorporated for 30 days...what reputation??? Leave Jennifers name out of this or we'll report you, your unlicensed company, your real location and fraud to DOA and AG FL as well as Delray/Boca Police/Palm Beach Sheriffs/FTC/BBB/PB Post/Sun Sentinenal/ Channel 5 news so start. So you dont want to mess with her she has plenty of time on her hands being retired these days...
    And her probation officer is going to do what? Slap her hiney for a crime she already committed when you call? AND FYI she wasnt convicted of anything she plead to a 3rd degree crime with record being expunged after her early termination in just a couple months! Leave her a lone she is having a baby for christs sakes what do you think she has do with your co for christs sakes she doesnt give a rats ### what you crooks/heros, whatever you want to call yourselves, do.; or anyone else for that matter in this industry.
    Her probation does NOT stipulate ANYTHING at all except pay the money and fees, which has already been done, she is free to do whatever she wants to do, call her lawyer Mr Goldberger and ask him; he told her to stay far far away from you; that you are NO GOOD! So get your facts straight!

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