Norman Andrew Haga / NORMAN HAGA: Theft, Burglary and Online SCAM

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Norman Haga (Norman Andrew Haga, Dennis Marshall Mccann) is a self-employed computer technician and a guitar repairer that doesn't like his Criminal Records showing online. Do not trust this slimeball. He is a convicted thief and a convicted burglar. He was arrested maybe a dozen of times or possibly more. Maybe that's not enough? Now he commits other offenses this time on the internet. We just started our investigation and we think we will find allot. From what we know so far he goes online and slander others without regard to the accuracy of the information he's posting, or lack thereof. We hope other victims step forward. Don't be the next victim of this repeat offender!

A decision of one of his case as seen on states:
STATE of Utah, Plaintiff and Appellee, v. Norman Andrew HAGA, Defendant and Appellant:
Judge says: "we affirm defendant's convictions for burglary and theft".

Be Aware!

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      18th of Apr, 2012

    Complaint filed on this forum follows:
    One user davidkean02 on your website is upset that I am putting up a website that exposes the individuals and the collusion between the online mushot and mugshot removal services. Mr. Keen is posting incorrect information information that exposes me to identity theft and fraud. Mr. Kean's information also violates the federal "Identity Theft" statutes as well as the Identity theft statutes of the state I live in. The URL of Mr. Davidkean02 post is:

    The information that he is strenuously objecting to is here:

    Mr. DavidKean02 is improperly using this site to engage in vengeance for a website that exposes the filth of the mugshots scam and extortion industry. Proof of these claims reside here:, here: .

    Mr Davidkean02 also has put other fraudulent revenge posts up that I have not yet caught up with. Any information that you can provide on Mr. Davidkean02 would be appreciated and will be used in pressing charges.

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      22nd of Apr, 2012

    Notice that Mr. David Kean found a legal cite on find law. He has failed to show that the person that cite addresses is the person he claims it is.

    Notice how Mr. David Kean Continually refers to Notice how the references he makes to lack any docket number, case number, or resolution.

    Mr. David Kean engaged on a campaign of pure slander and libel. If you do a Google search on 'davidkean00' and 'davidkean02' you may see his handiwork. If you look on you will find a discussion by attorneys regarding his slander and lack of substantiation.

    Finally, notice that Mr. David Kean fails to make any specific allegation with regard to any product or service he purchased, but that he makes a consumer complaint based on fraud.

    Mr. David Kean's post speaks volumes of fraudulent activity on his part.

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