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Hi there, I am not quite sure if this is the right site to lodge a complaint about a rude, lazy a** Philippine Airline Stewardess anyway here's what happened, two days ago my wife (4'11 in height) and my daughter were board PAL flight from Manila to Canada when my wife approached one of the attendants to help her to put her carry on bags into overhead compartment (due to her height she was not able to reach it) to her surprise the attendant had told her "kaya mo naman yan", what a [censored]g ### was in not her job to assist the passengers??? why do we call them flight attendant in the first place??? attendant according to webster dictionary means : One who owes duty or service to, or depends on, another. maybe these attendants need to carry dictionary and read what attendant means before the flight so just they know what they responsibilities. Did these stewardess have proper trainings???????? GROW UP PHILIPPINE AIRLINE STEWARDESS...ANAK NG TETENG PATI SA EROPLANO DALA NYO UTAK TALANGKA!!!

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      Sep 05, 2010

    Stealth Pilot,

    that was very rude. you should re-read some of your comments cause i clearly saw what was written. Please expand to the class how a 4'11 woman is supposed to put a carry on bags into overhead compartment if they cannot physically reach that compartment. the flight attendant could of been better i agree but your comment is groundless cause it brings nothing into this complaint other then blaming the OP.

    Every flight i've been on the flight attendant has always asked to assist me putting my bag into the overhead compartment regardless of weight. So please consider everything in every angle and check your ego at the door.

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