Pars Cars / Rip Off/False Advertisement

1 United States

I went to the Southlake location, my salesman was named Anthony Shannon (STAY AWAY FROM). I went there on New Years Eve, I was told to come in with $500 and I would drive home with car. I was dropped off and they thought they smelled blood. They said I was approved for a loan of $9999 and they only had two vehicles in their inventory for that amount, (2) 2000 GM built minivans, I came in for a 4 door sedan. anthony kept trying to pressure me to give him my $500 and that over six weeks pay them $1500 for a $2000 dn payment and then my monthly payment will begin. I left and went to mall and had to catch a cab home for $65 dollars we need to call the radio stations out for advertising them. On the People staion and the Hott station. I am going to call Bill Liss on Channel 11.


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