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If Mike Lemire VP of PM-International is such a good business builder why did his home just go into foreclosure? Yup he just lost his home... And WHY did he almost go to JAIL for not paying his child support? Does that sound like some rich guy? Think twice before taking his advice...I lost everything because of him...

Mike Lemire from PM-International continues to lie to people telling them their products are going to make you thousands of dollars residually... That's a lie - The only person who will make money is Mike...He will use you...

The reality is Mike Lemire of Coply Ohio has NEVER built a company of his own... and he's about as broke as they come.

He bolsters hes a big family man and business builder but cant pay his child support and looses his home?

Think about this the next time this scam artist tries to give you advice...


  • Updated by Steve Sonos, Jan 26, 2017

    MIKE LEMIRE IS A DEAD BEAT DAD - Look at his court records...

    Check out his Youtube videos of him talking about leaving his kids a legacy yet he doesn't even pay their child Support? How can you take business advaice from a man ho lost his home? Who leaves his kids high and dry...everyone who supports this guy should be ashamed to even know him...I know I am...

    Mike lemire vp of marketing false promises
    Mike lemire vp of marketing false promises
Jan 26, 2017
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  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2017

    To start, this is Mike. For the real facts from me and my attorney, please email me ([protected] I will gladly supply the truth in this post from "Steve Sonos". The facts here are completely incorrect or place out of proportion to achieve some form of evil and why Steve is operating under an alias name. People who are truthful in facts actually use their real name. FACT.

    To begin, you state by asking why I am such a good business builder with PM INTL when his home "just" went in foreclosure? Interesting how what you are referring to happen several years before I joined PM as a distributor, and in which I have zero shame. I joined PM in 2014 so do your own research "on the years of public record" and realize that this post is all a lie and very intentional to hurt the progress I have made in my life. I guess I am the first guy in the world to have hard times and come back or to rebuild themselves.

    And from a TRUE factual standpoint it was a short sale. I was recently divorced and owned 2 homes on the same street well over 500K worth of real estate and did my best to pay the $1600 a month, after our tenant left in the middle of the night on top of paying for a condo. Because Steve or whoever this really is fails to tell the truth that I was paying for 2 homes and a condo at the same time plus child support. I did my absolute best to pay for all of this real estate and my end game was a successful short sale with GMAC. That is on record too. It is my right, or anyone's right as an American to protect myself/themselves or even file bankruptcy in hard times. But according to Steve "hard times in life mean one is a scammer". Nearly 800, 000 people in America filed BK in 2016. I assume Steve feels they are scam artists too.

    Let's talk child support Steve or whoever you are. I was in the system at $160K a year and my income went down. Should I have filed an adjustment? Yes, but I did not. I just tried to persevere. I am sure I am the first person you have ever met that experienced a drop in income at a certain point in time or in their career. Yes one of my situations was a very tough legal battle on many fronts but at the end of the day, I am in good standing with my ex who you refer to in this post. In fact on July 6th of this year (2017 Steve in case you are hard of hearing), there is a public record that you failed to post on child support. I will leave that to the person who still believes you to waste their time and research your [censor].

    In regards to any direct sales company. I love every company I have joined including PM ( I was never an employee for the record but according to Steve I was a glorified VP) PM INTL, which has great products and every month I continue to receive residual income from...but from your standpoint STEVE ... it's a scam or I am or something. Or it's one of those companies I have never built. I am surprised you didn't mention Pre-Paid Legal, now called Legal Shield. A company I raised my first 2 kids on, my parents retired from over a decade ago and my brother Paul left a massive residual income for his widow in 2013 after he passed away from Cancer. Yes I am sure its all a scam.

    You mention how I brag I am family man? Yes Steve I am. I am a proud Father of AMAZING children. My life is all about my children. I actually feel sorry for you making this post wondering if you have kids or just a mental problem, maybe your jealous or just trying to get sued. You may have lost your way somehow or in some way mentioning things like "he ruined my life". Seriously you might be that person who scammed me out of 75K and took over a million dollars of documented revenue that my clients brought to your company to pay your debts but that is none of anyone's business. Or is it? I can have that CPA post it for you if it will refresh your memory. Just let me know we can discuss that when you come out of your closet.

    Bottom line is do not thread on me in a public forum with lies or confusing the truth. Are you willing to face your lies on here Steve?

    Have I actually made mistakes in my life?? Of course! Just like you just did in this bogus post my friend. I am human, just like you and yes made mistakes but your post here is viscous, incorrect, wrong and if your were in court you would be lose this case. For the record, I am also a VERY proud entrepreneur who has had remarkable success and failures. I am proud of both. One should never allow success to go to your head and failures to go to your heart. You just keep on keepin on in life.

    Anyone reading this and would like to know the truth, please email me. My attorney and I will share the truth. Or maybe Steve, we can go LIVE on Facebook and compare facts and time frames. Just let me know.

    I would challenge you Steve to focus on your personal growth, pick up a good book or two and read them. You could use it BIGTIME.


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