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Polarbear White Shepherds

Posted: Jan 4, 2013 by    

Bad dog breeder

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 10 votes
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Contact information:
Polarbear White Shepherds
291 East Gleed Road
Naches, Washington
United States
Phone: 509-307-4114
This is a bad breeder. Ruth Drollinger has bred together a brother and sister to produce 2 litters (her dogs Prince Caspian and Queen Qali have the same parents). She has also bred the same female repeatedly since her first heat and she is now 4 years old. She lies about her dogs ages and pedigrees even though you can plainly see the truth from other sites. On one picture you can see that she claims "Shack Von Hammer" is listed as the grandfather and on the other picture it shows that she says he is the father. She charges far too much money for sub-par dogs. You can receive a better quality dog with top conformation for less money than she charges. She is manipulative and deceptive and good at hiding what she is actually doing. She is also violating several aspects of the American White Shepherd Association code of ethics which she claims to be in good standing with. She has also bred several litters with a dog that wasn't OFA tested at the times when the litters were born even though she claims that all her dogs were tested. Her dogs may have good temperaments but she is not doing positive things overall for this breed. She has even gone as far as to photo shop a picture of her dog to hide her poor looking tail carriage. See the reports on /link removed/ they speak the truth. If you want to spend a small fortune for a dog with a good temperament but poor breeding, this breeder is for you but if you want to spend your money wisely this in not your breeder.

Polarbear White ShepherdsPolarbear White ShepherdsPolarbear White Shepherds

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N  8th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I was a prospective customer and am now a current White Shepherd owner. After dealing with this breeder it became very clear that they were hiding things and not being straight forward. I was a smart consumer and decided to do my research before going through with the purchase of a sub-par puppy. After coming across all of this mess there was no way I was going to purchase one of her puppies and feel that other people deserve to know the truth about this deceptive breeder. When you deal with an ethical breeder who is more than willing to answer all of your questions and provide truthful answers it is obvious that Polarbear White Shepherds has some issues going on. I have clear evidence to back up any of my claims made but all the information is also available online if you are willing to look for it and know what to look for.
A  4th of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Check out http://polarbearpuppies1.webstarts.com/index.html for very clear, thorough, helpful info on this breeder
A  20th of May, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have to agree. I talked to her for a while this week while looking for a white shepherd puppy. When I spoke with her, she made it very clear from the getgo that money should not be an issue and compared for dogs to purchasing a car. This was in first 2 minutes of call before I even had a chance to even ask her about price. I agreed that money shouldnt be a direct factor in finding your pet companion but it came off as if she knew she would get questioned on the price, although I didnt question her on it. She was more eager to tell me all of the rich people who had previously purchased her puppies as if being rich somehow made you more of an expert on ownership. Either way, her puppies looked cute and she seemed very knowledgeable but I explained that I was concerned on shipping the pup from Washington state to Florida where I am at, she said she does it all the time and it doesnt stress her pups at all. I told her I was going to show photos to my husband and let her know. My husband googled her site to find it and found so many negative reviews from the website mentioned above as well as [redacted] and a few others that I texted her to tell her and instead of addressing my concerns she claimed that she sold the puppy to a rich oil executive anyways. Keep in mind that we spoke at 8pm and I texted her an hour later, so somehow she sold him in less than an hour. To me it just seemed odd.
A  23rd of Sep, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I must agree with the above complaints. This person is anything except a professional breeder. Nice looking pets! However, after questioning about this litter on the ground right now. She stated it was not even a planned breeding, her ### got out that had not even gotten her OFA, plum at "FAIR" hips. The ### is not even 2 yrs. Yet, most troubling, is the factor of: the day after getting a 200.00 deposit for so called pick pup, her home number was discounted. Then when she was suppose to return calls, did not and the only way to get hold of her was by a cell phone. Last week, she said she would ship pup on a Monday. Then when ask for flight, time, etc. After calling her, she said she would have to ship on Wen. Because she was shipping someone Else's to the East and gave us a flight number and airlines of Alaska.. Next day the story once again changed to a different airline and time and flight number. Then when she was to send paper work to us to sign, etc. She did not till a weekend late after banks are closed for us to send a payment of 3000.00 for the pup, plus her mileage, plus health cert.(This is part of importing a dog), his shots, etc. Then she wanted in 2 years for us to pay for 750.00 for her to transfer his papers to us. This is just wrong, AKC to transfer a dogs papers is around 30.00 at tops. I have been a AKC. Show breeder for many years. My International World Ch. At the age of 13 1/2 just passed away or I would have never dealt with looking for a new pup. The person has some major issues going on in her life and needs to get it together and learn the rules and how to treat customers with respect. She told us about a video shot of this pick pup, which we viewed, not by a Prof. trainer and at a very young age. Two days later she said that a Prof. AKC trainer was going to do the testing for temp., Etc on the pups and that she would have new video of the testing for us to view. After two days, we called and ask to see our pick pup's testing video as she only had one of his litter mate on U-tube. She emailed a link late that night. When we viewed it on U-tube it was the same video of him when he was younger and with her dragging a soft rag in a lead across the floor (the same video from the first time, which she removed from her website and placed it on U-tube). When checking the website it was gone...It does not take Rocket Science to see something is just odd, there for we VOIDED the contract and told her we understand about the deposit not given back. This most AKC show breeders do, however not people that place anything together, or oops they got out and breed a litter do. AKC. Might want to check in on this kind of person and do a kennel inspection. Yes she would not even give us her last name intill 12 hours before wanting the rest of funds. BANK TRANSFER...Mean time we did find reports on Rip Off and here. Scammers are out there, be careful... Yes we have our new puppy from a CH.stock breeder, which his Sire plays in the movies, etc. Good luck to all on finding your bundle of joy.. See yea in the show ring...
A  19th of Mar, 2016 by    +2 Votes
After talking with this breeder I noticed that she would not let any one get a word in edgewise. Her conversation went is circles. Long story short we bought one of her "older" pups for the discounted price of $1, 800.00 and by the time the dog was shipped it cost us $2, 450.00. We paid for the crate, paid for the shipping, paid for the shots, paid for her time to take the dog to the airline and return home. When the dog arrived she would not get out of the crate. It took 45 minutes to coax her out. When we got home she immediately hid behind furniture. We owned the pup for only four weeks and she was skittish, fearful and would cower from people. It was obvious she had been abused and was only 6 months old. Upon complaining to Ruth she sent some people from CT to pick up the dog. They were great people and had the puppies sister for which they paid $4, 500.00!! Now they deeply regret it. The hope was that our pup would re-bond with her sister to come out of her shell.So after having paid all of the money this breeder (Ruth) wanted we have no puppy. She further stated that she was not obligated to do anything and would ship us a pup for more money because she could not even afford the gasoline money to take the dog to the airport.. Now she will not even return our calls. My wife and I have been scammed and it hurts. We took out a personal loan to pay for the puppy and we will be paying it off for quite a while with out having a puppy. Please do not fall victim to this breeder. Stay away.
N  10th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
I would like to emphasize that with my earlier post in no way did I mean to imply that I suspected this breeder (Ruth) of having abused or mistreated any puppy or dog. I am saying that it appeared that the puppy was abused and that more than likely was from the personnel of the freight carrier or someone else prior to loading the puppy on board the airline. Again this is purely speculation on my part. I never witnessed the puppy being mistreated by anyone before, during or after we had her. That was all we could reason for the fearfulness, skittish behavior and cowering. I also want to point out at the time of this writing we have no puppy or refund. I guess we lost out on this "deal".
N  12th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
I know I posted something negative about Polarbear White Shepherds I am happy to say that Lucy is doing very well in her new home with her twin sister where she is now happy and secure. The family from CT couldn’t be happier to have her! It was in our contract for us to contact Polarbear Shepherds should there be any problems... which we did.. Polarbear Shepherds was quick to ensure that Lucy had a " perfect fit" home. Ruth wants to make sure both the dog and the owners are 100% satisfied. Ruth from Polarbear Shepherds has personally guaranteed us a replacement puppy and/or a full refund as she has made it very clear that she stands behind every dog she sells.
D  27th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
Being as i was mentioned in a previous post about Polarbear White Shepards, I felt that I should respond. First my wife and I are proud and happy owners of 2 Polarbear White Shepards. 1 that we purchased and 1 that we drove 5 hours from Connecticut to pick up as a favor to the breeder.. What we found after our drive was a very scared dog. The dog relaxed greatly and even slept on the drive home, since we have gotten her home she has changed greatly, she is a friendly and affectionate. It was stated in a previous post that we "deeply regretted" our purchase from Polarbear White Shepards, if that was the case, which it is not! Why would we drive 5 hours to get another dog from a breeder that we regretted dealing with. I had and have no problems with the breeder and am very happy with my dogs.
N  7th of Nov, 2016 by    0 Votes
We've been in talks with this breeder for a couple of months and I accidentally stumbled across a site warning people not to work with her. This is our first time considering a dog from a breeder. Before now, we have always rescued animals from shelters and done our best to give them an amazing life. We have fallen in love with White Shepherds and White Swiss Shepherds. I researched whatever I could find and kept finding multiple sites saying all the same things - very negative things about Ruth. I tried very respectfully to talk to her about it and she claims they are all lies, that these are dissatisfied customers that are angry because she wouldn't let them breed her puppies. She says the disgruntled people are "stalking" her and spreading lies about her. I was very polite, kind and respectful, but told her that I've read and seen too many red flags for us to move forward. I specifically asked her these questions: 1) Is she in good standing with the AKC? 2) Is Sugar being overbred? 3) Has Sugar been OFA tested for hips and elbows? 4) Are Prince Caspian and Queen Qali siblings? She did not answer my questions but instead attacked me and accused me of being naive and believing everything I read on the Internet. She said, "My clients are all upscale professionals who know how the Internet works" and "I have no problem selling my dogs." What does that have to do with being an ethical breeder? I tried to find her on the AKC website but she is not listed there. How else can we go about verifying whether or not the accusations against her are true or false? We have no desire to falsely accuse her of anything. We are just a hard-working family, with two daughters and a baby son, saving our pennies and trying to do our research before we invest $3, 500 in a puppy. Can anyone point me to a way to verify what the truth is? Given the way she treated us when we questioned her, I don't think we would work with her anyway. But we'd like to know the truth one way or the other. Thank you very much.

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