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Jody McCulloch of in the Edmonton, Alberta area is a con artist. She has scammed several people out of their money. She takes our $600 for training sessions and does not compelte the sessions. She does not return calls or emails. She is now living outside the Red Deer area and taking money from new victims. We can't seem to contact her as she has dropped off the grid. We are all considering a class action suit. She claims to have breast cancer but she's well enough to train new dogs and build a new house. This is infuriating! Don't fall victim to this woman's scam! She is highly personable, charming and knowledgeable which does much to instill confidence in an unsuspecting person. The sad thing is she is very skilled with dogs but if she doesn't finish our training, what would be the point in hiring her at all? So many of us have had to pay moremoney to other trainers to get the help our dogs need. Do NOT Hire This Woman! Save your money!

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  • Sh
      26th of Apr, 2010

    It is unfortunate that you feel this way. I know Jody helped me and my family with our dog as he was going to have to be put down due to his aggression. I do know for a fact that had she not helped us out we would not have our dog and a large amount of guilt to deal with. The $600 was well spent and would pay it 30 times over!! I do know she had a physical illness, I saw the tubes sometimes hanging out of her, I ALSO know that late last year she had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized for some time. She has lost everything, her home, her vehicle, her child and her possessions, NOT because of her being the deceitful person you have misaligned her as. She is PHENOMENAL at what she does and although there was one time she was unable to attend an appointment with us on short notice, it did not distract her from her passion in helping us. Besides I wanted her with her game on when she dealt with our dog (he still put 7 stitches in her hand!) I also know that she gave alot of people alot of FREE time of hers, would meet them at vet appointments, would answer her phone at 2 am etc just to help people with their dogs.

    It is unfortunate that you feel the need to slander someone without proper knowledge and information, and yes I agree she has dropped off the face of the earth, but I believe it is to get better so she can do what we will all agree she does best, help owners and help dogs. If you have been around her at any point, you KNOW undoubtedly that she is NOT as you project her, and that she is not a person of malice! If she owes you some time with regards to your training, I have faith that she will make good on that. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes then judge.


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  • Mm
      2nd of Oct, 2010


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  • Cr
      6th of Oct, 2010

    @ ShepherdK9

    Its nice that you got your money's worth. However, most did not. Sick or NOT, it does not excuse her for taking money that she did not earn honestly.

    A part of me wants to believe that she really is sick, and that one day she'll contact everyone she wronged. I know she has everyone's contact info, because we all signed that contract.

    I'm not sure if its true or not, but I have heard that she is back to training in the Red Deer or Drayton Valley area??? I truely hope she was just going through a rough time in her life, and this is not how she is continueing to do business today :(

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  • Go
      27th of Oct, 2010

    I have had dealings with her recently. She is not ill, or sick. She is not very professional, or even nice for that matter. Jody is living in the Drayton Valley area, and if you need to contact her for your dog training reasons, or others, she can be called at 780 514 3334, which is her work number. Im not sure of her home number. Be careful of this person, as she is a liar, and a fraud.

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  • Yn
      27th of Oct, 2010

    Jody McCulloch is working and living in Drayton Valley, AB and can be contacted 780-514-3334 or 780-542-3996. There are several of us who have had a nagative experiences dealing with her. She is not truthful or professional as people may think. After further investigation she may also have a criminal record. She is not to be trusted!

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  • Gi
      4th of Nov, 2010

    I have also been scammed by Jody, we hired her back in 2008 and we are still waiting (today is Nov4, 2010) for the last 2 sessions with her. we have moved on as every method to get ahold of her has failed.

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  • Ha
      5th of Apr, 2011

    I was scammed by her in 2002. Apperantly Karma is getting her. She fabricates stories to suit the situation so you feel sorry for her. Just lies, lies, and more lies.

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  • Sh
      18th of May, 2011

    I do believe that she is a total scam artist.
    I bought a macbook from her late 2010 and she claimed a lot about it, which was not true.

    I have found her facebook if you need contact her, one of her pictures is her on vacation.
    She is now doing horses and not dogs.

    just google:

    Jorja Pederson

    New alias I guess.
    Email me if you like:

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  • Go
      20th of Jun, 2011

    You mean she is back to horses AGAIN. That was what she did before she was "run out of dodge" and then went into dog training. Just ask Mike Ross of Cochrane, Alberta about his feelings for Ms. Jodi/Jody McCulloch (aka Jorja Pederson). Back then she had cancer and some sort of eating disorder (at least those were her excuses for being AWOL after the cheque was cashed and the services not yet finished). Serves us all right for being suckered. I feel most sorry for her two kids, Kyle and Meegan, who were moved from place to place as Jodi/Jody/Jorja stayed one step ahead of her last "rube".

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  • Al
      18th of Dec, 2012

    We were also "scammed" by Jody in early 2008. We paid her the $700 and, at our first session with her, learned that our dog was very sick and needed to be put down. This was an extremely emotional time for us and we weren't thinking of the money at the time but there was no mention or offer from Jody to refund any portion of the money we had paid to her even though we didn't even get one session from her. By the time we wanted to request some money back, she wouldn't return any attempts to contact her. I thought that this was maybe just a coincidence due to our unusual situation but have recently been reading these reviews as I was curious what had happened to her. It seems as though we are not the only ones who paid Jody and did not receive the services that we thought we were getting.

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  • Ul
      26th of Mar, 2014

    She stole a dog of mine back in 2002-03! She is a con artist. Claimed breast cancer, mental breakdowns, physical abuse and such. Be very careful of this woman!!!

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  • Pi
      4th of May, 2014

    We witnessed her abusing the little bull dog Roady. She lifted him across the road with steel toed boots after he repeatedly ran away from her. She has a long list of people she owes money too.

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  • Sq
      11th of Jun, 2014

    She's going by Colin N Jody Poulin on facebook. She's a total scam artist and we witnessed first hand her abusing her own dogs by kicking them and hitting them with their leashes. She scammed us with unfinished training sessions as well, and claimed she had cancer and was going through chemo. At the time when we really needed her help she never responded. Her prong collar training techniques made both of our dogs worse and more aggressive. She also scammed us into seeing her preferred vet (at which she likely got some sort of deal from her referrals), and had us spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary treatments there. She told us she would meet us at the vet appointments and she never showed. She had a new, much younger, husband at the time yet talked to my daughter about meeting guys at bars. She had also said she had been married before and that her and her previous husband had gotten into a very violent physical altercation which is likely why she has a criminal record. According to her facebook page she has another new husband, a fancy new ranch house, and several horses. I guess we know where our money has gone. This is how her dog training scam works: she is very outgoing and convincing when she first meets you, she proceeds to tell you that she's ill for whatever reason, she uses that illness to get out of finishing what you paid for, when you try to contact her to finish your sessions she doesn't respond, you give up calling, assuming that she is too ill to finish your sessions. Stay far away from this woman, and certainly do not trust her with anything involving money.

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  • Sq
      11th of Jun, 2014

    Has anyone reported her to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center?

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  • La
      5th of Aug, 2014

    If anyone wants to launch a complaint about Jodi please message me.
    She is currently on charges of break and Enter. You need to let me know your police division that's closest to you. I've spoken with Red Deere RCMP fraud and they have no complaints in file. However they are willing to investigate. She is NW of Edmonton at this time

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  • Ca
      28th of Aug, 2014

    She used to work in the Town of Devon as a Peace officer, worked right out of the RCMP detachment, had a key to the office. She claimed to loose a $25000.00 diamond engagement ring while chasing a dog and tried to get the town to pay for a new one. She was off on "sick leave" for 2months, while she was off she set up her dog training business, while collecting a pay check from the town. She will lie to your face and stab you in the back at her earliest convenience. Don't trust her about anything.
    Yes. She is now going by Ciolin N Jodi Poulin on Facebook.

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