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Nuvell / Bad Business Dealings

1 San Antonio, TX, United States
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I have a loan through Nuvell--I have paid well--never late once in 2 years. I recently went on Maternity leave earlier than expected and contacted the company to make arrangements. I informed them that I had planned on working 2 months longer--but had complications and had to go into the hospital much earlier than expected. I wanted to ask about getting my payment deferred. I called 3 days before my payment was due and spoke to 2 people--I was told that for the month of October--they were unable to do any further deferrment requests--but due to my excellent payment history and credit score--I would have no problem getting the deferrment approved--just call back the beginning of November. (By the way--I have always paid more than the amount due--so actually I shouldn't even owe the October payment--but they said they couldn't due that--it was already applied to the principle.) I called back on November 3rd--my payment was due the 26th--and according to the man I spoke with the 1st time--I had a 16 day grace period. On the 3rd--they said they would submit the request--no problem--it would take 2 days to process. 2 days later I receive my 1st phone call--my payment is now 8 days late--they ask me if I am going to make my payment--I explain the situation--and they say--oh--your request was denied. I say--why--oh well you have a good history and aren't late enough yet on your payment. I ask to speak to a manager--they say no--call back next week. I hung up--called right back and finally got a hold of a manager--who tells me that she will handle it from here--no worries--that she can't do the deferrment until November 20th--but she will approve it then--in the mean time--I should not get anymore calls. Today is November 19th--I am going to call tomorrow--and I have gotten 58 phone calls since I talked to that manager on November 3rd--to my cell phone. The have also called my home--17 times, and my work--not sure how many times exactly there--they don't leave a message. I have talked to a few reps and explained I am working w/a manager--but they don't care--they are rude and ugly to me. I will refinance next year and never use Nuvell again. This is an absolutly horrible company to do business with.


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