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Gruesome Ragging at P. C. Chandra School of Business, Kolkata [LC: 824] affiliated to Punjab Technical University.

The Honorable Minister for Human Resource Development,
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Government of India


Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself (Ms. Anisha Shekhar) and my two friends Mr. Raja Nandy and Mr. Abhijit Das. We were first year MBA students at P. C. Chandra School of Business[PCCSB], Kolkata, affiliated to Punjab Technical University [PTU] from September 2008 to January 2009. All three of us had to leave the institute due to unbearable mental agony and physical torture inflicted on us by our seniors as part of Ragging.

All the juniors were subjected to harsh ragging by seniors. The principal offenders are Bitopan Borah (PTU Roll No.: [protected]), Joydev Shah ([protected]), Debanuj Borah ([protected]), Subhankar Pal ([protected]). Juniors were often asked to strip their clothes and then lighted cigars were thrown on their bare bodies. The four seniors mentioned above often landed in girl’s hostel (near 1A market, salt lake) in inebriated state. Raja Nandy was punched in the eye by Joydev Shaw. Some juniors including Abhijit Das, was hit and poked with iron sticks in their private areas.

Other forms of Ragging going on at PCCSB are:

• Juniors were asked and made to answer vulgar questions.
• Juniors were forced to drink country liquor.
• Juniors were coerced to do acts with sexual overtones.
• Juniors were forced to look at pornographic movies & pictures.
• Juniors were hit in their genitals by iron rods.

Complaining to college authorities about these perverted acts was in vain, and they turned a deaf ear to our complaints. Director Mr. Avishek Auddy along with Mr. Sujit Mukherjee, Admission Executive threatened students not to disclose anything about the ragging to PTU officials, or else PCCSB will deliberately make students fail in the PTU internals. Few juniors were coerced by Mr. Auddy to write letters mentioning that there were no incidents of ragging in the college.

Mr Aviskek Auddy, Director, PCCSB mentioned that all PTU officials are corrupt, so there is no point raising the issue to PTU. Mr. Auddy even commented to our parents that they have paid around Rs 1, 00, 000/- in cash to Mr. Gautam Banerjee, Regional Head, Matrix Infosys, Regional Center PTU Kolkata for marketing purposes.

Later, we came to know that PCCSB takes donation (around Rs 50, 000/-) from the rich students who involve themselves in ragging. So the college is not in a position to take action against offenders.

We have lost one academic year and have paid Rs 74, 000/- (Rs 20, 000 + Rs 54, 000/-) as fees. We have made subsequent requests to Mr Aviskek Auddy, Director, PCCSB to refund a portion of our course fees, but without any response.

It was very inappropriate on part of Matrix Infosys (Regional Center, PTU Kolkata) to associate itself with such a fraudulent institute like P.C.Chandra School of Business [LC: 824], without proper background verification. Money cannot be the only factor while granting affiliation to educational institutions.

PCCSB is bringing disgrace to the esteemed PTU and the entire Higher Education system of India. Kindly take appropriate action from your end against the offenders mentioned in this letter and also against PCCSB authorities, according to the National Anti-Ragging Act, to stop recurrence of such incidents in future. To this effect pass necessary instructions to Matrix Infosys (Regional Center, PTU Kolkata) through appropriate channels.

As PCCSB under its Director, Mr. Avishek Auddy does not bother to abide by the rules and regulations of nation, kindly consider stopping new admissions in the academic year 2009-11, to prevent future occurrence of incidents like ragging and sexual harassment.

Yours sincerely,

Anisha Shekhar
(IA Market, Salt Lake, Kolkata)

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