NOOK Tablet BNTV 250 / Refusal to provide software for their product to customers out of USA

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This is the worst service (or lack ther of) have ever encountered.
I have called [protected] now for 3 days and nights. I get a recording telling me to wait all agents are busy assisting other callers. It tells me this 2 times before hanging up on me after saying they are currently unable to process my call.
I bought a NOOK Tablet in New York at John Jay 841 10th Ave New York NY [protected], [protected] on the 19 April 2012 for a total of $271.08 with tax.
I did not have an opportunity to use it until I got back to Canada on the 6th May 2012. To my utter surprise, when I try to purchase items for my Nook I get the Message "UNABLE TO PURCHASE: YOU MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS WITHIN THE USA OR ITS TERRITORIES TO RECEIVE THIS ITEM" Barnes and Noble did not have any trouble accepting my credit card when I purchased the Nook in New York but I can't buy any games etc for my tablet!!!
I am stuck with a product that has Chess Sudoko and Crossword on it. No other software can be bought on line unless I move to the USA.
If someone had told me that when I purchased it I would not have bought it.
Oh by the way I was further impressed when I went to the Barnes and Noble site for help and someone apparently appointed by you generously offered to help me for a further $48.00 charge. Are they kidding me!!!
Another little ditty I just found out that if you are outside Canada you have to call direct to a 201 area code no 1 800 for Non US clients.

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  • Rw
      18th of Oct, 2012

    I purchased a nook in late 2009 then went to work overseas. The nook locked up and I work with customer service several times to sort out the issue. They finally provided a return product notice and as I was deep in the bush in Africa, it took me a few months to get it back to the USA in mid 2010. They still have the unit and have provided no excuse or return of purchase price. I am now in another country and while I have returned to the USA several times for holiday and family matter, I have personally refused to purchase any books or products from B&N. since that time I have purchased well over $1000 in books from other sources. I have also told many people to stop shopping there online or in the store. I wish them luck, and some day, if I get my nook back or the cash, I'll remember the abuse and act accordingly.

    Thanks RWD

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