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Pinnacle Security, LLC / Fraud

1 1290 Sandhill RdOrem, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 801-437-1020

This company is a complete fraud. They send out salesmen to comb neighborhoods, tell you installation and activation of services are fee, you can cancel services at any time, basically anything to get you to sign a contract. Stupidly, we went off what the salesman told us and did not thoroughly read through the contract. A month later we are billed for 3 months worth of services, installation, activation and told we are stuck in a 3 year contract with no way out. They refuse to do anything, they only say "we can only go off what the contract states". They are completely disorganized and unethical. I get notices in the mail saying I owe amounts and when I call they tell me I have credits. One person tells me one thing, and then when I get a notice a week later stating something different and I call to check on it, the next person tells me something different. I sent a letter fours months ago complaining about their services and tactics and just got a return call-only for them to say too bad for me!
If you are looking for an honest, service-oriented company, beware and stay away from Pinnacle Security.


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  • Ma
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I have them and I hate it, but what I would like to know is; How can I get them to disconnect their service without harming my phone line. I don't trust these people at all.

  • Pe
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I completely agree with the above poster. I live in the SF Bay Area in California and around 7 pm last night a Pinnacle salesman came to our door. HOWEVER, he presented himself as being from GE (when I first answered the door and he said "GE", I thought PG&E, which is our utilities company) and said that their service people were in the neighborhood offering free smoke detectors and medical alert pendants to certain qualifying homeowners. Since I did not want to let a stranger in, I let him stand at our gate and yelled to him from our front door. I asked him to leave information I could read at a more convenient time, or to let me know what GE program he was with so that I could sign up for it online later. He could NOT provide me with information on either, instead insisting that they (he made it sound like there were others in the area with him) would only be passing through once and that if I went through their program online later they would charge me for a service call. I asked him to leave a business card and he said he didn't have any. I finally asked him if he couldn't come back at another time, preferably DAY time (it being 7 pm in's already dark out at this time). Also scary to me (being a woman) was that as I was speaking to him, he attempted entry into my front yard by reaching OVER my 5-and-1/2 foot front gate to try to unlock it and come in. Finally I asked him if he couldn't just come back during the DAY. And although he had made it sound as if his passing through was a one time deal, he quickly agreed to return the next day in the afternoon. As soon as he left though, I went online and looked up "GE Pinnacle program" which yielded results that just screamed SCAM. I read comments by ex-employees which I believe are totally true since they outlined everything the guy said to me and broke down all their techniques on how to get into your house under the guise of being something else with the ultimate goal of tricking you into a signing a contract. I printed one of these reports out and posted it on my gate with a "NO THANKS" for when he comes back tomorrow. I am now so concerned that I wasn't able to warn my neighbors about this guy (some are elderly and some are not fluent in English) that I am going to set up a neighborhood hotline so that we can warn each other in the future. If I find out tomorrow that any of my neighbors has fallen victim to these people, I am going to organize them so that we can REPORT Pinnacle to every government agency possible and fight any and all charges.

  • Te
      10th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You guys are totally false on your what you say about Pinnacle Security. So it is our faults that we are trying to make money for our families? I have been working for Pinnacle for a two months now and love what I do for people. I have felt more happy approaching people and helping them feel safer. I am sorry that we have to do our job because people like you DON'T care about protecting your families. Do you expect us to read every little detail for you customers that are in a hurry and usually want us out of the house. What do you want? Okay, we will charge you guys the 1300 dollars for the equipment... that is fine! Have fun! You people have no idea how it is to be out there. I agree that the guy should of NEVER reached over your fence to push through. I never do. I only come when people want me to come in. Its funny because people see these complaints and think, " OH MY GOSH, PINNACLE SECURITY is the worst security company there is." You cannot base your opinion by two peoples opinions. I am sorry that this happened to you guys. It is a tragedy and something should be done for you guys. For me I know I keep in contact with my customers. They have my number all the time so if something goes wrong I will get them the fast line for help.
    The thing is there is opposition in all things. No matter what it is: Religion, businesses, schools, foods, etc. Everything, Lets say Wal-mart; 95% of the people are satisfied with it (not exact statistic but for example) and people look at the 5% and base their judgment at that. If you are those people than you are very naive. You must take a look for yourself and figure what's best for you. 30 dollars a month is a VERY small fee to protect your family and your belongings. enough said... thanks


  • Jo
      15th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've worked for Pinnacle for 6 years and send out emails regularly to customers I've set up through door to door efforts. If any customer I've set up ever has an issue they are encouraged to call me on my cell phone or the company's customer service line. I've received countless letters and emails from satisfied customers thanking me for the peace of mind their Pinnacle Security system provides them and their family. I've also received dozens of referrals from customers sending me to their family members and friends to set up their homes.
    This type of customer service is very common at Pinnacle and is unheard of in other industries such as cable tv, internet, or telephone. The complaint above is one paranoid lady who would rather call ADT and pay the $800+ to have them install a garbage alarm system because she's heard of the company during the commercials of a football game. It never occurs to some of you the reason a company like ADT charges what they charge is because commercials during sporting events cost a lot of money - guess who pays the bills for ADT - YOU.
    Next time someone knocks on your door listen what they have to say - tell them to show you their affiliation with the BBB and the license your state requires them to carry - and rest assured knowing you are getting a better product for free, than you can by paying ADT $800 or more. If you are as smart as you think you are you would be able to find all this out with a little bit of research, but why would you want to do that when you can make lame ### assumptions and opinions without factual support.
    Let's be honest though, if you didn't have something to ### about you wouldn't be happy so keep on ranting about all the 'scams' in your area!

    Good luck!


  • Zu
      26th of May, 2009
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    Pinnacle Security is nothing but a bunch of con artists. Shame on them and their shady tactics to make a buck.

  • Pi
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    Well, the attitudes of the posters in here who work for Pinnacle pretty much says it all. The complete lack of respect for those who are having issues shows what the company is all about. Just because you have happy customers, does not mean that some folks did not get a raw deal. This is the kind of treatment that we'll get from customer service is your service is not so stellar? No thank you. I have an install set up for this coming Wednesday. It will be canceled. THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL PINNACLE EMPLOYEES IN HERE WHO HAVE GRACIOUSLY HELP ME MAKE UP MY MIND..

  • Fl
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    It was 8pm on a Monday night when I had a Pinnacle Security rep. come to my door trying to get me to sign up with them. My husband wasn't home at the time and I told the guy I would have to wait until I could talk to him about signing anything. Even thought its summer time why would someone come to a door at 8pm? That seems like an odd time to me. The sales rep asked when my husband would be home and I told him around midnight. My husband was out of town at the time but I wasn't going to tell anyone that. Well at 11pm that night I had some one looking through my window. I can't be for sure but I think it was the same guy, trying to scare me into buying a system. One if I'm worried about my safety I will load one of the guns that we own, and two I just called the cops so I hope he likes to run. I hope this helps people in making up their minds.

  • Gi
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Are you kidding me flightwitch?? Pinnacle reps are at home sleeping at 11:00 PM due to the long day of knocking doors in the sun and walking for miles. Pinnacle has installed over 80, 000 accounts this summer. Even if you could find 1000 unsatisfied customers, which I doubt you could, that would be only 1.25% of customers that are dissatisfied with the services. This means that 98.75% of pinnacle customers are satisfied. Please find me any business that has an approval rating this large if you could. Every business has disgruntled ex-employees. Every business has customers that are not happy. If you weren't informed about the contract length and the other points about the company and its services, then you would have received that information during your mandatory welcome call. Please take these complaints with a grain of salt and know that there are many many more people that are completely happy with Pinnacle Security than the handful of people you read about here.

  • Su
      30th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Let me just say that I work for another security company, and have done so for 7 years. My husband reported to me today that a gentleman from "GE" came to our door and asked if my current alarm system was hooked up through a land line. He then proceeded to tell him that all of our equipment was made by GE (which it isn't, it's manufactured by Honeywell and Ademco), and that we shouldn't set up our systems on a land-line. After he asked how much we were paying, my husband looked at his shirt and asked him why he said he was with GE but his shirt said Pinnacle. The employee quickly skated around the question, and told my husband that he could give him a deal. After he told the gentleman that he couldn't beat what we pay, he asked the question again, and the gentleman again avoided the question.

    I understand trying to make money for your company and your families. I do that every day. What I don't appreciate is someone posing as a company who they are merely affiliated with. That's fraud, and is illegal. I would never sign a contract with any company who provided misleading information in regards to their identity.

  • An
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I work as a career services advisor for a University in the southwest. Last year we received a notice from "Pinnacle Security" about job openings in New York City for students interested in a paid internship for the summer. The description stated that in 4 months students could make up to $22, 000, and that the company would provide housing for those that qualified. Naturally I thought this would be a great opportunity and sent the announcement out to our students via email.

    It was my mistake for not researching the company. A few months later one of our professors received a message from a student saying he was scammed by this company, that they had him going door to door late at night trying to convince people to buy home security systems, that the company refused to pay him, did NOT provide him housing, and that the entire experience was a horrible waste.

    Pinnacle security not only scams its customers, it scams it's employees. I got in trouble for sending out what I thought was a fantastic opportunity for students (and rightly so - I felt TERRIBLE when I found out what this student went through) - who wouldn't want to live in NYC for the summer and make some money?! Now I know better - now I make sure to research opportunities that come through my office that seem too good to be true.

  • Bb
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    F! Pinnacle a former employee I know how all this works, whats sad is not only do the sales guys scam customers the company scams prospective employees. They will lie and cheat their way into getting you to sign that contract. Most of the time the customer feel as if they sign the contract the damn sales guy would leave. ANYWAYS I am from the SF bay area and in April was recently let go from my previous security company and found a posting on Craigslist for a install tech. I took up the job and felt sketchy about it right off the bat, I mean with a background in Alarm installations already I found their "Training" a joke and the equipment itself lowgrade and not the most current out there along with their low quality installs it looked like a joke BEING THAT DESPERATE FOR INCOME I WENT AGAINST MY ETHICS AND TOOK THE JOB. ANYWAYS about a week into it they ask me if I wanted to work in Canada with the promises of untold amounts of earnings I said sure I had nothing holding me here in the Bay Area so why not. Well I asked if I needed they would supply my visa, they said no and wrote me an email :

    On May 4, 2009, at 10:59 AM, "William L. Phillips" wrote:
    OK, so on the guys that can go to Canada. They can use them as soon as possible in Grande Prairie and Calgary. What they need to do is tell them that they are being transfered to our Anchorage, Alaska office. They will need to print out a mapquest map from San Jose to Anchorage and take it with them to show at the border. Have them follow that mapquest until they cross the border and then once in Canada, have them head for Grande Prairie or Calgary.

    Ya a little illegal ANYWAYS 4 weeks later immagration came knocking an was told I have 3 hours to get out and was indefinitely band from Canada. TEAR right but my main concern was that they do not pay you everything up front, they have this "backend" payment which you don't get untill the end of the season and you have to leave of good terms.

    Well aparently get deported and going home was leaving on bad terms because I told the immigration the truth pinnacle would no longer speak to me and has denied me my backed.

    F them F them all I feel sorry for all the college kids out there that get sucked into this, I even feel worse for the customers who get stuck with them and I appologize for working for these people. BEWARE and SCREW pinnacle.


  • Sc
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    When the salesman came to the door and fed us his lines, we thought it sounded great. We specifically asked what would happen if we were unhappy with their service or if we moved. He said they would honor us and let us out of our contract. Well, when we moved and were not allowed to install a system into our new apartment, not only would they not let us out of our contract, they talked to us as if we were ###s. We heard things like, "Don't you read a contract before you sign it", "I am the highest person at Pinnacle that you are allowed to talk to", "It's your word against our salesperson's word". Unbelievable! We are now paying for God knows who to look over a whole in the ground where our old house used to be. Go with a better company since this one apparently tells their salespeople to say whatever it takes to seal the deal. Total ripoff!!

  • An
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    i got duped into this last night...i have the contract that says i have 3 days to cancel - i have faxed my cancellation letter AND talked to everyone i could AT pinnacle. i hope and pray to god i can get out of it. it IS right there on their contract "3 days to cancel" before such and such date - and i AM within that date - AND i have the fax letter / confirmation to prove it.

    oh how i wish i'd have known these were scammers - i SHOULD have known - i NEVER let anyone in - but he was a smooth talker and even my extremely smart husband was duped too. i called my other security system to get out of their service - and realized i was in a contract with them..and he was SO upset when i told him why / who i was going to - and he promised, if i could get out of it ASAP he'd re-install all the other equipment we had for free. he said he's had issues with these pinnacle scammers for a few years. so yup - learned my lesson and am doing everything I can to get out within the 3 days...i may even send it in via certified letter - just to make doubly sure.

  • Ti
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    hey everyone, I am sorry that you guys have had bad experiences, I am a current pinnacle employee and really like my job of securing people in their homes and helping them feel safer. I want you to understand how this works. Pinnacle is a very honest company that has been around since 2001. They hire college students and other guys who would like to earn a living doing sales and who don't mind going out and working hard to do so. These guys who go out and sell are sometimes not honest, just like any company you are going to have dishonest people in it. When Pinnacle hear's about these employees who are being shady or sketchy, they fire them. I personally read the contract with the customers that I am securing because lets be honest, sometimes we don't want to read all of the fine print. I do it however because it will protect the customers and will protect me as well. Pinnacle is an authorized dealer of General Electric otherwise known as GE. Pinnacle has a very strict code of conduct that states that we as sales reps are not allowed to say that we are from GE but rather we are to say we are from Pinnacle Security and that we are Authorized Dealers of GE. We do free systems and they are very high quality systems at that. We all carry name badges with our Rep ID numbers on there which you as a customer can verify very quickly online if the sales rep is legitimate or not. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau, we are completely legitimate. We do install systems into people's homes when they move IF they move to home they are going to own, we cannot install homes that they are renting in. In Canada last year there were some problems with employees who were not practicing good business and those employees are no longer with the company. As an employee, to get paid I have to work hard and follow certain guidelines, if i don't follow those guidelines ie being honest with the customer and making sure that i fill out the contract correctly, I don't get paid. I do work until about 9 at night every night but sunday, a time when I would rather be home with my wife, because that is when people are home. To the people that could not get out of your contract, it is a contract, I advise you to read any contract you sign in the future very thoroughly and ask the person you are dealing with any questions you might have. To the Original writer of the complaint, after you signed the contract and the money was not taken out the first month, why did you not follow up after the first month? why did it take you three months to do so? People we need to take responsibility for our own decisions and our own lives. When something happens due to our own negligence I understand that our first response is not to look at ourselves but to blame everyone else and write up complaints online. I have called companies many a time, fuming because I made a mistake and the company is not willing to fix it. It especially hurts when it hits you in the pocket book. But if you just pause to think about it for just a second, you will realize that really it was your own fault, and you should honor the contract you originally signed even though you made the mistake in signing it without reading the information on it. what happened to the days in america when your word was your bond. When integrity, regardless of the fairness of the situation, was held in high esteem. Don't hold yourselves back from something that can help your families feel safer at nights because a few people had bad experiences. Remember for every 1 person who complains there are about 99 people who didn't and are satisfied with the service the person provides. Pinnacle does it's best to protect you from shady salesmen, but you also have to protect yourself. you don't need to lock yourself in and never talk to one of them, you simply need to educate yourself on the matter by reading the contract and then decide if it is something you want to do. it's not a hard decision. and for the price that PInnacle offers for their security system it is a great deal to get.

  • Ye
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I like the comments about the Better Business Bureau. I was quite excited to get my new system from Pinnacle until I checked with the BBB and found the company has an F rating. F!! I am disappointed that I couldn't get the system I wanted but I won't sign a contract with a company with this kind of rating.

  • Ra
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    Any company that asks for a 39 month commitment on a service contract from a consumer is a scam. The alarm service is real and it worked for me when I needed it. But now that I am selling my home and am no longer in need of an alarm system, I have 15 months (39 months obligated - 24 months of services received) for a cost of $585.

  • Fr
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    "I completely agree with the above poster. I live in the SF Bay Area in California and around 7 pm last night a Pinnacle salesman came to our door. HOWEVER, he presented himself as being from GE "

    True, I've had this happen as well. They constantly drop the name GE as a way to mislead, implying that they work for GE. Furthermore they always claim that your home is one of the nicer ones in the neighborhood and they'd like to put a "sign" in the yard to help promote their product. For this favor they'll offer you all sorts of nonsense. I was offered a security system worth "thousands" of dollars or even something silly as chinese food. What they don't tell you is that their only aim is to lock you down with a dishonest contract that will bleed you for years.

  • No
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    Pinnacle Reps are RUDE and tell nothing but LIES to try to pressure you into buying what may or may not be a good security system. Last night I had a rep come by while my husband was out. They had come by earlier in the day and spoke with him already but apparently this idiot did not remember. First, we have no soliciting sign right by our door bell so it still amazes me that he rang the bell. Any way, after he began what was obviously a very well rehearsed speech about phone lines being cut in the neighborhood I stopped him and said, "yeah, my husband mentioned something about that. I think you came by earlier and left some information with him" To this he says, well it wasn't us, we don't leave our information. So I was like "well, someone came by and we have the information". So he begins a "scare tactic". I basically told him he had until the count of three and I would let my dogs out of the front door as I have 2 Husky's who were staring at him through my storm door! LOL. It's funny to me how phone lines are being cut in my neighborhood and break-ins are happening when I've lived here for 8 years and we have the lowest crime rate in southwest Atlanta! Then I read online how they use this tactic all over the country. I understand people are just trying to make a living but #1 his time would have been better spent talking to someone who cared #2 we were planning on purchasing the system since ours is 8 years old and we like the 'no phone line' approach but now that he's pissed me off and I've done research he can kiss our business good-bye and #3 being rude at the door and forcing people to threaten you off of their property is definitely NOT the way to go. Pinnacle should be ashamed. And, for all of you Pinnacle employees who seem to think your company is great. Do the research. You may be trying to do the right thing but obviously it's a company policy to LIE to customers or else the exact same words would not be used country wide!

  • Sc
      21st of Nov, 2010
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  • Di
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    Here is a letter (below) I wrote Pinnacle and copied the attorney general (Roy Cooper) of North Carolina on. I have removed my personal information form the letter but everything else is there. So, get from it what it what you will, but my story is plain and true. I feel that this company as a whole is fraudulant and dishonest. I would never suggest anyone do business with them. Although they may have some nice people that work for them, that really strive to do a good job and earn an honest living, it is my opinion that there are an abundance of dishonest people working for Pinnacle.

    Castle Rock Security/Pinnacle Security, LLC
    Customer Services/ Billing
    2101 South Arlington Heights Road
    Suite, 150
    Arlington Heights, Illinois


    Re: Terminate Contract number: (# redacted)

    To Whom it concerns,

    On April 14, 2007, I signed a security monitoring service contract with Pinnacle Security, PLLC at my home at the time.

    I am highly disappointed that despite the responsible action of calling several months in advance of the termination date for the three year payment obligation outlined in the service terms contained within the Alarm Service Installation & Detection Services Agreement (copy attached), and, after plainly asking what actions were required to terminate the service Agreement since an ownership change had occurred with my contract (Pinnacle sold the contract to Castle Rock), was given incorrect/false instructions on how the contract could be terminated.

    The customer service representative I spoke with had indicated that despite nearly three years of timely payments, there were several months of payment obligations left on the contract and advised to simply contact Castle Rock within 30 days prior to the contract termination date (April 12, 2010) to end service.

    Twenty days prior to the contract termination date, I contacted Castle Rock to terminate service and was informed that I would not be able to terminate the contract since it had already been renewed one month prior to the termination date. I was then told that whoever had talked with me, when I had previously called, must have misspoken or I did not hear them correctly. I was then told my contract clearly stipulated what the termination procedure was and that I should have referred to that agreement rather than the customer service representative even though there had been a change in the company managing the contract. Further discussion with other service representatives and management to rectify the situation yielded no results other than extreme frustration and an offer to reduce the monthly billed amount by $5.00 or to change the renewed contract to a six month obligation with an automatic renewal that would be applied in the same manner as the original contract.

    After consulting with my attorney, I have learned that the aforementioned may constitute a serious breach of contract to which I may sue for damages resulting from further charges for services rendered on a property I no longer even own or if harassed by a collections agency as I was warned about or for the negative impact collection attempts and delinquent notices your company would file against my credit. That said, when weighing the cumulative monthly fees demanded by Castle Rock for a reduced six month extension/renewal of the contract, and the cost in time and money to fight Castle Rock, including the ensuing wrongful damage your company would cause to my credit, I am relenting to partially resolve this matter by agreeing to the shortened six month contract, officially concluding on September 13, 2010, and upon which the contract will be recognized as fully terminated in writing by Castle Rock Security. That said, on principal alone, I will continue to take the time to discuss my grievances against your company and its practices with consumer protection agencies and the state attorney general along with any other appropriate legal authority.

    Of course, for total resolution of this problem, I would require you to consider my contract satisfied in full as of April 13th, 2010 and refund any amounts collected past that date. I hope that your company will act honorably in this matter and strive for full resolution of this problem and will look forward to your reply in writing.

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