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Newark Taxi / Hateful - Overcharge - Threatening

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

Took a taxi from Newark airport to Manhattan - shared a ride so the fee was $92 the driver said for 2 people and tolls. Fine. Could have taken a car service and now I know better. That's not the worst.
First passenger paid half in cash. When I went to pay the rest, I tried paying with credit card not knowing that you could not. I had to go the corner ATM and take out money. For THAT the cab driver added $15 more to my fee!!! I was livid and refused to pay - asked him his name -he yelled and yelled at me - it was late in the night and I was scared. I tried to get his info but he threw my bag on the ground and sped off. The number 144 was on the side of his cab - I am trying to figure out how to locate him. I want to complain directly to the owner of the owner/business/whoever.

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      15th of Mar, 2012
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    Cab Driver was rude, over charged and demanded more tip for no service

    I took cab (License plate OXY2538) from Newark Airport to Somerset at around 12:30 am on 3/16/2012.
    Taxi rate on yellow ticket was $68 excluding tolls and tips
    Driver did not help me put the bag in the trunk
    Driver asked me to put address in his GPS
    Driver told me tolls are $4.00 each way. So, that would be $8.00.
    Getting to my home driver was grumbling that it is too far from the highway exit. Since the address was already in GPS he should have known how far from the exit the destination is.
    I looked up tolls on the website toll calculator on my phone and it said $1.95 for off peak EZ Pass.
    I mentioned this to the driver when we reached my home.
    To this he said “Listen man! There is no off peak for taxi. This is commercial. It is raining and I cannot see properly. It is late at night and I am tired. I don’t want to argue with you for a few dollars”.
    He did not help me take the bag out of the trunk.
    I said OK, and gave him $80. So, this included $4 over what he was saying the charge was.
    He was demanding $85. I said that I only give tips to drivers who help me with the bag.
    To this he said that he did help me with the bag...which he had not and was of course lying.
    I later looked on the website and the toll is in fact $1.95 for all Class 1 vehicles (including taxis).

  • Un
      11th of Aug, 2012
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    I just got out of a taxi cab (at 12.15pm August 11) which I took from Newark to 84th street Manhattan. The registration according to a sticker on the window was Ox28825.

    I was told $60 by the lady in charge of the cabs at the airport, and when I gave this figure to my cab driver he seemed shocked, went to the cab driver in the car parked behind ours to verify, and then got back in the cab. As we drove off, he told me that it would be $60 plus $17 for tolls.
    This seemed very steep, so I looked up the tolls on my smart phone.
    I informed him that it should only be a maximum of $5 for turnpike return tolls, and then $7.50 for offpeak EZ pass lincoln tunnel tolls. He said $5 for turnpike tolls and $12 for the lincoln tunnel.
    He then made a point of showing me signs coming up to lincoln tunnel that stated "$12" as the toll.

    I then searched on my smartphone and found that taxis are required to use the E-Z pass discount rate, and that it was off-peak time, and he replied that he still had to pay the cash toll fair of $12, because the EZ pass was owned by his company and not him.

    When I arrived at my destination, I gave him his $60 plus $17 for tolls, and no tip.

  • St
      8th of Jul, 2013
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    I took a cab last night from Newark airport to Union City. First off they told me it would be 52 dollars. Then I get into the cab (the guy didn't even help me with the bag) and this dude could barely comprehend English. He told me $5 for the turnpike which I told him no, you do not need to take the turnpike to get to Union City (he did anyways). While on the turnpike, he almost went thru the Lincoln Tunnel and veered off the highway last minute almost hitting people. When we got off, he asked me how to get to my house. I told him I don't know, I always take the 1&9 so no clue. He then made me put my address into the GPS. I told him I lived between 2nd and 3rd and when we pulled up to 6th, he said "I turn next on 3rd because this is 4th" (I don't think he could read). His driving was awful and they charged me 11 bucks/ a mile. Total scam. It was driver # 4636 cab 522.

  • Te
      19th of Jul, 2013
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    The number was 409 and it was 7/18/2013 late afternoon 5pm. I was overcharged for the ride and he took an odd route. It was over 95 degrees and I asked him to put the AC on he said it was on and then hot air was coming out. I was sweating to death. There were no window handles or buttons in the back seat. I later asked him to put on the AC and he ignored me. Later he rolled down his window and the one on the opposite side of the back seat. I continued to sweat throughout the ride and nearly got sick. I ended up severely dehydrated. I could barely get out of the car when we got to the hotel.

  • Gl
      8th of Sep, 2014
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    Newark airport to Brooklyn late night 9/7/14. The attendant at the airport printed a ticket saying the ride was $71 plus toll for the holland tunnel and gave me a ticket that said 'don't give this away!' Immediately the driver took this ticket from me and when I got to Brooklyn it was $96 plus a 20% tip. I didn't get her information, but she was a large African American (or Jamaican) lady.

  • Ny
      30th of Jul, 2015
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    Rude taxi #175

    Took taxi from newark airport on 7/30/15. Told the person at the booth in NJ were i was going repeated it to the driver of course. After we were away from the airport he asked me for the slip the attendant gave me. It said $71 plus tolls. He tells me the total will be $95. So i asked him how/why I had just taken a taxi from NJ airport the week before ij off peak hours and it was less. He said tolls. I asked him how much are the tolls he said $25 i said well did they change in a week because i just toom a taxi to/from same locations and it wasnt. No response started speaking under his breath. While we are in the way i am looking up the tolls and everything says $14. But i said ok if its charging me roundtrip then i guess $25 is acceptable but nothing about this driver made me comfortable. I feltt he was lying and a swindler. When we arrived at my destination I hand him my card. Immediately he says no we don't take cards. So i point to the list of rights on his window which says i have the right to pay by US currency or debit/credit card. He says no you have to pay at the aorpot. So i say well how is that it wasnt a problem a week ago. And how am i to pay when i dont know the total. His response we wilk write it in. He tells me to go to the ATM. Again everything is telling me he is a swindler. Get the cash but pf course now im charged a fee by the atm and my bank. When i come back to the car i start getting my things and asked him to open the trunk. The entire time he is saying give me my money. Now the money is in my hand. Visible to him. Once i have my things i count out the $95 but in the confusion i hand him $85 he starts yelling calling me a (female dog). So now im yelling. He snatches my bag off the street and throws it back in the trunk slamming the trunk shut. So now im yelling give me my bag. Once i give him the $5 he opens my trunk and proceeds to try and spit on me while im getting my bag out of the trunk. I will never take a tazi from NJ again. I'd rather pay a car service or uber than deal with that. Im trying to find information to file a complaint with NJ. But i dont know if you can. Stay away from the black (african or hatitian cab driver from NJ #175).

  • De
      21st of Jun, 2018
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    Now, I know. Until someone actually discipline or do something with all these bad behavior, nothing will change. We are here just to vent. The key is to take a Uber at all causes. you know what you deal with. I took a cab from Newark to Fort Lee on June 16 from a trip with ticket at $60. Drive said I need to addd $8 round trip. Then, before we get off, he needs tip on top of it. So, $60 becomes $75. i took Uber with great services at $48.26. What a differences!! people. Took Uber.

  • Wa
      5th of Jan, 2019
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    Add Classic Taxi to the list of horrible taxi experience. My family and all in my circle of influence are boycotting Classic Taxi and their discriminatory practices. Drivers are disrespectful, threatening, rude. One night a Classic Taxi was called for a ride for out of state guests coming from NJPAC performance to my hine is South Ward. Driver arrived but refuse yo pick up the fare. Refused to even open the window so the potential customers could tell him he was there to pick them up. Gusets had to go back into NJPAC and complain before another taxi arrived to drive the 15 minutes to my home. Disgusting!!! Another family member driver refused to offer the courtesy of driving to the frint door of the house for pickup. She had several heavy bags and this Classic Taxi driver #662 wanted her to cross the street to go into his taxi. She told him to go. Only then did the nasty greedy taxi driver decide to do his job. Apprently after a few minutes of driving the driver threatened to put her out on Avon Avenue if she did not pay him up front. He demaned a higher fair than she was quoted on the phone. Boycott Classic Taxi

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