Nottingham University UK, Malaysia campusCheating my PhD award without proper exam

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1) I was forced to develop and maintain a web page for my PhD supervisor’s own company as it was, in fact, outside task from the PhD research (I have no choice because the dean could not do anything so I did and maintained it).
2) The dean of engineering faculty did not follow the PhD completion procedures click here and at last the viva was announced to be invalid. Suppose I should have been given PhD by publication as I have fulfilled the minimum requirement for. click here Otherwise, the viva voce exam has to be done within 3 months. The quality manual has clearly stated that it has to be done within 3 months but the dean has delayed for 1 year. (If you are a foreign student, then during the waiting period, you have to spend your own money and survive here in semenyih or you have to find any job within university campus.)
3) 20 journal papers published (5-ISI, 5-Scopus and 10-google scholar click here but the dean said I was not even entitled for M.Phil in 2013 (The truth was that the external examiner selection was unacceptable; click THESIS in the main menu to compare his thesis with his own student thesis. First external examiner has graduated with his PhD, approximately 8 months before I submit my PhD thesis. I have never seen any publication of him in ISI or scopus).
4) I was transferred to dept. head in UK and wasted 5 months without any useful help click here .
5) I was again transferred to Malaysia campus click here but the examiner selection goes wrong (internal examiner is not from my field of research as I have reported to the Vice Chancellor but as normal, he does not care about it Click here and the external examiner was selected by Prof.Graham who is research expert in another university where I was doing post doctoral research).
6) In the second viva, the external examiner was genuine and respectable. But the internal examiner who is not expert in my field of research and he has hidden the very important instruction given by external examiner in the form of letter to complete the minor amendment.
7) External examiner has finally guided and accepted the minor amendment but not by the internal examiner.( Pls note that my research outcome was accepted by American Welding Society and Welding Research Council-USA, The German Welding Society-German, The Welding Institute-United Kingdom, The Institut de Soudure-France, Welding Technology Institute of Australia – Australia, Indian Institute of Science – India and Institution of Engineers, Malaysia as journal papers ). My PhD viva exam was not accepted by internal examiner who is not an expert in my field. So what I understood from this process is that Nottingham University UK, Malaysia campus is not for intelligent and smart people like me.
8)My current supervisor was victimized by saying that my research paper was plagiarized by someone. When I checked it, it was not true.
9) I published post doctoral research papers containing fellow research members (Download) (Download) (Read Acknowledgement). This becomes an issue now as I already told this matter to Vice Chancellor (before exam, I sent emails to him) and to Provost (after exam, I sent emails to her with the published documents). They did not stop the exam immediately but asked me to do the minor amendment and submit my thesis Email from vice chancellor.
10) 3 years PhD research duration but the examination process has taken almost 2 years and 9 months extra. Even then, the process is still not completed yet. Finally I dropped-out because they said that they want to maintain internal examiner who knows nothing about my field and want to change external examiner because I have publication with her in my post doctoral research. When I reported this matter to Provost by sending my post doctoral research papers in Oct 2014, she asked me to follow the process and Vice Chancellor is also advised me to go on (They will delay the exam for years and years but student should not go for any other university for further research in this sense).
11) The Quality Manual of Nottingham University UK was not followed about 80% in the flow of PhD viva voce exam. I reported this to them for several times but no use. Then what is the use of Quality Manual? I made several complaints to Vice Chancellor but as normal, there is no use with complaints.
12) At one moment the Vice Chancellor has asked me to submit my thesis but again the exam was announced to be invalid. 2 years and 9 months was spent for exam but no fair trail.
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Nottingham University UK, Malaysia campus

Jan 31, 2015
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      Mar 12, 2015

    Claims by Nottingham University that its Malaysia campus is an integral part of the university are incorrect, a court has ruled.
    Doubts cast over Nottingham?s MBA degree - Malaysiakini
    A PhD student was cheated by Nottingham University Malaysia campus.

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