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Persian medium, also known as Fiona and on keen as too has bilked me out of so much money! I am writing this to warn others to stay away!
Not one of her predictions came to pass but she kept me hooked with constant e -mails saying that she knew what David, my ex was doing at this moment. Her pictures on Facebook are fake, she is not gifted at all.And i feel hook line, and sinker.
She is not real or accurate.I lost my relationship and the love of my life because of her advice.

she had me call her over and over again and if i did not leave good feedback, she would threaten to put a spell on me.

How could anyone do this? And call themselves spiritual? If there is evil- it exists in her. I know I am stupid for calling her but she insisted she was right and could bring back my true love.

You can't know what kind of shape I was in .Much worse than I was when I first contacted her. I am better now but only because of counselling and I still look over my shoulder.

I suffered more than I care to tell and i don't want anyone else to fall into her trap.I am thinking of suing to get my money back but I was told there was no hope of that. I wish there was.because it is a lot of money.She must be living the high life from what I have spent.My life will never be the same.

There are authentic psychic mediums in this world.NOT HER! I feel embarrassed that I fell for her off -the wall predictions .
but I did.

So if you want the truth look elsewhere, and don't get conned like I did.

May 16, 2015
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  • Dr
      28th of May, 2015

    Of course, if you are a competitor, as you alluded to it; "SOME PSYCHICS ARE REAL, AND I HAVE SPOKEN WITH GOOD ONES ON KEEN", this is nothing new to me. Many of my competitors have complained in the past and tried to promote themselves using my name on keen trying to direct the readers to other psychics/themselves as you also do in your report "PLEASE JUST BE CAREFUL AND TRY ANYONE BUT HER". Obviously to sound like a genuine grieving customer, you did not want to name any particular psychic/yourself. You are crying foul because you know very well that my services are backed by thousands of very positive reviews and my weekly radio show speaks to my abilities and accuracy. Obviously I am not God, so I only tell you what I see in my readings (which is clearly written in my personal intro, and all over keen site). Based on my experience backed by thousands of feedback's, my readings are very accurate. Obviously, since you cannot compete, you must resort to dirty plays filing fraudulent reports slandering me, trying to get customers to you. Well done! and thanks for Advertising my name and giving me an opportunity to clarify my competitor tactics for readers.
    Customers who read this report can listen to my weekly radio show where I do live readings on air. The station is independent and customers are random. Every reading is positively backed by callers whom i do not know at all, confirming the accuracy of my readings. You can also see thousands of positive reviews left by my customers who have blessed me with their kind words in the last 3 years .Back off lady .. focus on your own client . you know i know you . Stop it

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  • Ia
      25th of Feb, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    Fiona, you are a fake and a liar my advice is for the people who wants her, , help" especially for women be aware she a tramp who destroy a married men marriage

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  • Pp
      11th of Mar, 2016

    Fiona is not fake, she has the capacity and unique ability to advise individuals in order to get back on the right track.
    She has helped me tremendously and I believe it is up to you how you absorb and analyse her predictions. Everyone has their own will and if you don't think so then you are completely lost. In regards to your ex boyfriend, I can just feel without even speaking to you that he wasn't any good for you.
    Do you know why? because when we are at a positive vibration, level we attract positive people and things, goals etc. You mentioned you did not feel well at the time, thereby I must tell you head up' and rethink, as you probably then attracted a guy whom you would not want to be with today.
    It is easy to blame others for your life and choices but Fiona is only here to help and advise, you make the decision and I can just say take her advise but you need to think yourself and make a mindful decision, i.e. based on logical and emotional elements. If you just think F. is to blame then you are emotional and not logical, If you are mindful you realise that you were unwell, F helped, advised you and now you are are feeling better hopefully. It takes time to leave past relationships behind you and as well denial is sometimes part of it as well co-dependecy.
    Its all a mixture and combination bt=rought together so please do not blame Fiona, as she is the most talented physic I have ever been in contact with and I have spot on evidence that she is spiritual, and can predict the future, and bring the best energy to you and your future life.

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  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2019

    @ppj22 She is absolutely scammer. She made up stories and give people false hope. She is evil

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  • Ex
      22nd of Apr, 2016

    SHE'S A FRAUD. When someone comes off sweet and helpful, people open up. So really gives her power to give peachy-sweet, inspirational advice. $30.00 PER MINUTE FOR PERSONAL ADVICE is what they get. She's not a real psychic. 90-100% predictions should appear within time frames given. I know from my experience, those events have not came into existence--not yet!

    Now, she's selling 'sex appeal to lure in her next prey. She's look skanky and money hungry. She's probably giving free minutes away to her clients. Pretty much a discount on there next call to stupidly testify to this fraud.

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  • Aa
      22nd of Jun, 2016

    I am Fiona - Thank you honey for your comments. First of all let me clarify a thing or two as I have clearly disturbed you ...
    You must be a competitor left in Fiona dust...

    1) I never give anyone free minutes. If you were truly a customer as you claim you'd know that. So Obviously you are a competitor
    2) I never send anyone emails. I do not have time! So again if you were a customer you'd know that :)
    3) My sex appeal is my gift from God and I embrace it and proud of it. You have obviously seen my REAL pictures on Keen and Persian Medium Facebook page. I am sorry I do not fit your typical grouchy old lady psychic mold, and also sorry that my appearance have hurt you so much!!! Perhaps you can call me for a bit of advice on how to improve your image.
    4) For your information I am married and no need to tramp on anyone's man. You clearly know my pictures well... I actually get many propositions; personal and business... but I have never seen my clients in person except in very rare occasions.
    5) Despite your claim of being my customer, let me also remind you as I say all over the place that I do readings; reading of you, your energy, and your pentagon charts. I am not a miracle worker with a direct phone line to God to put your affairs in order. If you are a mess, and you send negative vibes all around you, and you are grouch, neither I nor anyone else can help you. I cannot change God's will especially when you push yourself into the life ditch. I don't know who you are or your circumstances but what I can read is a lot of negative energy and anger in your words... You are obviously hurting and need a escape goat to get your frustration and miserableness out of your system. You know where to find me.
    6) I am obviously peachy sweet, thank you for one positive note; as there is no reason to be so negative like you about everything in life. I am as positive as I can be with my clients.
    7) Again if you were my customer you'd know that I do not give away free minuets. Also if you were a real customer you'd be thankful if I did!!!
    8) if you really paid me as much as you claimed in all your posts, why did you keep calling, specially when you did not get results . Apparently you called me in the span of 18-24months, which is rather long . It seems as you have no control over yourself and your actions.

    Again I wish you the best and thanks for the opportunity to introduce me to the people who may read your complaints and thanks for the opportunity to point out the nature of your report and how I have irked those who consider themselves cometitos

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  • On
      24th of Jun, 2016

    I'd like to share this unsolicited feedback on the referenced psychic and felt compelled to do so because my experience is completely the opposite of what this complaint stated.
    Some background: I started using this psychic about 4 months ago and in a short period of time have come to trust her accuracy 100%. I have spoken to her frequently over a variety of subjects: Personal, financial, Spiritual. The level of detail she can provide in short order is remarkable. She only solicits a date of birth. In a particular situation that involved several people she has been able to clearly identify intentions and the exact actions each person will take. In addition, she predicted when events will occur within a high degree of accuracy.
    My Experience and Comments Pertaining to the Complaint:
    1) This psychic does not email. I have not seen her solicit business via email. My understanding is that she is in high demand and her services are a premium given her amazing talents.
    2) This psychic does not solicit feedback. I have personally left feedback because I felt compelled to do so out of gratitude of the benefits I have been receiving since I started speaking with her. She has a high volume of positive feedback on Keen... its very improbable of her to make the effort to solicit the feedback given the level of detail, accuracy and again high volume she has.
    3) The statement made about spells... well this one is pretty extraordinary and very doubtful. I know she uses a unique method to determine predictions that is again incredible accurate. I can't see her bothering with so called spells. I have found her to be both professional, caring, compassionate and also no non-sense.

    I believe this complaint is very suspect given the personal nature and wording of the complaint. I urge anyone reading this complaint as a means to determine whether or not to solicit her services to simply give her a try. Try it out a couple of times. If you have the same experience I had, you will continue to use her services regularly as you continue to get confirmation on her accuracy.

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  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2019

    @Oneness You are definitely finona or her friend. Finona has no heart . She is money hungry. She will empty your account without thinking about it for a second . If she is a good psychic and has good heart . She will not charge 35 dollars per minute. She just wants money .

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  • Al
      28th of Jun, 2016

    This complaint is SO FALSE. Fiona is gifted, and she is sought after. She helps thousands of clients, INCLUDING ME, and has made such a tremendously positive impact in my life. She doesn't lead me on ever, she is so honest and kind, and I sense her wisdom and truth regularly. Sometimes customers are upset because they don't hear what they want, and they want to lash out. I imagine that is the case with this complaint.

    Fiona, thank you for what you do. Your service is greatly appreciated, and necessary for so many looking to achieve better lives. You're generous with your gift and talents and the most accurate psychic reader I have ever come across!

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  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2019

    @Alicia G1 Well, she has not empty your account. Watch and see how will she take all of your money. Don’t be fool.

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  • Qu
      5th of Jul, 2016

    I work on Keen and before coming there I was a client of Fiona's. She is actually the one who encouraged me to get back in to doing readings again. First- EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION SHE EVER GAVE ME IN READINGS HAPPENED EXACTLY AS SHE SAID SHE WOULD.
    Second - NO client would continue to call any psychic for that long if they were never correct, especially at her rates, I charge far less and if a client did not agree with what I say they do not keep calling, they move on.
    Third - I have seen over and over how other people on our site are extremely jealous of her success and will go out of their way to make fake reports like the one above and create new accounts to bash her and try to steal her business. It has happened to anyone on our site who does well but because Fiona has risen to the top through her own hard work (how many people do you know in any field that spend 22 hours a day working?) she gets it the absolute worst of everyone.
    Technically I am her competitor yet she took her own time out to explain to me how the site works and how to run my business and she did not have to do that, she is one of the few people on that site who just minds her own business, bothers no one and just does her readings for her clients. And yes she is sweet, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, she goes above and beyond to help people and yet day in and day out I witness people attacking her out of jealousy. Maybe if they put that energy into their readings and business they would be more successful and would not have to do things like this!!!

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  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2019

    @QueenLove I am tired of reading the whole comment you posted it. Non of the predictions she have came to pass for me. I paid higher rate because I thought she was good. People keep talking to her because she feeds people fairytale.

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  • Sh
      19th of May, 2018

    Lol...she's a total fraud...

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  • Ni
      28th of Jul, 2018

    Fiona had no capacity, at least with regards to my case. I had consulted with her many years about a job. While she kept telling me that I have been selected for the position, I was later informed that the offer went to someone. Later she sent me emails preaching philosophy, but I never contacted her. It's not worth it.

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  • He
      16th of Sep, 2018

    For sure, she is totally fake and jelousy of other people or couples that leads happy life. She separates happy couples that meant to be together and takes away other people money and love life and relationship. She creates arguments between two happy people. I am not sure why she needs to be that jelousy. She makes people believe her that she is good person and she will help but betray them. She targets man in happy couples that are wealthy, handsome, spritually strong men and trick them with her skills and make them to what exactly she wants them to do. She controls them and plays with them like they are her puppet and screw their happy love life and love relationship

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