Navien NR-240Bad product and poor customer service

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Navien is completely ignoring the fact that their water heater unit conked out in 2.5 years and they should take some serious note of this instead very nonchalantly giving me the details of the warranty & claims. Moreover it's not that we are delighted with the unit we have received-the water pressure keeps going up and down and the water turns cold within 5minutes of starting the shower. Tell me this why did Navien send me a different model & not the one I had that had conked out. Obviously it was a faulty model and Navien knew about it.

I would rather buy a water heater from a Canadian based company.

I purchased the Navien unit from A&J services Ltd in BC Canada. Their phone number is [protected]. I noticed that the cement below the water heater was all wet, upon further investigation I found water leaking from the bottom of the water heater, I phoned A&J services from whom I purchased the unit from to come and take a look, this was back in the middle of December. They said it sounded like it was a plumbing issue (without even coming to see it) so I phone another plumber because A&J services could not come out and take a look at it as they were out of town on holidays and would not be back until after Dec 25. I phoned Navien customer service to put in a claim and they said that I must call a contractor to come in and be in front of the unit then call the customer service line (REALLY???) I phoned K&E services ( a different company all together) and they came over and phoned Navien who then determined that a claim must be processed, so K & E left it to me to phone Navien once again and give Navien all my information on the unit, which I did only to then be told that a contractor must take a picture of the leaking unit and email it to Navien to determine if it is still under warranty – to this I say why is the my responsibility why couldn’t Navien send their own people to determine what the issue was??? Again poor customer service.

So again I phone A & J services ( the company I had purchased the unit from) they came down and took a picture of the leaking unit and left and said that someone would contact me within 3 days to see if the unit can be replaced. This was on Dec 29. On Dec 31 I had no hot water at all ( I also have tenants) so this now became an issue for me. I phoned A& J Services as I had not heard from anyone in 4 days now. He phoned me back on the 31st and said that Navien had approved a new unit but he could not install it until the 2nd of January. On January 2, 2015 A&J services came with the new unit and hooked it on the wall and then told me that Navien sent a different unit and that the water fixtures were in different positions so a plumber would have to be called (great I now had no water again…. Day 3) to top this off A & J services said Navien does not pay for the labour on this so you will be charged. Really Navien sells a crappy product that doesn’t even last 3 years which I purchase at an extremely high price and they won’t cover the cost of labour and they switch the model number which makes me believe that your NR-240 was not good to begin with if you are not even making them anymore. So I ask you why I should be out of pocket??? I have not paid the bills to the plumber or the gas fitter as I don’t believe this is right that Navien will not cover the complete cost.

Feb 05, 2015
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      Feb 07, 2015

    I am in full agreement with the above complaint. I purchased the tankless condensing unit, model CH-240 in 2011. This in total was an $8000 investment (the unit and installation). My first heating season I continuously lost hot water (most of the time in the middle of a shower) the error code E10 would be displayed indicating abnormal air pressure. The unit would constantly need to be restarted. It is now 2015, 1 year before my parts warranty runs out. I have enlarged the gas line, replaced the air pressure release valve, and most recently had a flow sensor valve changed out ( a defective part cracked at the seam). I was without heat/hot water for more than 24 hours with temps in the low 20's. I received a $245 bill from the plumber for replacing the flow sensor. I have had water come into my basement and into the control panel from the defective flow sensor and continue to receive the E10 error code shutting the unit down leaving my with no heat and hot water. Fortunately with the water in the basement and loss of heat I have been home to take care of the matter. In the event that I wasn't significant damage could have been done to my home. I have submitted 6 emails to Navien on their corporate wedsite, left 3 voice mails since December 2014-the response received was this:
    Navien America has received your inquiries from Contact Us.
    We will provide answers as soon as possible. Today is 2/6/2015 and I have not yet received a response. The product and line of customer service is HORRIBLE. I suggest looking into another company to do business with if you want to stay warm and take hot showers.

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