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The Company, Polymer Pavements CC, was formed in direct contravention of local South African Law. The owner, one Mr. Nicholas Johannes Muller, is up on fraud charges with the South African Police service. Mr Muller has, fraudulently copied intellectual property from Romix Industries (Pty) Ltd, and is continuing to oppose Romix Industries claiming that his Company is the designer of products and processes that belong to Romix.

Please exercise caution when dealing with this Company. Their website address is : All the information contained on this website, has been copied from Romix.

Mr Muller is still a shareholder of Romix Industries (Pty) Ltd.

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  • Nm
      29th of Aug, 2011

    Prinsloo the former CEO of the now bankrupt Romix Industries, is an incompetent wannabe business who blames everyone else for his failures. The only intellectual property that he has, he sits on all day long. As one reads through all of his complaints, a pattern starts forming, that show everyone in his world has defrauded him. He is a small man with huge psycological issues. N. Muller is still a shareholder in the bankrupt Romix Industries because Prinsloo does not have the money to pay him out his 7% shareholding

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  • Pi
      18th of Jul, 2012

    Perhaps Mr. Muller can update the readers of his comments.
    Prinsloo is still the CEO of Romix Industries (Pty) Ltd., and believe it or not, Romix is not bankrupt, notwithstanding Muller's efforts to engineer that by spreading malicious and damaging non-truths around the world about Prinsloo and Romix.
    Mr. Muller is no longer a shareholder of Romix Industries and he has been paid for his shares in full.
    Muller also needs to tell the world that Fraud allegations against him were retracted by Prinsloo in line with a "Gentleman's Agreement" we reached in January this year (2012). I think it is time that this feud be abandoned. I believe a public apology will be the least he can do. Mr. Muller knows fully well that Prinsloo was the brains behind the Polymer Stabilization revolution. These ideas were eagerly copied by Mr. Muller and several other individuals. The Intellectual Property was developed many years before Mr. Muller even entered the Industry. During that time, all the impostors and fraudsters sat on their brains.

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  • Pi
      9th of Dec, 2013

    The event of our International icon, late President Nelson Mandela's passing last week, I have, today, after meeting with Mr. Muller, decided to follow the example of a great man. Both Mr.Muller and I decided to bury the hatchet for good. After all, the most important lesson Madiba taught the world, was forgiveness, and co-operation with your prior enemies.

    Therefore, I have decided to do my part to make our Country, South Africa, a shining example of real reconciliation.

    I, hereby, withdraw any statements and accusations made in the past, and I trust Mr. Muller would agree with me, and reciprocate.

    There is more than enough opportunities in the world to satisfy both parties.

    Pieter Prinsloo - MD Romix Industries - Proudly South African.

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  • Ni
      7th of Jan, 2014

    There is enough hatred and bitterness in the world without us adding to it. Pieter and I, Nick Muller, have resolved our issues amicably and are working jointly, but independently to develop market awareness and promote the benefits of using Polymers for road stabilization. Nick Muller

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