Perfumania / They don't accept gift cards online, lied to me, didn't return my customer service email..

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I went into a Perfumania in Michigan to exchange a perfume I got for a gift, because they didn't have the scent that I wanted in the store, they told me no problem, we'll put the balance on a gift card so you can use it to buy the perfume online at

I live hours away from a perfumania store so I agreed to take the gift card to buy online. When I got home, I found the fragrance that I wanted on the website, went to check out, and realized that they don't accept gift cards online!

I didn't believe that this could be true in 2011 so I called the customer service number and the woman told me that I should just give the gift card away to someone who can use it... what?! I thought she was crazy because I really wanted to get some perfume.

I then drafted an email explaining my unfortunate situation to perfumania customer service and they never responded to my email. A couple of weeks went by and I re-forwarded the email asking them to at least confirm receipt. They never replied. Nothing.

Clearly Perfumania does not care about their customers and I will never shop there again.

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