North American Bancard / I have NO account with them and they take money evey month in my bamnk account

7615 N. Lazy Trail, Crystal River, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 352-563-5515

To whom it may concern,
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Lazy Trail Ranch, James C. Tipton Jr.

January 21st, 2015

North American Bancard claims that I had open an account with them and this is not true. I have never opened an account; anyhow, they charge me money a couple months ago and I contacted them and they refund me the money and they said that everything will be okay in the future, “problem solved” they said.

Yesterday they took $117.00 again in my account; I called this morning to have that issue fixed again. I spent over an hour at the phone, they transfer me so many times and put me on hold every times, the last time it was a collection agency, because they claimed that my account was in collection. HOW an account can be in collection if they refund the money, and this is an account that never existed???? So the gentle man from the collection agency of course was not able to transfer the call to that company, and this man said that he has nothing in collection with all my personal information, so North American Bancard lied to me.

I want to tell you also that the first time I called this morning I spoke to a lady and her name is Shannon, she told me that she will send me a form to sign (electronically sign) and I had to return it to her ASAP and she will credit my bank account. So I checked my email, and her email address was a no reply email address, so how I am supposed to return the signed form to an email that I cannot reply? I called back and a man “supposedly a supervisor” said that Shannon was wrong and she was supposed to tell me to print the form and email it to them (yes I know what you think), how I am supposed to print a form and email it? It is what I told the man at the phone, and it is at that moment that my call was transfer over and over.

I went to my bank and they will put the money back in my account and the lady at the bank will also block that company, so they will never be able to take money again in my account.

With Best Regards,

James C. Tipton Jr.

Jan 21, 2015

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